10 Best Keyboard for Programming

Programmers are the awesome lot, and they are one of the busiest lots among the computer users among us. They spend almost all their time throughout the day in typing, designing, and testing the code. That would mean the programmers specifically need a keyboard that has been made to meet their specific needs and at the same time offer a comfortable functionality as well. 


What Should You Look For in the Best Keyboard for Programming – A Buying Guide

Before moving on to find the best keyboard for programming, here are a few factors that you may need to look for in your choice of the right keyboard. Here are a few factors that you may need to focus on when doing procurement. Before we continue with the factors, we will just say what is procurement. Procurement is actually purchasing, so before buying a keyboard you should take care of the following factors.

Ergonomic Factors 

Ergonomics is the most essential factor that you need to focus on when buying a keyboard for programmers. There are several factors in this context that need your attention. Palm support can be one of the prime factors and should help you work for extended hours without hassles and difficulty of any nature. That way, you would reduce wrist pain and other related injuries, and avoid visiting Chiropractor Calgary for chiropractic care. A contoured design is yet another ergonomic feature that would need to be addressed. That can help you improve accessibility. 

The Form Factor

You can make a choice between three major keyboard sizes – Full Size, Tenkeyless, and compact. A full-size keyboard may be too large. You may need to extend your hands for accessing certain features. If you seldom use the number pad, a Tenkeyless keyboard should be the right choice for you. The common keyboard type is a compact keyboard that you would need to go with for the best programming experience. 


If you are someone who uses the keyboard quite aggressively, it should be important to focus on long-term aggressive use. The keyboard should be such that it can sustain 50 to 100 million keypresses. It should also be an excellent option to clean it up. 

Macro Compatibility 

The programmers need macro and programming keys more than other keys. The ability to program a few keys can be an essential factor you need to consider. Based on what you are looking to do, you can create macro strings as per your keys. 

Top 10 Best Keyboards for Programming you can choose in 2021

Having understood the best features you need to look for in a keyboard for programming, here are a few of the best options for the best keyboard for programming that you can use. 

  1. Das Keyboard 4 Professional Wired Mechanical Keyboard

The Das Keyboard 4 Professional Wired Mechanical Keyboard has been regarded as the smart keyboard and does provide you access to an enhanced degree of experience as one of the sturdiest keyboards ever. The keyboard uses the Gamma Zulu switches, which may be slightly different from the Cherry MX switches we are using on most keyboards. 

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The Das Keyboard 4 should definitely make a wiser choice if you think strictly think in a business sense. The powerful anti-ghosting with N key rollover should be yet another excellent option that you need to pay attention to. The dedicated media keys and magnetically detachable footboard are the other two worthy options found on the keyboard. 

  • A sturdy build quality and reliability 
  • Support for IFTT protocol
  • An exceptional typing experience 
  • Includes USB Hub
  • Software may be a little tougher to use 
  • The volume knob is slightly hard
  1.  Kinesis Advantage2 Ergonomic Keyboard

If you are looking for the best ergonomics experience ever on the keyboard, this one should be what would help you get one of the prime options ever. The unique design and the different techniques incorporated within the keyboard should ideally make it a great device that you would want to go with. 

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The keyboard offers you a split keyboard design, and that should be one of the prime factors that would make a comfortable option for the programmers. The only drawback that you may come to experience with the keyboard is that it is a little hard to use, and you may need to get used to the keyboard until you get back to your regular typing speed. 

  • A perfect ergonomic design 
  • Onboard key mapping functionality 
  • Support for multiple layouts 
  • An excellent response to the key presses 
  • You need to go through a steeper learning curve to use it
  1. Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional

This one is a great option for almost all the expectations you may have regarding a minimalistic design. The compact keyboard does not come with any number pads. In addition to the number pad, the keyboard also drops navigation keys and the function keys. That should invariably make it smaller than the TenKeyLess keyboard. 

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You would find it offering an instant key response and availability of the high-quality Topre switches. The Topre switches have been known for providing you with outstanding smoothness and quieter application that you would find it one of the reliable keyboards to go with. You would find that the keyboard works as a fusion between a membrane and a mechanical keyboard. 

