Difference Between Holy Panda and Glorious Panda Switches

The mechanical keyboards are known to offer a very decent and exceptional service quality. The sturdy and durable build that they offer you should be one of the prime factors that would make it one of the excellent options that you would want to go with. There are several options available at your disposal for the best quality mechanical switches. One of the excellent choices from this perspective is Holy Panda Switches

We will explore what Holy Panda Switches are and find the key differences between the Holy Panda and Glorious Panda switches. 


What Are Holy Panda Switches?

The Holy Panda Switches are specially customized switches that do provide you access to an enhanced degree of service quality. Quakemz developed the switches. The developer, who was also a writer, developed the key switches specifically designed for both comfortable typing and gaming alike. 

He was looking for an excellent quality of switches and kept experimenting with Inver Panda and Halo True switches. Since both the switches did not meet his expectations, he came up with the idea of getting the best of both worlds. He simply took apart the two switches and created a unique combination involving the different components of the two switches. The new switch consisted of the Halo True Stem and Inver Panda housing. 

The Holy Panda Switch does provide a crispy and snappier experience of tactile switches. However, you would get access to a great degree of performance in terms of a decent and superior experience. 

That was what creates the Holy Panda switch that specifically helps you get access to a great deal of experience. 

What Are Glorious Panda Switches?

The Glorious Panda Switches are the Holy Panda switch varieties that are manufactured by PC Gaming Race(Glorious Brand). The switches are manufactured using their own stem and the housing of Inver switches. 

In fact, the Glorious Panda switches are the same as the Holy Panda Switches but come from a different manufacturer. The Holy Panda switches are manufactured by Drop, and the Glorious Panda brand manufactures the Glorious Panda switches. 

What Are the Differences Between Holy Panda and Glorious Panda Switches?

Let us explore the different types of switches and explore how they work towards providing you access to a greater degree of experience and enhancement. 

The Build Quality 

The build quality of both the Holy Panda switches and Glorious Panda switches comes with a great build quality. The durability and consistency offered by these key switches would ideally be one of the best choices for most of the needs you may have. 

However, you would find that the Glorious Panda switches come with a longer stem. In addition, you would find the Holy Panda switches come with a more robust housing. That would make the Holy Panda switches more stable. 

The Stem Switch 

The stem used on the Holy Pandas is sourced from Halo Clear or Halo True. The stem of these switches is assumed to be quite renowned in their own right. Glorious Panda, on the other hand, makes use of its own stem. The stem is known to have a lesser pre-travel distance. 

The lesser pre-travel distance on the Glorious Panda switches should make them an excellent option for a better tactile feedback and a great response. 

Typing Experience 

Holy Pandas are the mechanical switches that belong to the tactile feedback variety. However, when you compare them to the other tactile switches, such as Cherry MX Blues, you would find them producing lesser noise. 

The clicks have a great tactile feedback and a clicky experience. You will find the tactile and snappy feedback one of the exciting options ever. 

The Glorious Panda switches are equipped with a tactile switch and provide you an enhanced degree of clicky and snappy typing feel.

Would You Find Any Downsides on the Holy Panda Switches?

So, do Holy Panda and Glorious Panda switches come with any sort of downside or cons? Well, yes, they do have a few limitations, which may make them a little out of place. 

The Holy Panda and Glorious Panda switches come with opaque housing. That would mean they would emit lesser light when you compare them with the transparent housing switches. However, both Holy Panda and Glorius Panda switches come with an incredible RGB lighting efficiency. 

Holy Panda Switches vs Glorious Panda Switches – Which should you go with?

Holy Panda switches have been rated to be one of the exciting choices for the best tactile experience on the best mechanical keyboard switches. However, it should be noticed that both Holy Panda Switches and Glorious panda switches come with their own positive factors. That would make it dependent on your individual preferences before picking any specific key switch on your keyboard

Both Holy Panda switches and Glorious Panda switches are best designed for typing and gaming. If you are looking for a greater smoother experience, the Glorious Panda switches would be a great switch. On the other hand, if you want better tactile feedback, you would better pick a Holy Panda Switch. 

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Let us explore a couple of good switch options in this context that can be pretty useful and helpful. 

Drop + Invyr Holy Panda Mechanical Switches

This has been regarded as the most tactile switch ever in the world. With stems from Halo switches and housing from Invyr Panda switches, they have been one of the greatest ever options for practically every need that you may have. 

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You can get access to a great degree of performance with a very snappy and tactile feedback. That should make it one of the excellent choices with respect to a satisfying typing excellence. Compatibility with a wide range of PCBs should be yet another factor that would make it stand apart from the rest. 

The Specs 

  • Halo Switch Stems
  • Polycarbonate top housing
  • Nylon bottom housing
  • 67g spring
  • Plate Mount
  • MX-compatible.


Glorious Panda Switch (UNLUBED)

Using the original INVYR Panda housing molds, the Glorious Panda switches should be one of the prominent options for most of the expectations that you may have. In addition, you can get access to an enhanced degree of performance with a great tactile typing experience. 

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Made from the most premium material, it does provide you access to a genuinely huge degree of performance excellence. The snappy and responsive switch can definitely prove to be one of the great options for an enhanced pre-travel experience. 

The Specs 

  • Pre-lubed Panda switch 
  • Compatible with all GMMK models
  • An uncompromised quality
  • The transcendent tactile typing experience

The Concluding Thoughts

That was how a Holy Panda switch and Glorious Panda switch compare with one another. The discussion above should help you get access to better performance when you look for the best choice in a Holy Panda vs Glorious Panda switch comparison.