10 Best Gaming Keyboards in $100 {Highly Rated by Gamers}


PC gaming has consistently gone quite expensive of late. However, if you are on a budget and think that it hasn’t been possible to opt for the extensive PC gaming experience, there is nothing you need to worry about. You can have a gaming setup without the need to break your bank in any way whatsoever. 

Picking the best keyboard from that perspective would be a great option. From the perspective of a budget gaming experience, we thought of listing out the best Gaming Keyboard under 100 USD so that you can enjoy the best gaming experience ever. 

Best Gaming Keyboard Under $100

Features  Size  Key switches  Media control  Backlighting  Programmable keys  Number of keys
Logitech G610 Orion Full size  Cherry MX Red Play, pause, mute, adjust volume and skip songs Custom color backlight 12 programmable keys 104
Rosewill Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Full size  Kailh Blue switches NA 22 pre-programmed backlight modes, 6 speeds and 5 brightness levels Available  108
Havit HV KB-390L Keyboard Compact  Kailh Low profile Blue NA Blue LED light, multiple customisation options NA 87
SteelSeries Apex M800 Traditional  Chery MX Red  With modifier key  full RGB LED, with 8 brightness levels 6 Dedicated quick-access macro keys 104
Corsair K68 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Traditional  Gold contact Cherry MX Red Dedicated volume and multimedia controls Backlit RGB LED Not applicable 104
Redragon K552 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard TenKeyLess format Outemu Red Switch 12 multimedia keyboard keys Rainbow LED RGB backlit with 19 lighting effects  NA 87
VicTsing Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Traditional  Outemu Blue  NA 9 backlight modes Available  104
Thermaltake TT eSports LED Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Traditional Blue or Brown  Yes, 7 keys available  4 levels of adjustable brightness 104
Logitech G512 SE Lightsync RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Traditional  No info control volume, play and pause, skip track, mute Customisable lighting through software  Macro keys can be downloaded  104
Razer BlackWidow Chroma Keyboard Traditional  Razer mechanical  switches  No info Chroma lighting  Fully recordable Macro feature  104

Well, gaming keyboards are made available in a wide range of options and budget. But, for the sake of this post, we will focus on the right options for affordable gaming keyboards. 

Logitech G610 Orion

The Logitech G610 Orion has been considered to be one of the best overall and all-rounder gaming keyboard ever. Featuring the Cherry MX Brown switches, the keyboard provides you with the best versatility that is a must in a PC gaming scenario. Some models of the Logitech G610 Orion comes with the Cherry MX Red switches. 

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The compact design offers you the much-needed portability. However, that has reduced the number of programmable G keys though. The function keys can be customised for use as macro keys through the Logitech gaming software. The adjustable backlight should be one of the thoughtful inclusions. It can be one of the excellent selling points on the keyboard. 

The easy to access media controls and customisable function keys can be yet another plus point. The ultra-durable keys have been tested to withstand up to 50 million keypresses. The quality construction finally makes it one of the most reliable services ever. 

  • Extremely responsive operation.
  • Lightweight and portable construction.
  • Programmable function keys.
  • No multiple backlight colours.

Rosewill Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Rosewill Mechanical Gaming keyboard provides you access to decent gaming performance, but there are no advanced features such as RGB lighting and extra macro keys. However, the use of Cherry MX mechanical key switches should make it a keyboard with a few of the basic requirements. Of course, the keyboard has been built with the gamers in mind. 

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The huge rollover limit, laser printed keys and a durable metal chassis are a few features that should make it one of the reliable options ever. The construction is robust enough to focus on the gaming, and the keyboard can indeed take those raging sessions ever. 

The keyboard does provide you access to Blue, Brown, Black or Red Cherry MX switches based on your individual references. The 16.8 million colours, 22 pre-programmed RGB backlight modes improve the best possibilities for the rainbow keyboard

  • Robust construction.
  • A comfortable typing experience.
  • Availability of a wide range of Cherry MX key switch options.
  • No cons.

Havit HV KB-390L Keyboard

If you are someone looking ahead to the solid and a powerful mechanical keyboard for gaming, the Havit HV KB-390L keyboard should ideally be the great option for almost all your practical requirements. You get a complete and 87-key NRKO feature that provides you with a huge degree of accuracy. In addition, the keyboard comes with the Kailh Blue switches. 

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The clicky Blue switch provides you with a clear audible sound, and that should ideally be something you would find rather impressive on a gaming keyboard. The thin and compact construction can be what would make it extremely portable in every respect. 

The keyboard is just around 520g and under an inch thick, and that should make it one of the enhanced option ever that will fix it everywhere. Of course, the keyboard does not come with a Numpad. Multiple customisations of backlighting can further make it one of the prime options ever. 

  • A full N key rollover capacity is what would make it one of the excellent choices.
  • Laser engraved keys.
  • Completely compact and light.
  • LED backlighting.
  • No Numpad.

