Gateron Switches vs Cherry MX Switches


While most of us are fond of mechanical keyboards, most of us do not pay much attention to the prime aspects of what makes a mechanical keyboard. Yes, we are referring to the Mechanical Key switches. We do not find people discussing the mechanical key switches in our day to day discussions unless you belong to the professional community. With several brands vying for your attention, how about comparing Gateron Switches and Cherry MX switches? 

In a discussion on Gateron Switches vs Cherry MX Switches, the prime differentiating factor would be the feel offered by the switches. You will find Gateron switches smoother and feel better to type on. On the other hand, Cherry MX switches last longer. They can, however, be pricier than Gateron Switches. 

Gateron Switches – An Overview

Before we can begin a Cherry MX switches vs Gateron Switches, we will compare the brands in finer detail. 

Developed in Southern China by Huizhou Gateron Electronic Technology Co., Ltd, the Gateron Switches have been around since 2000. In addition to the key switches, the company also manufactures keycaps, batteries, and other elements on a keyboard. You would not find the brand indulging in a wide range of marketing as such. 

The brand made its beginning by creating the clones of Cherry MX switches in 2000. However, they diversified later on, and a host of the users of Gateron switches have proved that they have been a great improvement over the Chery MX switches in some aspects. One of the strongest factors in favor of the Gateron switches lies in the fact that they are extremely smoother to work with

Gateron Switch Graph

Gateron switches may not offer you the same degree of lifespan identical to the Cherry MX switches. However, you would find them offering you a similar degree of spring force, actuation point, and travel distance. 

Cherry MX Switches – A Sneak Peek

Cherry is an American company involved in the manufacturing of mechanical keyboard switches and has been in the business since 1953. The company shifted its base to Germany in 1979. While they have been regarded to be the oldest among the key switch manufacturers, they have also been one of the best that has stood behind almost the whole of the mechanical keyboard industry. 

The brand held the patent for the mechanical key switches until recently. Now, even without the patents, it is still regarded as the best option, and the durability offered by them should be one of the strongest factors in their favor. They are indeed the switches that you would want to go with when you need to pick the one among the competitors. 

Cherry MX Chart

Cherry MX vs Gateron Switches – The Comparison

Having been introduced to the Gateron and Cherry MX switches, it is now time to compare the switches and their features. We will undertake the Gateron switches vs Cherry MX switches comparison based on a few key factors. 

The Feel of the Switches 

This is an area where Gateron will take the lead. The feel of a switch would be important when you are looking for the best possible gaming and typing experience. The comfortability of the switches is one of the best on the Gateron – especially with the Gateron linear switches. A smaller stem is what should make them a great option in providing you an enhanced experience. 

In essence, the comparison in a Cherry MX switches vs Gateron Switches debate in terms of the feel swings in favor of the Gateron switches in the case of the linear switches. In the case of the clicky and tactile switches, the two brands compare well enough and can be stated to be quite equivalent. 

The Winner: Gateron 


Once again, you will find Gateron taking the lead in the pricing segment. The Gateron switches are extremely affordable. You will find that the price difference in Gateron switches vs Cherry MX switches is quite significant. The Gateron switches are quite cheaper than their Cherry MX counterparts. 

The price difference, though, is justified. The switches from the brand are manufactured under strict quality control and stress testing measures. The longer lifespan promised by the Cherry MX switches should make them a stronger competitor to the Gateron switches. Gateron Switches are manufactured in a plant in China and but there is not much information available on the quality and stress testing that these devices go through. 

While Gateron switches have been known to be offering a better price point, there may be a few of the issues you would face when handling the tasks. 

The Winner: Gateron. But if you are looking for durability and other advanced features, Cherry MX justifies the higher price

Variety and Choice of Switches 

Both Gateron and Cherry MX provide you access to plenty of varieties when it comes to the different switch types. Both the manufacturers provide you access to normal switches, speed switches, silent switches, and a wide variety of other switch profiles. 

When it comes to picking a huge variety of switches, Gateron can be a great option for most of your expectations. If you are looking for the silent switch variations, you will get a better option on Gateron. 

If you are looking for some speedy action in gaming with your keyboard, Cherry MX has its own share of speed switches. Gateron takes a back seat in this context. Gateron does provide you access to a huge number of varieties. The Gateron Ink range of switches has been something we found extremely a great option. Focus on the silent switches is the strength of Gateron. 

