Are Ducky keyboards Good? [Detailed Clarification]

Ducky Keyboards have been one of the most popular options and are considered to be a great option ever. In fact, they are touted to be one of the most preferred keyboards. But, are Ducky keyboards good? In fact, these keyboards are used by some of the best streamers like Ninja and Tfue and they have claimed that these Ducky keyboards are the best that they have opted for. 

Are Ducky Keyboards Good?

Should you choose Ducky keyboards? Are Ducky keyboards good? Let us explore a few insights into the keyboard and how effective it can be. 

Ducky has been a brand that is respected by the fans of mechanical keyboards. However, with the keyboards from popular keyboard manufacturers such as Razer, Corsair, and Logitech, do Ducky keyboards really meet the standards, and are they any good? 

Here are few choices that would make you understand what makes Ducky keyboards one of the preferred choices. In fact, with gaming being one of the excellent options for enjoying a great degree of experience, you would find it one of the prime options in terms of higher performance, higher quality, and better pricing. 

Keycaps can be customised 

One of the prime options that we found quite impressive on the Ducky keyboards is the easy customisation of the keycaps on the keyboard. Compared to the other keyboard manufacturers who seem to have non standard keycaps on their devices, the Ducky keyboards provide you access to the standard sizes on their keycaps. 

The non-standard keycaps can be quite difficult to handle and as it can be quite a tough choice when it comes to the aftermarket keycaps. Ducky keyboards help you avoid those possibilities. You will get access to multiple beautiful and unique options for the best keycaps. That can be a unique aspect unseen on any other mainstream keyboard. 

If you are a fan of the popular gamer and streamer Tfue, you would find the options for the TFUE-themed set of keycaps a great option in the long run. The best part is that every Ducky keyboard comes with a free set of colored accent keycaps. The options to adjust and manipulate the RGB backlighting with or without the software should be yet another powerful feature you would find rather impressive on the keyboard. 

Robust firmware options 

If you are someone who is not much tech-savvy, the Ducky keyboards can be a perfect choice. The software does not need you to mess with it quite often. The built-in firmware and easy to program functionality can be what would make it one of the extremely formidable choices. The easy customisation offered by the firmware on the fly and on-demand should be what makes it a powerful firmware ever. 

The Ducky keyboards also come with the DIP switches which should be yet another added advantage. The DIP switches are used for toggling and changing the key positions and layouts to suit your specific requirements. 

Different layout options for the best and unique keyboards 

Ducky keyboards can be availed in different shapes and layouts. Irrespective of which type of keyboards and the layout that you are looking ahead to, you can opt for the right keyboard size as per your preferences. 

Some of the best options for the Ducky keyboards can include: 

Ducky Keyboards Layout Size Number of keys 
One 2 Mini 60% 61
One 2 SF 65%  67
One 2 TKL 80% / TKL 87
One 2 Fullsize 108
One Fullsize and TKL 108 and 87
Zero Fullsize 108
Mecha 60% 61
Mecha SF 65% 67
Shine Fullsize 108
Pocket Numpad 23


Some of the great options for the best 65% keyboards can include Ducky One 2 SF, and the Ducky x Varmilo Miya Pro. You would find the compatible keycaps for all the layouts of their keyboards which makes them one of the excellent options for most of the options you may not have. 

A powerful build and durability 

The build quality of the Ducky keyboards is one of the most unique ones in their own right. The Ducky mini keyboard, especially  One 2 Mini and Mini SF have been known to offer you access to a great build quality despite the material of construction being plastic. 

In case you are checking out a more robust performance on your Ducky keyboards, you may need to check out Ducky Mecha and Ducky Shine series. These models come with an aluminium build which can provide you access to better strength, stability and better performance. 

With the multiple choices for different switches and a faster polling rate of 1000 Hz, they can indeed be your best partners in gaming and typing alike. 

Are There Any Reasons that You Do Not Want to Get a Ducky Keyboard?

Do you Ducky keyboards have any cons? Well, yes – before you can buy a Ducky keyboard, it should be equally important to pay enough attention to the Cons of Ducky keyboards. 

Software may be lacking 

Ducky keyboards do have programmable software, but that tends to be not so strong as on the mainstream keyboards. The onboard programming offered on the keyboard is stronger, but there is no dedicated software. 

It can be quite difficult and tedious to indulge in online programming without a manual at hand. The visual options off handling the tasks such as how to set your layout, macros, and RGB lighting effects. 

Ducky wireless keyboard options are lacking 

The Ducky keyboards are available only in wired mode. They do not have any sort of wireless option. Even Bluetooth is lacking on the device. The lack of any wireless connectivity may not be something you will be comfortable with. 

Of course, there are a few situations wherein you do not have any benefits from the wireless keyboard functionality. In case you are checking out the options for mobile, travel, or un-tethered connectivity, the Ducky keyboard may perhaps not be a good option. 

No options for hot-swappable sockets option

The concept of hot-swap sockets has been growing consistently over the years. Lack of the hot-swappable sockets can perhaps be something that you may not be comfortable with. The hot-swap functionality can be one of the perfect choices for beginners. 

The hot-swap socket capability can be useful in letting you try using multiple switches on your keyboard. This can be one of the excellent options for your needs without the need to solder or desolder. This can be a great degree if modularity and lack of it on your Ducky keyboard may be something you may not be comfortable with. 

The best Ducky Keyboards You Should Check Out

The best options offered by the Ducky keyboards can include a few of the best options. 

  1. Ducky One 2 Mini

The Ducky One 2 Mini has been one of the prime options for the most compact keyboards ever. The keyboard has been rated as the prime option and a great keyboard by popular gamers like Ninja and TFUE. The keyboard comes with a 60% layout and offers you a solid stabilizer option. 

The options for a 1000hz polling rate, compact design, and your choice of Cherry MX switches can be what would make it one of the prominent options ever. The keyboard does provide you access to several features such as Ducky Macro through hardware, and personalize functions. The cable is longer and provides you access to a 13 feet cable. 

  1. Ducky One 2 SF

If you are looking for compact functionality on a 60% keyboard, the Ducky One 2 SF should double up as a perfect choice by almost every count. The keyboard is slightly wider than the One 2 Mini and offers you the same layout. 

The great build quality and speed are a couple of features that should ideally make your keyboard one of the prime options among the best Ducky keyboards ever. If you are looking for an incredible gaming keyboard, this should be your right choice. 

  1. Ducky X Varmilo Miya Pro

The Ducky X Varmilo Miya Pro has been created in collaboration with Varmilo. The keyboard offers you access to a 65 % layout and 68 keys as part of the layout. The keyboard is available in multiple colour options for the keycaps making it a formidable choice ever for practically every need that you may have. 

The standard sizing of the keycaps can be yet another prime factor that would make it all the more powerful. The Cherry MX Blue switches on the keyboard should further make it one of the powerful options. 

The Final Wrap Up 

Well, the Ducky Keyboards have been known for their great functionality and great build quality. If you are looking for a powerful keyboard at affordable pricing, the Ducky keyboards should double up as a truly formidable choice ever. The Ducky keyboards are designed for offering you one of the perfect experiences in terms of a perfect experience.