Where to Buy Cherry MX Switches?

The Cherry MX switches have been the keyword when it comes to buying the mechanical keyboards or even replacing your switches. The right type of mechanical keyboard switches can help you enhance your experience further. While several keyboard switch manufacturers are offering you access to the best keyboard switches, Cherry MX has been a clear leader in offering a high-grade service quality. 

Cherry MX Switches – An Overview

Cherry MX Switches have been considered to be the golden standard when we look at the mechanical keyboard switches. Even when a keyboard manufacturer does not use Cherry MX key switches, you can definitely be assured that they use some sort of an imitation of the Cherry MX key switches.

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Cherry MX switches are known for their responsiveness and comfortability and have been one of the strongest options for providing you access to an enhanced and improved typing or gaming experience. 

You can have several types of Cherry MX switches depending on whether you are looking for the linear, tactile, or clicky switches. Some of the options offered b Cherry MX would include:

  • Cherry MX Red Switches: Most widely used, they belong to the linear switches and have been known to be good for an effortless typing. They also come with a few variants such as Red Silver. 
  • Cherry MX Black Switches: These too are linear switches and come with a higher actuation force. These switches tend to be a little more resilient and are also available with a Silver variant. 
  • Cherry MX Blue Switches: These are clicky switches and should be a good option for gamers. Some of you may find the clicky sound quite gratifying. 
  • Cherry MX Brown Switches: They have been known to be the most popular key switches on gaming keyboards. They do not make much of a sound but do provide decent feedback.

Where to Buy Cherry MX Switches?

If you have a keyboard with Cherry MX switches or looking ahead to find a good replacement of the key switches for your keyboard, the pertinent question that should come to your mind would be to find where to buy Cherry MX Switches. 

The prime destination we would recommend for buying the Cherry MX switches would obviously be Amazon. The popular eCommerce site does offer you access to over a few different types of key switches at affordable prices. You should get access to a decent delivery and a considerably good quality of the products. 

A few other destinations that may be worthy enough in getting a better deal can include:

  • MechanicalKeyboards: They have a really great collection of the best key switches. In addition to Cherry MX switches, you can also check out a few of the options such as Cherry, Gateron, Outemu, and a wide range of other options. 
  • WASDKeyboards: They offer almost every type of Cherry MX key switch. If you are looking for the customized keycaps and other requirements for personalizing your keyboard, this destination can be one of the best options for almost all your exact requirements. 
  • SwitchTop: While a good option for the Cherry MX switches and even other types of switches for your mechanical keyboard, they also stock a host of other keyboard accessories.

Where to Buy Cherry MX Switches in  UK

In case you are in UK, and checking out the right options for where to buy Cherry MX witches in UK – you can perhaps check out a few of the worthy options that meet your needs. Of course, once again – we would recommend opting for Amazon for the quality that you can be assured of. 

Yet another excellent option we found for those looking to buy Cherry MX switches in the UK is UKKeycaps. This does provide you access to buying select key switches in bulk. This can be a great option in case you are building your own keyboard, repairing or restoring your keyboard. You can buy Cherry MX Red, Black and Brown switches from the site. The site can be a great option to buy Cherry MX switches wholesale.

You can even buy the Cherry MX switches from Mouser UK, Mechboards UK, and CPC UK. They are rated to be a few of the best distributors for Cherry MX switches and other accessories. 

How to Buy Cherry MX Switches in Australia?

Core Electronics has been one of the prime options for achieving a better degree of an enhanced experience for the best Cherry MX switches in Australia. Focussed on imparting the knowledge as the core of their endeavor, they can be one of the perfect choices for your needs in picking the best Cherry MX switches. 

Robot Gear Australia is yet another practical option for getting access to the best quality of Cherry MX switches in Australia. MWave is yet another largest online retailer in Australia that offers an outstanding experience in terms of how to buy Cherry MX switches in Australia. 

Of course, once again, we would recommend opting for the best experience of buying the Cherry MX switches by opting for Amazon in Australia. 

Where to Buy Cherry MX Switches in India?

As we have been repeatedly been stating all through this post, Amazon can be your best bet for the best Cherry MX switch buying experience. You should get access to all types of Cherry MX switches and other keyboard accessories from Amazon India. 

Other worthy options to buy Cherry MX Switches in India would be to check the services such as Mouser India, Banggood. in, and a few other online retailers. You may also check out the international services such as or Check if the products you pick are delivered to India. Remember that you need to have international debit or credit cards for this purpose. 

Can I Buy Cherry MX Switches Wholesale?

One of the excellent choices for buying Cherry MX switches wholesale can be They do offer Cherry MX switches in bulk or sets for prices such as $0.50 per switch. You may also check out the sites and services such as eBay or AliExpress. But, these online retailers may not provide any assurance of the authenticity and genuineness of the switches. 

Mouser and DigiKey have been rated to be one of the excellent options for buying mechanical keyboards in bulk. They do offer Cherry switches in different categories and types in massive quantities. DigiKey can be a great place to buy Cherry MX switches wholesale if you are looking to buy Cherry MX Blue switches or Black switches. Other varieties may be available in lower quantities. 

You can perhaps check for the Cherry MX blacks, blues, and clears, whether plate mount or PCB mounted from the online retailers stated above. 

The Bottom Line

Buying Cherry MX Switches should rather be an easy task when you compare it to buying the keyboard switches from other manufacturers. Cherry MX switches are available across multiple retailers and you can even buy Cherry MX switches wholesale across several retailers. 

However, it should be noted that not all vendors stock every type of Cherry MX switches you may be looking for. Depending on the quantity of the switches and the type of the Chery MX switches you want to buy, you will need to look for several retailers. While doing so, please take care to check the return or refund policies thoroughly. You never know whether the switches you get are genuine or not. If they aren’t, you would definitely want to know a proper return policy.