SteelSeries Apex M800

A gaming keyboard comes with a dual-processor; the SteelSeries Apex M800 is one of the excellent options ever. The ergonomic design that it comes equipped with is what should further make it one of the reliable options ever. The dual-processor is what would make it one of the enhanced options for a perfect gaming experience. 

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The dual processors provide a great support in avoiding the ghosting and assists you in an enhanced precise keystrokes. The better possible customisation of the keyboard is what should make it a great option ever. You can even configure the LED lights for each of the set of keys. 

The keyboard comes with the wrist rest that further enhances the experience by providing access to truly enhanced experience ever in achieving an ergonomic and comfortable gaming experience ever. 

  • A detailed customisation and control.
  • The individually illuminated keys.
  • Six dedicated quick access to macro options.
  • One-touch media control.
  • Slightly larger in size.

Corsair K68 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Corsair K68 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard should be one of the most reliable and great choices for those clumsy gamers among you. In case you tend to eat and drink when gaming, the Corsair’s keyboard provides you access to protection against dust and spills. 

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The keyboard comes with Cherry MX Red switches, and you can switch to Blue switches if you want to which should be yet another added advantage. The keyboard does not look like a gaming keyboard just by looking at it, but as soon as you turn on the RGB lighting – you will be in for a truly wonderful experience ever

The accompanying Corsair iCUE software opens up a few unlimited opportunities to make it one of the high-end gaming keyboard ever under $ 100. A sophisticated macro programming and a vivid dynamic control over lighting are a few factors that you will find genuinely an enhanced experience ever. 

  • Resistant enough to water even to handle rain drops.
  • Built-in volume and multimedia keys.
  • 100 per cent anti-ghosting and accurate vital presses.
  • Huge customisation for RGB lighting.
  • Key spacing is a little tighter.
  • No option to save memory profiles.

Redragon K552 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

If you are looking for the best experience in terms of a perfect gaming keyboard under $50, the Redragon K552 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard fits your bill perfectly enough. The keyboard comes with long-life quality switches and a wide range of control options. The ultra-affordable keyboard may not have high-end features, but does things in the best possible way. 

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The keyboard has a compact tenkeyless design and offers a strength that should ideally last a lifetime. The build quality is extremely amazing and well designed. The combination of aluminium and hard plastic can be something that would make your keyboard a very durable option by almost every count. 

While it may not be feature-rich, the keyboard does come with a few features that would make it quite reliable with essential features such as N-key rollover and anti-ghosting feature. The custom mechanical key switches are one of the features that would make it one of the high-end options for most of your gaming needs.

  • Best suited for fast-paced games such as MMORPG games.
  • Splash-proof design. 
  • A very solid design.
  • Swappable keycaps.
  • No macro keys.

VicTsing Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

This is one of the affordable wired gaming keyboards with the focus on the comfortability; the VicTsing Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a well-priced option ever. The keyboard comes with a full-sized 104 key keyboard design. The RGB lighting is one of the prime options ever. Each of the keys come with individual RGB lighting. 

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The keyboard does provide you access to nine different RGB modes you can pick. Some of these modes include breathing, streaming, racing, and more, as well as adjustable brightness and speed, to name a few. The keyboard comes with  Outemu Blue Switches that have been tested for 50 million keystrokes. These switches are equivalent to Cherry MX Blue switches. 

The metal plus ABS construction provides you access to a high-end durability. The keyboard is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. 

  • The Outemu switches provide a decent and comfortable tactile bump.
  • Extreme plug and play compatibility. 
  • A sturdy and robust construction. 
  • A great typing experience.
  • No additional software included 
  • A tingling sound that could have been avoided.

Thermaltake TT eSports LED Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Developed by Poseidon, a subsidiary of Pacific Gaming Investments Ltd, the Thermaltake TTE Sports LED Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is an exceptional full-featured budget-friendly keyboard. No matter whether you are a first-timer with a mechanical keyboard for gaming or an expert in them, the keyboard does ideally meet the needs of all types of users. 

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The keyboard uses the  Tt eSPORTS Certified Mechanical switches. The switches have been tested with 50 million keypresses making it one of the most reliable options. What’s more, the keyboard comes with a unique five year warranty which is quite unique for a keyboard. The full backlit keyboard is yet another thoughtful inclusion that makes the keyboard all the more powerful. 

The Thermaltake keyboard also comes with a 6 to 8 key rollover functionality that further enhances anti-ghosting and improves the accuracy of your keypresses. The seven multimedia keys further take it ahead as the most user-friendly keyboards. 

  • Windows key disabling for an effective gaming.
  • Plug and play compatibility.
  • A very solid build.
  • Multiple connectivity options.
  • Slightly heavy construction.

Logitech G512 SE Lightsync RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The tactile bump is what provides a truly wonderful experience for the gamers, and the Logitech G512 SE Lightsync RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard meets these expectations. The clicky switches can further be considered to be one of the enhanced options ever. The distinct experience can be something the gamers would love. 

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The Logitech G512 is a sleeker and full-sized mechanical keyboard ever. Despite being the full-sized keyboard, it does provide you access to an enhanced and improved compact design. The keyboard does come with a sturdy and well built design. The non detachable power cable maybe a little annoyance though. 

