Keyboard Stabilizers – An Ultimate Guide

When it comes to the use of mechanical keyboards, one of the major components that make the keyboard a formidable choice is the stabiliser used in them. If you are checking out the best possible information on what a stabiliser is and how they work, this post is definitely for you. 

What is a stabiliser?

Without any sort of beating around the bush, let us straightaway move towards explaining what a stabiliser is and how effective it can be in defining the reliability of your mechanical keyboard. 

A Stabiliser is a component of the mechanical keyboard that would help you provide balance to the keys. The stabiliser is designed to keep your keys working effectively and without hassles. It is important to note that stabilisers are not used on all the keys, but only one the larger keys. 

The stabiliser is an essential component of a keyboard and is generally placed under the larger keys. This would include space bar, Shift key, Backspace key and similar other keys. The stabilisers are used to ensure that the keys do not shake, rattle or tilt when you type on them. As the name itself should be indicative, a stabiliser is what would make your keys STABLE. 

Different Types of Stabilisers that you can find

You would find that there are different types of stabilisers that you would find quite exciting and unique in every right. Some salient and popularly used stabilisers would include Cherry style, Costar, and Optical stabilisers. Each of them come with their own features and you would indeed find it a great option in the long run to understand how each of them work.

Cherry Style Stabilisers 

The Cherry Style stabilisers are one of the most commonly used stabilisers ever. They are quite easy and simple to modify and that would make them stand out from the rest. You would find them being made available in different options in terms of styles, colors, and material types.

If you have a mechanical keyboard with the Cherry MX key switches, you can be sure that the keyboards are equipped with the Cherry-style stabilisers. The design of the stabiliser does offer you a Cherry MX style stem and that is exactly why they are called Cherry Style stabilisers. 

Yet another best option that you stand to gain with the Cherry Style stabilisers is that they can be used in different configurations – snap in, screw in and plate mounting. 

Optical Stabilisers 

The Optical style stabilisers come with special usage pattern with the Optical switches. They may ideally be found on the Razer range of mechanical keyboards. The Razer Huntsman Mini is perhaps one of the most commonly used options. 

The switch stabilisers come with a simple and easy to find appearance. They simply look like a small clip and you would find it sitting under your key caps. The stabiliser simply sticks over the switch. The toughest option that would make it a complicated choice is the fact that that cannot be easily modified. It is, however, possible to use lubricant to dampen the sound and vibration options. 

You would perhaps find that the Optical stabilisers can be a little ratting in nature. 

Costar Stabilisers 

Costar stabilisers are perhaps one of the key switch stabilisers that you would perhaps find quite rarely enough. They are ideally observed on the older mechanical keyboards. While it may be quite rare to find them in recent times, there are a few keyboards that utilise the stabilisers. 

The application area of the stabilisers is quite a difficult task. They do not fit on the key switches properly, but they would ideally be connected only snugly. That can be quite annoying and at times, a little confusing. The key switch stabilises can be integrated with the keycaps and may not be much easy to use. In fact, if you tend to remove the keycaps and stabilisers quite frequently for cleaning and lubricating the keyboard, you would find that it is quite a tough task to fit them back. 

Yet another difficult option with the stabilizers is that they can be quite difficult to mod. You would also find that it may also be a truly tougher choice to mod the keyboard. 

They can only be good only if you want to install them and not be worried about them anymore. They are quite affordable to use and come with a very decent performance and efficiency. In case you are someone who tends to open and service your keyboards much often, these stabilisers may not be the right one to go with. 

Different Sizes of stabilisers that You Would Need to Pick

The size of the stabilisers you choose would largely be based on the keyboard layout that you are on. You would ideally find the mechanical keyboards come with three different sizes for the stabilisers – 7u, 6.25u, and 2u. 

In the above measurement, you would find that u is equivalent to the width of one keycap. Thee size of the stabiliser would largely be dependent on the type of the key switch you are on. Under ideal conditions, you would use five stabilisers on a standard keyboard. The typical sizes for the stabilisers would include left and right shift keys, spacebar key, Backspace key, and Enter key. 