  • A great space-saving design  
  • An extremely durable build quality 
  • Ease of typing 
  • Topre switches for an enhanced usability 
  • No arrow keys. 
  1.  Cooler Master Sk-650-Gklr1-US SK650 Mechanical Keyboard

If you are checking out the best mechanical keyboard for programmers, the Cooler Master Sk-650-Gklr1-US SK650 Mechanical Keyboard should be the right choice ever. The compact size ensured with the keyboard by removing the number pad can prove to be a great experience. The keyboard is equipped with brown Cherry MX mechanical switches that ensure a silent operation 

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The keyboard lets you type really faster, and you do not need to apply any force to work with it. The powerful N key rollover should be yet another powerful factor that would help the programmers in a quicker typing and coding experience. 

  • An extremely powerful build quality 
  • An effortless  typing capability 
  • A better portability 
  • LED lights on the keys 
  • No number pad
  1.  Microsoft 5KV-00001 Sculpt Ergonomic Wireless Keyboard for Business

In case you are looking for the best work ergonomics, the Microsoft 5KV-00001 Sculpt Ergonomic Wireless Keyboard for Business can be the right choice ever. The keyboard is quite uncomplicated and comes at a very affordable price. The keyboard is available in a split design wherein you can remove a chunk of material between them, making it a complete option for the best keyboard layout for programming. 

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The ability to position your fingers in a very natural manner should be what makes it one of the best keyboards to type on if you are a programmer. The intuitive negative tilt available for the keyboard ensures a very comfortable typing. This is complemented by a padded wrist rest that should further help you with a better degree of ergonomics. 

  • A high degree of ergonomic design 
  • An adjustable tilt 
  • Wireless compatibility 
  • A separate number pad that be detached if not needed
  • You may need time to get adjusted to it. 
  1. KINESIS GAMING Freestyle Edge RGB Split Mechanical Keyboard

The fully split design of the keyboard should be one of the prime reasons that you would want to go with the keyboard. You can simply split the keyboard into two parts and keep them as far or as close that you would want to. The split design should make it the best keyboard layout for programming. The optional wrist kit is yet another advantage that should help you in terms of ergonomics. 

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The keyboard is equipped with Cherry MX key switches that should further make it quite durable and reliable. The easy programmability of all 95 keys on the keyboard should be a great boon for the programmers. The Cherry MX Brown switches provide you with a low force tactile feedback that would further enhance your experience of typing away your codes relatively quickly. 

  • An extremely ergonomic design 
  • The programmable keys on all the keys 
  • An extremely customizable design 
  • Effective RGB backlighting 
  • The price tag may be a little on the other side 
  1. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Though the keyboard is designed for the gaming community, it comes with a few features that would make it one of the formidable options for the best mechanical keyboard for programming.  The two factors that made us include the keyboard in this list of the best keyboard for programming would be the detachable wrist rest and the availability of Cherry MX Speed Silver switches. 

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It can be one of the excellent options for a marathon programming preparations. Rated for the 100 million keystrokes, the key switches should further improve your experience.  The keys also have access to the individual RGB backlighting. The N key rollover and anti-ghosting can be what would further make it one of the choicest options. 

  • An extreme durability 
  • Six macro key options on the keyboard. 
  • The best Blue switches functionality 
  • May not be as ergonomic as a few other keyboards 
  1.  Razer BlackWidow Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The full size keyboard has razer Yellow switches, making it an excellent choice for a speedier and quieter typing experience. The magnetic wrist rest is yet another thoughtful inclusion making it a good option for the best mechanical keyboard for programming. The dedicated media keys and dial are what would further improve your experience. 

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The Razer Hypershift software helps you achieve the feat. Programmers look forward to a fully capable keys remapping and macros on their keyboard, and the Razer BlackWidow Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard helps you achieve the task more efficiently. The Razer Chroma for synching the 16.8 million colors can be yet another prime option that further improves your experience. 

