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How to Type Faster Than 100 WPM?

If you have been using a keyboard, the best dream you would ever come across can include a faster typing. Almost every one of us wants to increase our typing speed to a considerable extent. How can you improve your typing skill? How to type faster than 100 WPM? Let us check out the best options, excluding all of the services provided by Trillium Counselling, that can be helpful in how to type faster at 100+ WPM speed. 


How to Type Faster Than 100 WPM?

A 100 or above 100 WPM should be one of the excellent typing speeds ever. However, achieving that kind of a skill may not come as easy as expected. The technique of touch typing has been rated to be one of the strongest and best options that have been found to be the best technique in achieving the best. 

Having said that, let us explore a few of the best options you can use to improve your typing speed and help you in how to type faster than 100 WPM. 

Practice With Something Practical

Most of the people try improving their typing speed by typing something that is quite traditional in nature. Something like the famous “The quick brown….”. But, it should be remembered that such a mundane and lame sentence cannot improve your typing speed. The best technique would be to type an article or a blog or anything that interests you. 

The key to improving your typing speed would be to ensure that your fingers move as faster as your thought process does. Thinking over something unique and new in your mind and keep typing those thoughts right away can be an excellent means of ensuring a better typing speed. In fact, this technique can make typing more interesting and engaging in every manner. 

Play the Piano

No, you need not become a music legend or musician authority, but the skills required on a keyboard are almost similar to the ones on the piano. You may not be good at it, but practicing on a piano can provide you a great option to improve your typing skills considerably. 

Moreover, playing the piano can also help you learn how to handle your fingers without feeling any sort of boredom. The practice can help you learn the things such as speed, accuracy, and of course, the location of the keys. 

Look One Word Ahead

Looking one word ahead of what you are typing can be one of the excellent options to improve your typing speed. If you are into touch typing and looking to improve the speed of your typing exercise, the best way to do it would be to track each of the words more thoroughly and closely. 

You can even look one word ahead to improve the performance. Your eyes should follow the words one by one and your fingers should follow your eyes. That would indeed be one of the excellent options to help you improve your typing experience and subsequently your typing speed. 

Switch to DVORAK Keyboard Layout

We find the QWERTY keyboards around us most of the time and most of us have been learning and mastered typing on these QWERTY keyboards alone. However, experts claim that the QWERTY layout was actually designed to slow the pace of typing, and using other layouts that can increase your typing speed can be a good idea to opt for. 

DVORAK has been rated to be the fastest keyboard layouts when it comes to typing. If you are looking to find ways on how to type faster than 100 WPM, using a DVORAK keyboard layout can prove to be a wiser and practical decision. 

Feel the Key Locations

Until and unless you feel the location of the keys, you will not be able to type faster. The key to learning faster typing would be to close your eyes and think of a word and try typing it out without opening your eyes. 

The technique of touch typing is all about typing over your keyboard without the need to look at the keyboard and the keys at all. Of course, this can take a while before you can come to master it over., but practicing it regularly can be one of the best practical options to ensure that you are in to achieve the best typing speed. 

Best Typing Practice sites – Learn and Practice Typing with These Sites

Picking the best typing practice sites can be a daunting task. Especially with the huge number of sites and services that have come up over the years. The right site should be the one that does not take a huge lot of time in helping you learn typing faster. 

A few of the sites here should ideally help you in learning how to type faster than 120 WPM. 

  1. has been a rewarding service and has been a great option for tracking your progress as you learn to type faster. It offers free typing lessons and practices for beginners, intermediate users, and advanced users alike. Designed for practically all age groups, has been the right choice for improving your typing speed. 

A distraction-free interface and a virtual keyboard to help you understand where should your fingers be is what makes it a great option to go with. You can check out and track your accuracy, speed, and the time is taken – so that you can keep improving. 

  1. TypingClub 

TypingClub is an excellent option for learning hundreds of typing lessons. With more than 600 lessons that you can work with, you will learn how to work with the alphabet keys, shift keys, numbers, and symbols. There are lessons specifically focused on speed and accuracy. You can even take tests to prove your skills. 

You can easily track your speed and accuracy without hassles of any nature. The product comes with both free and premium services with minor differences. 

  1. Ratatype 

The best part with the Ratatype typing practice service is that it offers you access to several options and lessons to become an expert. What we loved the most with the typing practice site is that if you commit any mistake during any of your typing tests, you will never be moved ahead before completing the task. 

You can check the typo count if any and even get access to the WPM values that you have been able to achieve. You can even check out the high scores achieved by the members and try beating them out. 

