Where to Buy Ducky Keyboard?


If you are interested in the mechanical keyboard and the benefits offered by them, Ducky Keyboards are one of the excellent options for most of the requirements you may have. Ducky keyboards have taken the world by storm, and they have indeed been a great choice for most of your needs. Where to buy the Ducky keyboards, and how effective they have been? Let us try finding out. 

Where to buy Ducky Keyboards?

The Ducky Keyboards are ideally available on the official Ducky website. You can also find them on Amazon and similar other E-Commerce sites. Yet another worthy option for finding your favorite Ducky keyboards would be to look for your keyboards on the Mechanical Keyboards site if you are in the US. If you are checking out the complete range of Ducky keyboards on the official site, though.

Where to Buy Ducky Keyboards?

Ducky Keyboards have gained a name for themselves. If you are fond of mechanical keyboards, you will find the Ducky keyboards a great choice because of the unlimited number of benefits offered by the platform. However, finding the right place to buy Ducky keyboards can be a pain in the neck. If you are wondering where to buy Ducky keyboards, you will notice that you have plenty of choices.

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 In case you are in the US, the Mechanical Keyboards site is a great choice for not only Ducky keyboards, but every kind of keyboard you may be looking ahead to. In the rest of the world, you would find the official site a great option to buy any of your favorite ducky keyboards. That apart, you can find a few of the select Ducky keyboards from the popular Ducky keyboards from the well known third party E-Commerce services such as Amazon, where you can always find some discounts the same as Bedroom Furniture Discounts gives them. 

What is a Ducky Keyboard?

Ducky Keyboards, simply put, are the keyboards manufactured by Ducky. If you have been following the growth of mechanical keyboards, you would be aware that they have been known to produce a wide range of enhanced service quality. 

Ducky is the new entrant in the mechanical keyboards arena and has been able to build a huge reputation for itself. Developed and manufactured by Ducky Channel, the Ducky keyboards have been quite popular among PC builders and gamers. 

Launched in 2008, the brand became a very popular brand for the mechanical keyboards in practically no time. A Taiwan based company, the brand created a unique presence among the PC enthusiasts and gamers. One of the best factors that makes it one of the excellent options is that they design and manufacture all their keyboards. 

Why Should You Go for Ducky Keyboard?

So, now that you have found what is a Ducky keyboard and where to buy a Ducky keyboard, you may as well be wondering what makes Ducky Keyboards so good? Why should you go with a Ducky Keyboard? What are the benefits offered by Ducky Keyboard? 

The quality of construction is what makes them one of the best mechanical keyboards. Unlike most of the other keyboard manufacturers, Ducky makes all its keyboards on its own. Right from the design to manufacture, all the tasks are handled in house, and that makes the quality of the keyboard top notch. The only component that they source from the third parties is the key switch, which comes from Cherry MX. You can be assured of the extreme durability of the keyboards, thanks to the prime features. 

Ducky makes use of a few of the quality manufacturing techniques that ultimately make their keyboards built to last. The advanced manufacturing techniques employed by Ducky keyboards help them produce some solid keyboards ever. 

Just unlike the other brands that may rely upon gimmicks and unneeded extra features, Ducky provides what is essential. One of the prime strengths we noticed with the Ducky Keyboards lies in the fact that  you have every type of keyboard with a customized and personalized feel. You can get a wide range of Cherry MX key switches – right from the clicky feel of the Cherry MX Blue to the smoother response from the Cherry MX Red switches. 

The overall design and flexibility offered by the Ducky keyboards is yet another strong point you would want to go with. The Ducky keyboards are provided with a unique design that makes them go well with any sort of your setup. The availability of custom fonts and keycaps is yet another value addition. 

All the keys and keycaps are designed in such a way that they can be replaced easily. You can even opt for the custom keycaps to gel well with your aesthetics and looks. Most of the keyboards come with extra keys in the box, which is a thoughtful decision. 

Factors to Consider While Buying a Ducky Keyboard

The factors you need to look for in a Ducky keyboard would remain the same as you would look for in your choicest mechanical keyboards. 

