What are Holy Panda Switches?

If you are someone who has been an enthusiast with the Mechanical Keyboards, you might have heard about the Holy Panda Switches. You would find that the best options offered by the special kind of switches should definitely make them stand apart. So let us explore what Holy Panda Switches are and how effective they can be in providing you a massive degree of functionality and usability. 

The Holy Panda Switches belong to the category where the switch comes with a unique combination where the switch has the stem of a Halo switch and the housing of an Invyr Panda. The Holy Pana Switches have been considered to be the snappy tactile mechanical key switches.


What are Holy Panda Switches?

Holy Panda Switches are the special switches that Quakemz has developed. The writer cum developer experimented with the Inver Panda and Halo True switches. He observed that neither of the switches felt the way he was expecting them to. 

He simply indulged in taking apart the two switches and created a combination of the two switches. The new switch created came with the Halo True stem and Inver Panda housing. The end result was a crisp and snappier tactile switch. In addition, it can offer you a decent and superior, and original feel. 

The result was Holy Panda Switch, and that is precisely what we will discuss in today’s post. Once you find the best switches, you can go with the task of building the best Holy Panda keyboard

What Makes Holy Panda Switches a Great Choice?

Like we have already indicated, Holy Panda Switches are known for their extreme tactility and snappy performance. But, are there any other factors that would make it a reasonable option and different from other tactile switches? 

Well, yes. Holy Panda switches have a special uniqueness about them. To begin with, the Inver Panda housing on the Holy Panda switch is actually created for the Linear switches. Therefore, you would find it offering a tighter feel than the other switches. The Halo stem, on the other hand, is designed for tactile feedback. The combination of linear and tactile components makes it one of the most reliable and unique switches ever. The linear housing can also provide you access to a deeper bass-like sound that should further improve your experience. This combination of feel and sound should further make it one of the perfect choices. 

What do Holy Panda Switches feel like?

Holy Panda Switches are known to be tactile. The longer, smoother bump offered by the Holy Panda switches can further prove to be one of the excellent options on the switch. The bump observed on the holy Panda Switch should be definitely a great option with the sharper and shorter, and rougher switches. 

You would also find that the Holy Panda Switches are pretty comparable to the Topre switches. The increased level of tactility can prove to be an excellent option for most of the expectations that you may have. They are also much tactile and smoother when you compare them to the Cherry MX Brown switches. 

Where Can You Buy Holy Panda Switches?

Holy Panda switches belong to a completely customized variety of key switches. That should be one of the reasons why they are made available with a slightly different version, and you may find that the switches obtained from two different stores can vary a bit. However, the underlying principle remains the same. is one of the excellent sources for the best-customized switches. They have plenty of options for the Holy Panda switches, and that would make them much easy and simple to buy them. In fact, prior to their availability, you had to buy Halo and Panda switches separately, take them apart, and customize your switches. 

The Holy Panda switch can be brought on for around $1.00 to $1.20 per switch. The expensive price may appear a little annoying, but it is really justified. 

Do note that you do not get an exact replica of the Holy Panda switches. But, the feel is quite similar. However, if you are looking for the classic Holy panda switch, you may not get it. 

Glorious Gaming PC

Glorious was the recent entrant to provide you access to Holy Panda switches. The brand recently announced its availability of Holy Panda switches from the platform. The brand has not come up with man details with the product, and it may not be possible to undertake a comparison as such. 

The pricing offered by Glorious is quite affordable. You would get access to a Holy Panda switch as $0.60 per switch. The company claims that they are using the original tooling. 

How to Make Holy Panda Switches?

Holy Panda Switches are a combination of linear and tactile switches. TheThe switches were part of the customized switches and are a part of a community effort. We would definitely find it an excellent option for most of your expectations regarding the best of both worlds. 

However, it can be a little tougher task – if you do not have the right kind of tooling. In any case, the video here should provide you with a better understanding 

The Difference Between Glorious Panda vs Holy Panda

In the battle for the Holy Panda switches, the competition lies between Glorious Panda vs Holy Panda. Here are the best options that you may want to check out. 

Here are the differences between Holy Panda and Glorious Panda: 

Holy Panda Switches

  • Unique sound efficiency 
  • Smooth and strong tactility 
  • Tactile bump 
  • A great build quality

However, you may come across a few of the issues with the holy Panda switches: 

  • Quality control does not impress 
  • Lubing is not much impressive 
  • Expensive price tag 
  • Packaging may not be a great.

Glorious Panda Switch

  • Extremely affordable 
  • Snappy feel and sound 
  • Strong construction 
  • Tactile bump
  • Great packaging

Some of the issues you would find quite impressive can include:

  • Metallic ping performance 
  • The stem is a little wobbly

The Concluding Thoughts

Holy Panda Switches are actually a community creation, and you would find that they are not the property of any particular company. The combination of Halo and Invyr Panda switches should definitely provide you access to the best of both worlds, and we would foresee getting access to a great degree of performance. 

The affordable availability and a great degree of quality of holy Panda Switches on Drop and Glorious should definitely make it one of the reliable options ever. So check out the options available at your disposal and get access to a huge degree of performance enhancement ever. 

A Few FAQs

Are Holy Pandas perfect for gaming? 

The Holy Panda switches are pretty heavy, and that can ideally cause some sort of fatigue. If you are a regular with the Cherry MX switches, you will find the Holy Pana switches not a comfortable option for gaming. 

Are Holy Panda Switches clicky? 

Holy Panda Switches are not clicky. They belong to the tactile range of switches. However, you will find that the switches do come with a smoother bump. 

What kind of switches are Holy Pandas? 

A Holy Panda Switch does provide you access to a hybrid key switch option. They are made with the stem of a Input Club Halo switch in the housing of the Panda switch. 

Are Holy Panda switches loud?

You would find that the Holy Panda switches are louder among the tactile switches in the market.