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How to Convert Wired Keyboard to Wireless? {The Easiest Method}


When compared to the wired keyboards, you will find the wireless keyboards one of the excellent options. Instead of buying a wireless keyboard to replace your wired keyboard, it would be advisable to convert wired keyboard to wireless using a few DIY skills. Let us explore the best options on how to make a wired keyboard wireless. 

Why Make a Wired Keyboard Wireless?

There can be several options that you would find a need to turn wired keyboard into wireless. The reasons would exactly be dependent on what you are looking ahead to do with your wireless keyboard. 

To begin with, a wired keyboard can take up more space on your desk and even in your laptop bag. The cables can be quite messy and they can get extremely damaged. This can be one of the prime reasons where the wired keyboard can be quite useless.

You can obviously buy a new wireless keyboard, but it may not be practically viable to go with the replacement for the wired keyboard with a wireless keyboard. If you have got already used to your existing keyboard, it would be worthwhile to opt for the option to simply convert wired keyboard to wireless tan buying a new one. 

Buying a new keyboard can make you learn to type efficiently on the new keyboard. Since you are already used to the old keyboard, converting it into a wireless keyboard can prove to be a wiser option so that it will have no learning curve associated. 

You can make any keyboard wireless by following a few simple DIY tricks. You need not go with any professional assistance for the purpose. Of course, if you think you cannot do it yourself, a professional should be able to assist you with the task. 

How to Make a Wired Keyboard Wireless?

Let us explore a few steps involved in how to convert wired keyboard to wireless. The steps involved in this context are quite simple and easy to go with. 

Step 1: Turn off your computer 

Turn off your computer and power off it completely. Make sure that you have removed the USB cable from the computer. If the keyboard has a detachable cable, you can even detach it. 

Step 2: Connect the micro controller to the keyboard 

Connect one of the micro controllers to the USB port of your keyboard. Make sure that the micro controllers you have chosen are compatible with your keyboard and computer. Check the USB protocol of the microcontroller you have chosen. 

Step 3: Connect the radio transmitter 

Connect the radio transmitter to the micro controller you have attached to the keyboard. The transmitter should ideally transmit at 433.92 MHz. You can ideally go with the Radiotronix transmitter and Atmel Atmega micro-controllers. 

Step 4: Connect a microcontroller to the computer

The next step would involve connecting a microcontroller to the USB port available on your computer. You can power it through the internal battery or an external power as per your preferences. 

Step 5: Connect radio transmitter to the computer 

Connect the radio transmitter to the microcontroller connected to the computer. The transmitter should transmit at 433.92 MHz. Make sure of the compatibility with the computer and keyboard. 

Step 6: Turn on the controllers and transmitters

The next step would be to turn on the micro controllers and radio transmitters on both the computer and keyboard. Connect your power cord to the computer and then restart the computer. 

 That should do the task. You can continue using your newly created wireless keyboard in the same way as you were using the keyboard in the wired avatar. If the computer expects you to update the drivers for the keyboard, you can make use of the CD that came with your keyboard. Since you have not changed the USB protocol on the keyboard, you need not make use of new drivers or even search for them. 

What Are the Advantages to Make a Wired Keyboard Wireless?

A wireless keyboard does not take a huge space on your desk. It also comes with an easy transport option. In case you have space constraints, the cables on the keyboard can definitely improve the desk space rather effectively. 

The cables on a wired keyboard can get twisted, frayed, and get broken as well. With a wireless keyboard, you will no longer have the issues. A wireless keyboard can be moved around the desk wherever you want to go. It can also be one of the great options to help you handle the issues such as conditions while typing and gaming. If you are someone who has a health issues such as a carpal tunnel syndrome, you will find it one of the excellent options. 

What are the problems in making a USB Keyboard wireless?

The prime issue when you convert wired keyboard to wireless can be the issues in how to attach or disconnect the USB cord. If you have a wired keyboard that comes with a detachable keyboard, that should make it one of the excellent options ever. If you have a keyboard that comes with a USB soldered in, it may not be that easy. 

The next issue you are likely to come across when you turn wired keyboard into wireless is the issue of power. Most of the microcontrollers come with a battery, but they need to be changed quite frequently and at regular intervals. 

The frequency of the microcontrollers and radio transmitters can be one serious concern. It may be quite difficult and hard to calibrate the radio frequency. Having both the controllers and transmitters on the same frequency can prove to be a tough task. 

How to make a keyboard wireless using the Bluetooth option?

You can even convert the wired keyboard into a Bluetooth wireless option. You can simply use a Bluetooth dongle and insert it in the available USB port on your keyboard. 

If the computer comes with the Bluetooth connectivity, it should detect your keyboard and work efficiently without any hassles. Of course, when compared to the other method of using micro controllers and radio transmitters, the Bluetooth option may not be reliable. 

Can you turn your wireless keyboard back into a wired one?

Turning the wireless keyboard back into a wired one should not be a huge task. You can simply undo whatever you have done and convert a wireless keyboard back into a wired one. In fact, it should be quite easy on the computer end. You can simply remove the microcontroller and radio transmitter on the computer end. 

If you have a keyboard with a detachable cable, you can simply remove the microcontroller and radio transmitter. However, if the keyboard has the cable soldered, you will find it a little difficult to connect the cable back in. You will need to open the keyboard, desolder the microcontroller and then solder the USB cable back in place. 

In Conclusion 

Well, it is quite simple and easy to convert wired keyboard to wireless without hassles. The instructions here may appear to be a little tougher, but it should be rather a great option ever to improve the performance of your keyboard.