  • Rated durability for 80 million keypresses 
  • Individually RGB lighting for every key
  • USB passthrough functionality 
  • Linear and silent functionality 
  • No dedicated macro keys 
  1.  Razer BlackWidow Lite Silent Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The TenKeyLess design of the keyboard should be what would make the Razer BlackWidow Lite Silent Mechanical Gaming Keyboard one of the excellent choices with a fully programmable Macro compatibility. The Razer HyperShift software should be one of the excellent options that you would find a pretty interesting option for the best degree of programming. 

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The comfortable typing offered by the keyboard should be yet another prime factor that you would find quite impressive for the programmers. The Orange Switch on the keyboard offers you a quieter click and a perfect tactile feedback. The durable construction with the 80 million keypresses should be one of the prime factors that you would find extremely impressive. 

  • Highly rated durability 
  • Minimalistic design 
  • Individual key lighting 
  • There is no wrist rest support 
  1. Logitech G915 LightSpeed Keyboard

The Logitech Keyboard does come with ultra-fast response. The wireless mechanical keyboard provides you access to the GL tactile key switches and a multi-device integration for the ability to pair up to three devices. 

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It is lightweight and comes with a more robust aluminium frame. It includes a USB wireless receiver. You can even use it as a wired keyboard using the 6-foot cable. The battery can last up to 30 hours. The powerful battery life is what would make it one of the excellent options for programs. It can also be a great option for a clean aesthetics. The aircraft-grade aluminum alloy construction provides you access to a great degree of durability and performance. 

  • A lighter and sturdy construction 
  • The tactile switches with positive actuation. 
  • RGB backlighting per-key basis
  • Some features need special software. 

Why is the Right Choice of Keyboard Important for Programmes?

The programmers spend a significant part of their day on their computers designing, writing, and testing their codes and programs. That is precisely why you need to opt for the right keyboard for your needs and expectations.  If you are a programmer, you cannot simply go and pick a keyboard just like that and can be assured of a successful career. 

As a programmer, you are expected to pick a keyboard that would simplify your task. You would need to go with a keyboard that is set to provide you both stress-free and faster performance. The keyboard should be such that you would be able to type and work throughout the whole day without any sort of strain on your body. The ability to reprogram your keys should be yet another factor that would need enough attention. A good keyboard will reduce the number of times that you would use your mouse and thus help you boost your productivity. 

Mechanical keyboard vs Membrane Keyboard?

Programmers can basically go with anyone among the two of the keyboard types. You can either go with the mechanical keyboards or choose the membrane keyboards. The basic difference between the two types of keyboards lies in how the keyboard actuates the key input. 

A membrane keyboard makes use of the thin film – most of the time; a polyurethane film is used. This film presses on the circuit board for registering your key input. The membrane keyboards are cheaper to manufacture and thus tend to be a great option for most of your requirements in programming with a more accessible capability. 

A mechanical keyboard uses the mechanical parts or registering the key inputs. The central part of the mechanical key switch that helps you better register key presses is the spring loaded key switches. The key presses produce a distinct response – commonly known as Click. That would make a mechanical keyboard offer you a better response when compared to the membrane keyboard. 

The Concluding Thoughts

Well, programmers do need a perfect degree of precision when it comes to enjoying one of the decent performances ever. We would assume that the list of the best keyboards for programmers can prove to be one of the best resources in finalizing and choosing the best keyboards you would want to go with. 

Of course, the right choice for the keyboards for the programmers can be essentially dependent on the users’ individual preferences. The keyboards outlined in this compilation can prove to be quite useful, helpful, and practical in every aspect in helping you pick the right keyboards for your programming needs. 

 A Few FAQs

Do programmers need to type faster? 

A faster typing is not necessarily a prerequisite for coding and programming. But, since the programmers tend to spend a whole lot of time throughout the day on their computers typing away their codes, they would ideally gain accuracy and a better speed in terms of faster typing. 

Are mechanical keyboards good for programming? 

Mechanical keyboards are quite necessary and important to go with when it comes to the best keyboard for programmers. The switches are designed for getting greater tactile feedback. They will offer you better accuracy and speed. 

Can you use gaming keyboards for programming? 

Gaming keyboards come with a host of advanced features, and that would make them the best choice for programmers. The accuracy offered by the gaming keyboards can prove to be one of the excellent choices for the coders.