The Winner: Gateron 


If you are looking for the best keyboard switches as the first mechanical keyboard, you will perhaps go with the Cherry MX switches. Since Cherry MX switches have been widely available and can be easily found. The Cherry MX switches are available on most of the mid-range to high-end keyboards. 

Finding the Gateron switches can be a tough task. If you are looking for mechanical keyboards from the huge stores, you will not find a Gateron switch under ideal conditions. Even of you find one, it would not be that easy to get one. 

However, if you are looking for low-end keyboards, you will find them using Gateron switches because of their cheaper price point. 

The Winner: Cherry MX

Noise Level 

If you are into typing a lot, a less scratchy key switch that provides you a smoother experience, Gateron switches take the lead over the Cherry MX switches. The smoother key switch will provide you access to a lower friction, and this can be a great option for improving your experience. 

The sound level is one of the areas where you would find Gateron switches move ahead in a Gateron switches vs Cherry MX switches. However, the choice would be based on what user prefers, people will want to make a choice between the loud and quiet switches based on their individual liking. 

In case you are looking for a clicky switch, a louder noise can be beneficial, and this is an area where Cherry MX switches take a huge lead. 

The Winner: Gateron 

Key Travel Efficiency 

The travel distance and the travel space are one of the prime factors when it comes to the mechanical key switches. This can be helpful in achieving the best results in effortless typing. But, in our comparison for the Cherry MX switches vs Gateron Switches, we found both of them offering the same degree of performance when it comes to the key travel and travel space. 

This can be one of the excellent options to type smoothly enough. This can also be a good option to type faster. Gateron switches, however, come with a smoothness and comfort level.  This can be helpful in providing you with a smoother typing experience. 

You will find the Cherry MX switches come with a scratchy feel, and that has always been one of the major issues with almost all Cherry MX switches. 

The Winner: both offer the same feel, Gateron takes a slight lead. 

The Comparison chart – Gateron Switches vs Cherry MX Switches

Having gone through the different aspects of Gateron and Cherry MX switches, let us check out the comparison chart for the best features offered by the two competing switches. 

Features  Gateron Switches  Cherry MX Switches 
Click Feel  Higher actuation point  Lower actuation point 
Clicks  Lighter clicks  Consistent clicks 
Key travel  Smoother and free from resistance  A scratchy feel 
Noise level  Quieter sound levels  Quiet 
Variety of switches  More variety of options  Lesser variety 
Availability  Hard to find  Easy to find 
Affordability  Cheaper  Expensive 
Durability  Budget-friendly  Expensive 
Lifespan  50 million keypresses  100 Million keypresses 

How about this video that can help you find the best results? 

Gateron Switches Pros and Cons

  • A huge variety of switches.
  • A great looking design and aesthetics.
  • Smoother performance.
  • A good feel.
  • Durability is a concern.

Cherry MX Switches Pros and Cons

  • A reliable and sturdy build.
  • High-end durability.
  • Faster actuation.
  • Scratchy feel.

A Few FAQs on Gateron Switches vs Cherry MX Switches 

Are Gateron switches better than Cherry MX?

There are a few key areas that would make Gateron switches better than Cherry MX. However, picking the best key switches would be dependent on your personal preferences. Cherry MX switches have been known to provide you access a reliable and provide you genuine quality. 

Which switch is easier to customize? 

You can customize both Gateron switches and Cherry MX switches, similar to one another. In essence, the mechanical key switches in themselves have been known for providing you access to a great option to customize or modify them.

Which key switch is better for typing and gaming?

Both the Gateron and Cherry MX switches have been known to offer the same degree of comfortability with respect to typing and gaming. Of course, Gateron switches are quite smoother and quieter. However, your choice would be dependent on the different types of switches you can opt for.

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The Closing Thoughts 

Finally, choosing the right option between Cherry MX and Gateron switches can be ideally based on personal preferences. It would be dependent on whether you are looking for smoothness in your typing and gaming efficiency. It would be ideal to try out both Gateron Switches and Cherry MX switches before you can make a purchase preference. That would provide you a better idea of picking the best one that you would want to go with. 

Using a good switch tester can prove to be one of the excellent options you would want to go with. That way, you can go with the best performance standard and pick the one that best meets your needs.