Topre vs Cherry Switches – Which One is the Best For You?


Topre and Cherry MX switches have been a few of the common options for the best quiet key switches. While both of them come with a few special features and functionalities of their own. Based on a few key parameters, they tend to offer you different features and functionalities. 

How Do Topre Switches Differ from Cherry MX Switches?

Topre Switches are compared to the Cherry MX Brown Switches. They come with a similar clicky experience and crisp tactile feedback. The good silent operation and good tactile feedback can make Topre switches one of the excellent options.

Features  Topre Key switches  Cherry MX switches 
Construction and Design  Slider mechanism  Gold cross point contacts 
Lighting  RGB and LED  RGB and LED 
Noise  Quietest  Quiet depending on exact switch 
Lifespan  Shorter lifespan  Longer lifespan 
Variation  Limited varieties  Huge varieties 

Topre vs Cherry MX Switches – Which One Should You Go with?

If you are fascinated by mechanical keyboards and the excellent advantages offered by the Mechanical Keyboards, the key switch is one of the most important elements. The different types of key switches decide the smoother functionality or clickiness of the keyboard and depending on what you prefer; you will need to take a call between the Tope vs Cherry MX switches. 

Topre vs cherry mx

The discussion here below for the differentiation of the Topre and Cherry MX switches will help you get access to excellent service quality and help you pick the right one based on your individual needs. 

Topre Switches – What are they?

Topre Switches were designed in Japan and are made of a slider positioned in a covering which further sits over a rubber dome. The switch has a conical coiled spring that that is placed on the printed circuit board. In essence, the Topre Switches belong to the category of electrostatic capacitive non-contact keyboard switches. 

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The rubber dome used in the Topre switches is useful in providing you with the much needed resistance and tactile feel. Of course, the weight of the rubber dome can be different on different keyboards. 

The working of a Topre key switch is simple. The conical spring is compressed with your keypress, and this creates a capacitive action on the PCB. The PCB senses the keypress as you reach mid-actuation point. The circuit data thus generated is fed to your computer. One of the huge advantages of using a Topre key switch is that it lets you make use of N key rollover. 

The clicky and tactile feel is introduced through a refined rubber dome. The bump received is one of the prime features for the gamers and provides you access to an excellent way to avoid ghosting. One of the huge advantages of using a Topre Keyboard lies in the fact that they are one of the prime options compared to their mechanical keyboards. The Topre key switches are extremely light. Moreover, they have been considered to be a good option for quietest keyboard switches

  • RGB LED support. 
  • A smoother Tactile bump.
  • Anti-ghosting capabilities.
  • Faster performance. 
  • A very light construction.
  • Less tactile feedback.

Cherry MX Switches – An Overview

Cherry MX has been one of the huge options and a widely used key switch options. When you compare the Cherry MX switches with the Topre switches, it would be more wiser to compare the Cherry MX Brown switches with the Topre key switches. 

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Cherry MX produces a wide range of switches across Linear, Tactile and Clicky switch varieties. In essence, the Cherry MX brand has been one of the widely used keyboard switches and have been extremely popular in their own right. 

Cherry MX switches provide you with a reliable keypress execution, and that should perhaps explain why they are a hot favourite for gamers. The higher durability of the key switches is yet another feature that would make them a preferred brand. The Cherry MX key switches are tested for 100 million key presses, and that can be one of the reasons that would ideally make them great options for ideally each of your needs. 

Cherry MX switches are available in different variations. A few of the options that they are made available would include Red, Brown, Blue, and Black. Each of these variants come with a few specific features designed for a few specific features. 

  • A huge lifespan.
  • Minimal actuation.
  • Faster and precise performance.
  • Clicky sound. 
  • Noisy operation .

Topre vs Cherry MX switches – A Head to Head Comparison

If you really want to find the exact differences between Cherry vs Topre switches, it would be advisable to go with the best options and features offered each of these two key switches. Understanding the features offered by each of them can prove to be a good deciding factor in picking the right key switch for your individual requirements. 

The Basic Features 

The basic features offered by each of the key switch types would be dependent on the individual user preferences. Of course, both the switch types come with their own advantages and based on what type of user you are; there may be a few features that you would want to fall in love with a and a few that you do not like. 

Topre switches come with a great degree of a tactile bump, but they do not provide you with the tactile feedback. They would ideally provide you with a smoother performance. The Topre key switches offer you a unique sound and feel, along with the much needed “thock” sound that may be preferred by some of the gamers. 

The Cherry MX switches are a little heavy. Unlike the Topre switches which tend to be quite lightweight, the Cherry MX switches provide you access to a less actuation force. 

The Actuation force 

The actuation force of the key switches is one of the important aspects. The actuation force will have a great bearing on the experience you will gain while gaming and typing. Both Topre and Cherry MX switches come with their own factors and features with respect to the actuation force. 

Some of the Cherry MX switches such as Cherry MX Red are quiet and quite suitable when you are working in an office or a crowded area where too much of a sound can be quite annoying to the people around you. 

Topre switches come with a rubber dome design, but that does not make them membrane switches. However, they are quite different from the mechanical key switches such as Cherry MX or Gateron switches. Moreover, they are quite light to work with and have an actuation force of 5g. They are also extremely quiet. That should be one of the areas that Topre switches stand ahead of the Cherry MX switches. 


Cherry MX switches come in different variants. A few of the variants that you can have access to among the Cherry MX switches can include Cherry MX Red, Chery MX Black, Cherry MX Brown, and Cherry MX Blue. You also have a huge number of further options available in the Cherry MX repertoire. 

The Cherry MX switches have a lower actuation force and are very quiet. They also come with a light touch and can be a good option for both gaming and typing. The Cherry MX Black switches come with a higher actuation force. You may experience more resistance when handling these switches. The Silver switches have been designed to provide you access to faster performance and a greater degree of accuracy. They can be a perfect option for gamers. 

Topre switches do not have a huge number of variations. A few of the variations that you would come across among the Topre keyboards would include standard, purple and Short throw Topre key switches. 

In essence, you would find both Topre and Cherry MX switches provide you with enough of variations, but Cherry MX seems to have much of a variation and has a switch variant that would suit almost all the requirements. 


Cherry MX switches are known for longevity and a greater lifespan. They are tested for 100 million key presses. That would mean you can expect them to last considerably longer than most of the other keyboards that employ other keyboard switches. 

Topre switches come with the testing of 50 million keypresses. From that perspective, you would find that Cherry MX switches one of the better options when compared to the Topre switches. Keyboards equipped with Cherry MX switches are definitely expected to last longer than the Topre switches. 

The Lighting 

The lighting has been one of the most common elements you would want to find on your keyboard, and this is an aspect that can have a great bearing on the type of lighting offered on your keyboard. Both Cherry MX and Topre key switches come with the options to offer RGB and LED options on a wide range of keyboards. 

However, when it comes to lighting variation, Cherry MX has better efficiency. They can even reach 16 million colors, making them one of the much-preferred options for ideally all your needs. Topre switches do provide you access to good functionality with respect to lighting, but the Refract technology employed by Cherry MX makes them spread light without losing power.

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Both Topre and Cherry MX switches are great in their own right. But, even then, Topre keyboards are found on a few specific keyboards, and you may not find them in enough numbers. You will find only a few of the Topre keyboard options and picking the best one for your needs may not be easy. 

On the other hand, Cherry MX switches come with wider availability. Suitability for a wider range of applications and high-end durability can further make them one of the excellent choices ever for most of your needs. If you have a choice and do not specifically looking for a Topre keyboard, sticking to Cherry MX switches would be a greater option and a better one at that.