Gateron Brown vs Cherry Brown #DetailedComparison


Are you looking for the best mechanical switches for your keyboard? Finding the right switches for your keyboard can be a tough task to do, especially given the huge number of options available at your disposal. Gateron and Cherry MX have been a worthy option for most of your requirements. 

In today’s post, we will make a comparison between Gateron Brown and Cherry MX Brown key switches. We have already compared Kailh Brown and Gateron Brown switchesearlier on this site; you can check that out if you want. While both of them(Gateron Brown and Cherry MX Brown) belong to the quiet key switches category, they have been observed to have a few slight differences between them. 

Which one is Better in a Gateron Brown vs Cherry MX Brown Battle?

The major difference between Gateron Brown and Cherry MX Brown switches is in how they feel. Gateron Switches tend to be smoother and make you feel better than on Cherry MX Brown. However, Cherry MX switches have a longer lifespan when compared to the Gateron Switches. In essence, if you are on a budget, Gateron Switches are better, and  Cherry MX switches are best suited for high-end keyboards.

Cherry MX vs Gateron Switches

There are a few inherent differences between the two types of keys. Do note that while we have been specific about a Gateron Brown vs Cherry MX Brown switches comparison in this post, the comparison here should as well be applicable for almost every type of Gateron and Cherry MX switches. 

The Click Feel

The click feels between Cherry MX Brown and Gateron Brown appear to be a little dissimilar. Both of them come with different actuation points and a different feel in typing or gaming. Despite the difference in feel and click on the two key switches, they are good in their own way. 

Gateron switches come with a higher actuation point, which makes typing or gaming on the keyboard faster enough. It will also provide you with a heavy and comfortable feel in typing. The Cherry MX switches, on the other hand, have a lower actuation point. This can be a great option to type lightly enough. They will provide you a faster typing option and a consistent typing experience. 


If the price is an important parameter for you, Gateron Brown switches are comparatively cheaper than the Cherry MX switches. The Cherry MX switches are manufactured under stringent temperature and stress testing, which ensures that they have a longer lifespan. This would perhaps justify the higher price for the Cherry MX Switches. 

There is no information available about the quality control options available at the manufacturing unit. While Cherry MX switches are extremely reliable, you may not perhaps be so confident about the same with Gateron switches. 


From the durability point of view, you would find that Cherry MX switches do have a better lifespan. The rated lifespan of the Cherry MX switches is almost double when compared to the Gateron switches. Cherry MX switches come with a 100 million key presses rating, while the corresponding number on Gateron switches reads 50 million key presses. 

While Gateron switches can reach the lifespan offered by Cherry MX switches in real usage conditions, they may not be able to reach the level of quality provided by Cherry MX. 

Noise levels

Yet another important factor that would act as a deciding factor in a Cherry Brown vs Gateron Brown switches is the noise levels on the key switches. In this facet of comparison, Gateron switches take the lead over the Cherry MX switches. With a smoother and less scratchy performance, they tend to provide you access to lower noise when compared to the Cherry MX Brown switches. 

Gateron switches come with a smoother keystroke, which would mean it suffers less friction or rubbing and thus lower sound output. When you compare the normal sound level in a Gateron Brown vs Cherry MX switches comparison, you would find Cherry MX switches a bit louder. 

What is Gateron Brown Switch?

Gateron Brown switches are the tactile switches with a very slight and barely felt a tactile bump. The smoothness offered by the Gateron Brown Switches makes it one of the best switches for those looking for a light feel when typing or gaming. 

Of course, for some of you who may be looking for a greater degree of tactility when typing or gaming, Gateron switches may not be the perfect choice as such. 

  • Smoothness: One of the huge selling points for the Gateron Brown switches lies in their smoothness. In fact, you would find that Gateron Brown switches are smoothest of all the brown switch counterparts across brands. They can definitely a great upgrade for the Cherry MX Brown switches in terms of smoothness. 
  • Sound: You will not come across any sort of spring noise or a loud noise with Gateron Brown. Of course, all the brown switch variants are meant to belong to the quietest mechanical key switches; Gateron Brown switches take the low sound levels to the next level. 
  • Weightage: Gateron switches are known to be lighter than most of the competitors. With a peak tactile force of up to 48 Kg, it comes quite close to the Cherry MX Brown switches. However, it may not be the right one to go with if you are someone who is not truly in favor of light switches. 
  • Typing feel: If you are someone who is not much in favor of the tactile bump when typing or gaming, the Gateron Brown should definitely be your hot favorite. With practically no noticeable tactile bump, you will find the typing a little flat and boring. 
  • Gaming efficiency: They can be great switches for gaming. Since the switches do not offer a tactile experience despite being a tactile switch can be something great for the gamers who do not want to be distracted when fighting with the enemy teams. It can be a great fun experiment to play your gams with Gateron Brown switches.