Here are the proper measurements under the standard arrangement:

Key Standard Stabilizer Size
Left shift key 2u stabilizer
Backspace Key 2u stabilizer
Enter Key 2u stabilizer
Right shift key 2u stabilizer
Spacebar 6.25u or 7u stabilizer

Here are the different stabilizers that would work effectively with the different keyboard formats – 

For 60%, 75% and TKL keyboards 

Key Minimum Stabilizer Size
Left shift key 2u stabilizer
Backspace Key 2u stabilizer
Enter Key 2u stabilizer
Right shift key 2u stabilizer
Spacebar 6.25u or 7u stabilizer

For Full sized keyboard and 1800 Compact keyboards 

Key Minimum Stabilizer Size
Left shift key 2u stabilizer
Backspace Key 2u stabilizer
Enter Key 2u stabilizer
Right shift key 2u stabilizer
Spacebar 6.25u or 7u stabilizer
0 on Numpads key 2u stabilizer
Plus on Numpads key 2u stabilizer
Enter on NumpadsKey 2u stabilizer


Different Installation Options for the Keyboard stabilisers 

You would ideally find that the stabilisers on the mechanical keyboard come with three different mounting techniques. Please note that the discussion here is all about the Cherry Style stabilisers. 

Plate Mounted stabilisers 

The plate mounted stabilisers are one of the most commonly used options ever. This construction involves the attachment of the stabiliser right on the plate. That may not be the right choice and may not provide you the vibration minimisation. However, you would be able to make the relevant adjustments and modifications on the stabilisers. 

Screw in Stabilisers 

The screw in stabiliser has been one of the most unique options for an enhanced experience when it comes to an efficient stabiliser ever. The removal or minimisation of the vibration can definitely be one of the best options on the stabiliser. The ease of fixing the stabiliser can definitely make it one of the unique options. You would find that it does provide you access to a huge degree of efficiency in minimising the vibration to a greater level. They can be one of the choicest options for ensuring the best custom built keyboards. 

Snap In stabiliser 

The snap in stabiliser is the third most commonly used installation methods on the Cherry style stabilisers. But, it may not be as efficient as the screw in stabiliser installation methods. However, when you look at the plate mounted stabilisers, you would find that this one is a good option in the long run. Once again, this installation method is not observed to be much common. You would find the option on most of the custom keyboards. 

Which Brands Make the Cherry Style Stabilisers

Given the fact that it is quite common to find the Cherry Style stabiliser quite frequently, we thought of listing out a few brands that you would find quite innovative in manufacturing the Cherry style stabilisers. 


GMK is one of the most popular brands that are involved in manufacturing Cherry style stabilisers. It has been observed that the GMK keyboards come with a specifically great quality in term of the best Cherry style manufacturing. You would find that a host of keyboard manufacturers come with the stabilisers equipped with the GMK stabilisers. 

Durock Stabilisers 

This has been one of the most important and widely used keyboard stabilisers that you would find really unique. You will find them in a very affordable pricing ever. The stabilisers can be availed in different shapes and sizes. One of the most unique options that you would find quite unique would include the gold plate. That will improve and increase the aesthetics of the keyboards that you are on. 


The ZealPC stabilisers have been observed to be quite expensive. Once again, you would find that these stabilisers come with gold plating and that would make it a very formidable choice ever. Yet another best feature that you would find quite interesting can include he availability in screw in type alone. It should be much easy to buy them from the official website. 


These stabilisers too are available in the screw-style stabilizers construction. You would also find them in a very affordable pricing which further makes it one of the unique options just like ZealPC. Only difference is that they are made available at an affordable price than the ZealPC. 

The Closing Thoughts 

If you are looking to buy a mechanical keyboard, it is always essential and important to focus on the stabiliser style used on the keyboard. We would recommend using the Cherry style keyboard stabiliser as one of the preferred options. That way, you would find that it is much easier and simple to go with the right use of the stabiliser.