Dierya Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

If you are on the lookout to be a professional gamer, it is always advisable to invest in a perfect gaming keyboard. The best keyboard for gaming can be a little challenging to choose. Especially when you have several options available at your disposal. The Rubber dome keyboard may be something that you would find much impressive; it may not be a comfortable option as such. 

We looked among the best TKL and 60 percent keyboards and found a budget option to be an excellent option for most of the expectations that you may have. The DIERYA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard options were found to be a great option in most of the scenarios. Of course, they are not professional quality, but they can be a great option from a budget point of view. 

We will review two powerful DIERYA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard options that you can check out. 


DIERYA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – DIERYA DK63 60% Keyboard

Of course, if you look at the brand value, the DIERYA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is not much a good option in terms of the brand value. They may not be a great option when you compare them to the Logitech and other high-end keyboards. But, even then, the DK63 is definitely a great keyboard and comes with a Bluetooth connectivity. 

The Overview

The DIERYA DK63 keyboard is a 60 per cent keyboard, and thus it can be an excellent option for those of you looking for a compact form factor. The compact format of the keyboard makes it lacking in F-Keys, numpad & navigational keys. To access any of those functions, you need to use the Fn keys. 

The keyboard is available with both wired and wireless options. The keyboard can be connected with the USB cable just like you would connect a regular SB keyboard or connect it with a wireless connectivity via Bluetooth. You can switch between the two modes with the Fn+R keys. With the Bluetooth mode, you can connect with up to three different devices. 


The Dierya DK63 keyboard is available four different switches option. You can make a choice between Brown, Red, Blue & Black switches. That would mean you have a massive choice in terms of the variant for your typing and gaming requirements. 

The Design 

The design of the keyboard is quite simple. The legends on the keys are pretty legible and in a perfect font. You would perhaps find the number row a little cluttered due to the small form factor. You would also get access to a good range of RGB pre-programmed effects to choose from. 

The keyboard does provide you access to five different pre-set effects in terms of RGB:

  • Full green 
  • RGB (changing from one colour to another}
  • Cycling spectrum
  • Windmill 
  • Glorious waterfall

The keycaps are made of PBT, and that should be one of the added advantages. The oil resistance offered by the keycaps can be something that you would find a pretty perfect option ever. 

The case of the mechanical keyboard is made with AB plastic. The construction is exceptionally lightweight. 

Customisation and software options

The Dierya DK63 keyboard does provide you access to a great degree of experience in terms of the best keyboard functionality and customisation offered to you, one of the exciting service qualities. The software can be an excellent option for customising the parameters such as mouse clicks, keyboard shortcuts & macros. 

The software can be your best bet for creating the macros and customise them to work with any key. The software also lets you customise the RGB lighting as well. 

A Few Prime Features that are Worthy of Attention

Having gone through the best factors offered by the keyboard in a concise manner, here are a few of the factors that would make it one of the prominent options in the long run. 

The Rechargeable Battery

The gaming keyboard is designed to work with a rechargeable battery. The Built-in rechargeable battery with the capacity of 1900 mAh should be able to offer you a backup of up to 100 hours. 

10 meter range 

The wireless Bluetooth connectivity on the Dierya keyboard does provide you access to a 10 metre effective range. After three minutes of inactivity, the auto-sleep feature should be yet another prime feature that you would find quite impressive. 

Ergonomic design 

If you are into heavy gaming or typing, the high-end ergonomic design should provide you access to hours of trouble-free working. As a result, you can keep working comfortably for a longer time. The ergonomic design of the keycaps is yet another factor that should assist you in reducing the fatigue during the more extended periods of play or typing. 

Dual Mode Connection 

The keyboard does come with a dual-mode connectivity option. The USB mode or wired mode connects to your computer through a cable. The keyboard switches to the wired mode as soon as you connect the cable, or you can use the key combinations Fn+R to switch between wired and wireless modes. The Bluetooth mode can be an excellent option for a wireless option if you are looking to get free from the tangle of wire and cables. You can connect with three devices simultaneously with the Bluetooth connectivity. 

The Pros and Cons

As with any other software or product, a review may not be complete without the mention of the Pro and Cons. So let us check out the prime advantages and disadvantages offered by the Dierya DK63 keyboard. 

  • A very affordable price given the quality and features
  • Extremely compact and smaller form factor 
  • Innovative RGB backlighting 
  • Dual-mode connectivity 
  • Key wobble may be a concern 
  • Cleaning may not be easy

Who Should Go with the Dierya DK63 keyboard? 

That should be the primary question and would be the prime factor to help you decide whether you should go with this keyboard. If you are someone who is in front of your computer for a prolonged period of time, whether for gaming or typing – the Dierya DK63 should be what would provide you with one of the excellent options. 

That would mean you would find that the Dierya DK63 keyboard should be one of the excellent options for providing you access to an excellent experience for all categories of computer users that include freelance writers, designers, and those who need to handle a lot of office work. 

You can check it out here on Amazon 

Dierya DK61 Mechanical Keyboard – A Concise Review

The Dierya DK61 is a compact keyboard, just like the DK63 keyboard that we just discussed. But, despite the smaller form factor, you would find it offering you a decent weight that keeps it from feeling flimsy. 

The Doubleshot keycaps made of PBT material should be yet another great option that you would find quite interesting. The keycaps are finger print and oil resistant and offer a very solid performance. The gaming style looks, and aesthetics of the keyboard should be one of the best factors that you would find quite an exciting option ever. 

Software and RGB lighting 

The RGB lighting does appear quite nice and exciting. The availability of colors is quite limited. You may not get access to a great degree of customisation options available on the keyboard. 

The software does provide you access to controlling the lighting with ease. The options would include the access to changing the light mode, brightness, and speed. The software usability and performance is quite decent. The software can also be one of the excellent options for almost all the expectations you may have for controlling lighting modes. It also provides you access to assigning the macros and other custom functions as per your requirements. 


The performance of the keyboard is one of the best options. The availability of different switches should be what would provide you with a huge degree of comfortability. You also have the option of opting for either mechanical switches and optical switches should be what would bring a great experience ever for almost all your needs. 

Pros ad Cons 

Like the Dierya DK63, the DK61 too has its own Pros and Cons. 

  • A great build quality 
  • Doubleshot keycaps. 
  • Removable USB cable 
  • High-end accessories 
  • Limited colour options to choose from 
  • Limited RGB customisation

You can check out the Dierya DK61 mechanical keyboard on Amazon here

The Final Wrap Up

 Well, Dierya Mechanical keyboards have been the affordable option for almost all the expectations that you may have in a budget keyboard. When it comes to the affordable small form factor keyboards, the Dierya DK61 and Dierya DK63 keyboards should definitely prove to be a great option for practically all the expectations that you may be looking ahead to. We assume the detailed review of the Dierya Mechanical keyboards outlined here should be what would help you gain access to an enhanced degree of usability.