Gateron Switch Graph

The Specification Sheet

  • Switch type: Tactile 
  • Mounting: Plate or PCB 
  • Actuation Force: 55 gram 
  • Travel distance: 4.0 mm 
  • Pre-travel: 2.0 mm 
  • Sound: Medium 
  • Best for: Gaming and Office usage

A few keyboards using Gateron Brown switches: 

What is Cherry MX Brown Switch?


Cherry MX Brown is a tactile switch that comes under the silent mechanical switches category and offers you a decent tactile feeling. However, you would definitely not find it to be much tactile as such. Especially given the price, they may not be the right choice for the best tactile experience as such. 

  • Smoothness: The smoothness is nowhere to be seen. The key switch comes with a strange feeling of worst quality as a tactile switch. The scratchiness of the switches can be something that would make it not a good option to go with when you look at it from the smoothness point of view. 
  • Weightage: It can be too light. Once again, just as in the case of Gateron Brown switches, you would find them too light to work on. If you are someone who does not love the lighter feel that makes typing and gaming a bit boring, you may not want to invest in it. 
  • Sound levels: One of the good options for the quieter low profile switches, they do sound better than the rubber dome switches. However, they can be a little louder when you compare them to the Gateron Brown switches. 
  • Typing experience: The typing experience is good enough. However, they may not be the right options for typing for a considerably longer period. Since the tactility is so low, you would not be aware of whether you have made a keypress or not. 
  • Gaming performance: The gaming performance should be the strongest point in favor of the switch.  The switch will make a nice job, but we would not term it as a fantastic job. If you are into a competitive and serious gaming, the Cherry MX switches may not be the right option you would want to go with.

The Specification sheet

  • Switch type: Tactile 
  • Mounting: Plate or PCB 
  • Actuation Force: 45 to 55  gram 
  • Travel distance: 4.0 mm 
  • Pre-travel: 2.0 mm 
  • Sound level: Quiet 
  • Best for: Gaming and typing

A few keyboards that use Cherry MX Brown switches:

The Comparison Between Gateron Brown and Cherry MX Brown

Having checked the salient features of the key switches, here is a head to head comparison of the specifications. 

Features Cherry MX Brown  Gateron Brown 
Feel  Scratchier  Smoother 
Affordability  Pricier  Budget-friendly 
Sound levels  Quiet  Quieter 
Availability  Easier to find  Hard to find 
Lifespan  Long-lasting  Shorter lifespan 
Click feel  High actuation point with a light click  Low actuation point with a consistent feel 

Cherry MX Brown vs Gateron Brown – Which One Wins?

Gateron Brown switches are known for their smoothness when compared to the Cherry MX Brown. You will need to increase the force as you type more in the case of Cherry MX Brown switches, and that would make a huge difference when you are someone types a lot. 

Cherry MX Brown switches come with more noticeable actuation. This makes it more clear and precise to understand when you have actuated. In the case of Gateron Brown switches, the feel is softer and lighter, and actuation is less noticeable. 

When deciding the winner in a Gateron Brown vs Cherry MX Brown battle, two points assume a lot of importance. It would be dependent on what level of force do you exert and what kind of sound you would prefer. In case you are someone who is likely to get distracted by the loud sound, you should avoid Cherry MX Brown quite obviously. 

In case you are into gaming alone, Gateron Switches may be a better option because of the smoothness that they offer. If you use the keyboard for both gaming and typing, Cherry MX Brown may be the right pick. 

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The Bottom line

Well, the clear winner in a Cherry MX Brown vs Gateron Brown fight is something you would find extremely difficult to make a choice in. They both have their own advantages and disadvantages.  The choice between the two would ideally be based on your usage preferences and what you would actually prefer. 

Gateron Brown switches are preferred for the sheer smoothness offered by them. Cherry MX Brown switches, on the other hand, can be a great option because of their better durability and availability.