The USB passthrough lets you plug in a mouse or other devices to your keyboard. The keyboard comes with Kailh Brown switches. The switches, however, do not feel bad as such. We found the overall layout and smart key spacing one of the prime options worthy of mention. 

  • A very strong and solid construction.
  • The Logitech G Hub software provides an outstanding experience.
  • An unbeatable price.
  • Slightly noisy operation.
  • The non-detachable cable.

Razer BlackWidow Chroma Keyboard

The Razer BlackWidow Chroma keyboard comes with a full fledged construction and a set of dedicated macro buttons. One of the excellent options we found quite exciting on the keyboard is the customisable RGB lighting for the entire keyboard. The enhanced efficiency for the best experience in terms of Razer’s Synapse customization software can be a great option ever. 

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The keyboard does provide you access to a huge degree of efficiency with the enhanced service quality with Razer Mechanical Switches. The switches used in the keyboard provide you access to a tactile bump that would be quite pleasing. 

The Razer BlackWidow Chroma Keyboard comes with five additional macro keys. The backlit functions with 16.8 million colour options are yet another thoughtful option ever. The key switches have been rated to up to 80 million keypresses. Then further, the keyboard offers you a two-year warranty ever. 

  • A highly customisable RGB lighting.
  • Support for a multitude of operating systems.
  • Dedicated macro key options. 
  • The slightly expensive price tag.
  • Port placement is not perfect. 

Do You Need a Wireless Keyboard?

So, you are looking ahead to buy a new keyboard and have decided that it is time to replace your existing keyboard. So, should you go with a wireless keyboard? Do you need a wireless keyboard? 

A wireless keyboard provides you access to more comfort levels and less strain. In fact, a wireless keyboard can be one of the excellent options if you are in front of your computer throughout the day and need to change positions without the need to adjust the wires. 

Most of the wireless keyboards employ two different wireless connectivity options. You can either opt for radio frequency or Bluetooth connectivity. While the radio frequency technology has been around since long. The Bluetooth technology has become quite popular from 2011. When compared to radio technology, the Bluetooth technology has been rated to be one of the excellent options. 

Gaming Keyboards Under $100  – Buyer’s Guide

While we have listed out the best gaming keyboards under $100, have you ever thought of how to decide the best options among them. A concise buying guide, these buying factors can help you pick the keyboard in tune with your requirements.


Apart from mechanical keyboards, there are several options for the best gaming keyboards. The switches used in the manufacturing of the keyboard can decide the degree of flexibility that you can get access to. Pick the right switch that best meets your requirements. 


The durability of the keyboard can help you get access to years of service. It would be dependent on the type of switch used on the keyboard. The Cherry MX keyboards are known to have been tested for 50 million keypresses  (and a few variants with 100 million keypresses). 


You can have access to a huge number of options available when it comes to the keyboard layout. You can make a choice between the full-sized 104 key keyboard, or even pick a keyboard 60% miniature keyboard. The widely used keyboards can include Tenkeyless (TKL), also termed as 80% boards. 

Input Lag

Now that we are talking about gaming keyboards, it would be a good idea to pay special attention to the input lag on the keyboards. The wireless keyboards invariably come with an input lag and ensuring that the lag is quite lower would ensure a better performance guarantee. 

Overall Setup 

The overall setup is yet another important factor you need to focus on when buying a new gaming keyboard. The RGB backlighting and an ability to create a perfect gaming rig can be what would provide you access to a high degree of efficiency.

FAQs on the Best Gaming Keyboards Under $100

Are 60% Keyboards Better for Gaming?

The 60% keyboards come with a wide range of benefits. They can offer you an option to move your mouse better while gaming. It also provides you with access to an easier angle to handle your gaming movements. 

Are Smaller Keyboards Better for Gaming?

The small keyboards provide you access to the similar performance you would have expected on a full-sized keyboard. If you opt for the mechanical keyboards, you can expect a better performance with them with the lower response time and special switches. 

Is Numpad Needed for Gaming? 

In most cases, a Numpad may not be needed on a gaming keyboard. However, it may be needed for the games that need more keys. It can be much needed in Minecraft mods, and when running the trainers for games. 

Do Pro Gamers Use Mechanical Keyboards?
Most of the gamers prefer mechanical gaming keyboards because of the versatile nature and tactile performance. The durability and a faster performance make it one of the exciting choices.

The Concluding Thoughts

You can definitely buy a good keyboard for a price under $ 100 and get an excellent performance either in terms of gaming or typing. In fact, we have tried a good number of keyboards before arriving at that list. Having seen that the gaming keyboards are invariably overpriced, we made sure that we picked a few of them are priced decently, yet offer you an enhanced gaming experience. 

A good gaming keyboard need not be something much costly. You can definitely get access to a few keyboards worthy of providing you with a very decent gaming experience despite the affordable pricing. The significant features you need to check out would be the features you are looking ahead to and what type of gamer you are.