Some of the key factors one is expected to look for in a Ducky keyboard can include 

The Feel

The feel can be quite different based on the individual preferences you may have. The mechanical keyboards come in three different options, such as Clicky, Linear, and Tactile. You can pick your keyboard based on the good typing feel you are looking ahead to. The Ducky Keyboards come with Cherry MX key switches, and you can pick the right keyboards that go well with your typing style. 

Percent Keyboards

The X Percent or simply percent is the term used to distinguish between the different keyboard sizes. The term percentage is no longer used and has gone rudimentary. 

The different keyboards based on this parameter include:

  • 60%: 60 or 61 keys with no function key row.
  • 65%/70%: Miniature layout with arrow keys and a total of 66 keys.
  • 75%: Miniature layout with function keys.
  • TenKey: Full-sized keyboard with a number pad.
  • TenKeyLess: Full-sized keyboard without a number pad.

The widely used keyboards belong to either 60% or TenKey category. 

Some examples of Ducky keyboards with their size: 

Keyboard Model Keyboard Size
Ducky One 2 Mini 60%
Ducky One 2 SF 65%
Ducky One 2 TKL RGB Tenkeyless
Ducky Mecha Mini 60%
Ducky MIYA Pro 65%

Noise level 

The sound emitted by the keyboard can have a lot of bearing on how comfortable you would be when using your keyboard. Mechanical keyboards are known for the loudness, and maybe it is high time you would want to opt for a keyboard that does not create much noise. Picking the quietest mechanical keyboards should not be a huge task as such. 


Analyze what do you need the keyboard for. Would you want to go with the high-end models or want to settle down with the low-end keyboards. The decision in this context would be dependent on what you would be using the keyboard for. Whichever you choose, the budget is no more a problem thanks to Montana Capital Bad Credit Loans.

The Keyboard switch 

The keyboard switch is one of the prime options you need to give a serious thought to when picking a mechanical keyboard. Now that Ducky keyboards use Cherry MX switches on most of its keyboards, the following tips should be practical based on your style of typing and usage. 

 – Cherry MX Black 

These switches do not produce tactile or audio feedback. That will mean you will neither feel a bump when you type, nor will you hear any sort of noise. If you are a gamer, you will find the keyboard with Cherry MX Black, one of the best options you would want to go with. 

 – Cherry MX Blue 

You will hear a slight bump and a slight clicking sound when working with these switches. One of the major differences between the Black and Blue switches is that you do not need to bottom out the key in the case of the Cherry MX Black switches. 

 – Cherry MX Brown

These switches are almost similar to Cherry MX Blue, but offer you a much quieter performance. You will get a short travel distance and halfway actuation point similar to Cherry MX Blue, but you will not hear the louder click. If you are working in an office environment, you will find Cherry MX Brown a good choice. 

A Few Good Ducky Keyboards

  1. Ducky Miya Pro Sakura

Equipped with Cherry MX Black key switches, the keyboard is a little lesser-known. Offering a 65% layout, the keyboard can be a name personified for both comfort and compact design. One of the most widely favored 65% mechanical keyboards, you would not necessarily find any issues with it. 

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The phenomenal build quality makes it something you will simply adore. A good sound and feel of the keycaps along with a choice of different themes that you can pick. The unique look and aesthetics should be something that would make the keyboard a wonderful option in the long run. 

  1. Ducky Mecha Mini

The keyboard was adjudged one of the most popular keyboards of the year 2019. Ducky has released a new upgraded version of the keyboard in 2020. The Full aluminum casing construction makes it one of the durable and strongest options you would want to go with. 

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The keyboard features a 60% layout, and the aluminium case should be what would make it a great choice ever. A sleeker design is what would make it appear more aesthetic. The features such as aluminium case, PBT keycaps, and awesome build quality are a few factors that will make it a great choice ever. 

The Closing Thoughts

The discussion above should have provided you enough insight into what makes Ducky keyboards a great choice to go with. It has always been one of the best brands and a beloved one for the gamers in you. The Ducky keyboards are designed to offer you access to a truly superior gaming experience ever. 

The quality construction and the reliability of Cherry MX switches are what would make it one of the enhanced choices ever. You can indeed find it a great choice for almost each of your needs in a perfect gaming service ever.