  1. Keybr

Keybr is one of the excellent options for learning how to touch type rather efficiently and effectively. The site teaches you the art of learning how to type easily without looking at the keyboard at all. The best part with the site is that it does learn your skill levels and then adjusts the teaching sessions to your skill level. 

The lessons expect you to type a few random phrases and sets of letters. In fact, the words that you type are NOT real words at all making it a real test of your typing speed and helps you attain a great degree of accuracy. 

  1. TouchTypingStudy

TouchTypingStudy is a great option for the non -English keyboards. The lessons do support a huge range of the keyboards across different languages. A considerably huge number of keyboard language support should further be one of the key factors that would enhance your experience further. 

The service does offer you 15 free typing lessons that are available in several languages. In fact, the website also supports the option for multiple keyboard layouts which should further make it one of the excellent choices. The availability of several games and speed tests can further make it one of the practical options in the long run. 

Best Keybords for Typing – Check out the Best Mechanical Keyboards for Typing Accuracy

Having understood the techniques and sites for improving your typing speed, it should equally be essential to check out the best options for the right keyboards that can assist you in a better typing. 

CORSAIR K70 RGB MK.2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The keyboard is one of the excellent options for the best experience in terms of a gaming keyboard. However, the keyboard also doubles up as a great choice for the perfect typing keyboard as well. Equipped with the Cherry MX switches, the keyboard offers you a tactile and clicky experience. The USB passthrough for additional connectivity of peripherals should further make it one of the most reliable options ever. 

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The Aircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminum frame ensures that you have access to a huge degree of performance enhancement through a great efficiency in terms of durability. The per-key dynamic multi-color RGB backlighting further makes it a perfect option by almost every count. The Corsair iCUE software assists you in further improving your experience. 

FILCO Majestouch Ninja TKL (Cherry MX Red) Keyboard

The strength of the keyboard lies in its capability to retain the lettering on the keys. You need not worry anymore about the fading of the keys and their legends. The keyboard does provide you a  decent and perfect typing experience with a very solid and high-quality construction. The TKL keyboard should definitely be one of the prime options for almost all your experiences. 

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The keyboard also comes with the black pad printed ABS keycaps further making it one of the excellent options that you want to go with. The front key prints on the keyboard do offer you access to several benefits and outstanding benefits with respect to the perfect typing expertise. You can be assured of a great degree of performance enhancement with respect to the excellent degree of service you can look ahead in terms of comfort, durability, and reliability. 

Das Keyboard Prime 13 Mechanical Keyboard

The brand DAS has been one of the clear leaders when it comes to getting access to an enhanced experience for the perfect typing keyboards ever. The full-sized keyboard does provide you access to a 104 key layout. The clean while LED backlight can further make it one of the excellent choices for each of your needs. 

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The best minimalistic and beautiful construction should be one of the factors that should make it a great choice for the best mechanical keyboard for typing. The built-in Cherry MX key switches ensure that you have a very premium level of the tactile experience. The full n key rollover and up to 50 million keystroke capability can be what would further enhance your experience. 

Razer Pro Type Mechanical keyboard

The Razer pro Type Mechanical keyboard should be yet another excellent option for ensuring a high degree of performance enhancement if you are checking out the best keyboards for typing. The key switches with a durability of 80 million keystrokes. The wireless connectivity offered by the keyboard should further make it one of the perfect choices. 

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Equipped with the Orange Mechanical switches, the keyboard can be one of the prime options for the best battery life as well. If you are into typing quite often, you will definitely be looking forward to an experience that is not taxing on your fingers or hand. The orange switches provide you with a more subdued typing experience. 

Durgod Taurus K320 TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Durgod Taurus K320 TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, also known as Durgod Typewriter is an excellent choice for a huge range of options in typing effortlessly. The low-profile keyboard does come with 87 keys and it is fitted with Cherry MX switches. You can pick different key switch options based on the purpose of your keyboard. The portable design is one of the strongest factors in favor of the best possible keyboard performance. 

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The PBT keycaps should be yet another prime option that should help you get access to a far higher degree of performance enhancement in terms of an improved typing ever. The incredible customer ratings gained by the keyboard should sand proof of its capability and efficiency. The DURGOD Zeus Engine software further improves your usability effortlessly. 

The Bottom Line

How to type faster than 100 WPM can prove to be one of the difficult tasks and there are several techniques you need to follow to achieve a better degree of performance in your typing. The best sites listed here for your typing practice and the prime keyboards should definitely be a great option in almost every count. 

Check out those steps and options and improve your typing to a better degree.