10 Best Prank Links to Send to Friends {Keyboard Based Pranks Included} – 2022

Pranks are great ways to have fun with friends and family. It can be of various types whether it can be an offline prank or online prank or something of a different sort. Today, In this article, on which is a keyboard blog, I am going to share some of the best prank links to send to friends (Keyboard based), and also to play pranks with them. 


Best, Funny, and Geeky Prank Links to Send to Friends

Make the Space Key of Your Keyboard Type “SPACE”

We all know that when we press Space key, it gives a space there, but what if it types the text “space”? Isn’t it an amazing prank to play with your friends? Let’s see how we can do.

All you need to do is to create an AutoHotKey script which will have the code is shown in red below



Once created, compile it to make it executable. Now, put it on your friend’s computer’s desktop, and launch it. And, let your friend start working on his computer. Whenever he will hit the space button, rather than showing a space, it will type the text “SPACE”.

This is probably the best Keyboard based prank link that you can try out.

Turn the Keyboard Layout To DVORAK

You must have read about the Keyboards layouts. What we generally use is the QWERTY layout keyboards, and there is DVORAK layout as well which even many tech guys are not familiar with. So, this prank can screw even the geeks.

All you have to do is to turn the keyboard layout to DVORAK, and for this, you have to go to Control Panel >> Region and Language >> Keyboards >> Change keyboards, then click the Add button. Now, pick the Dvorak layout

That’s it. Now, let your friends work on his computer, and enjoy. Whatever your friend will type will be typed differently as per DVORAK layout, and he will surely be pissed off, and may not understand what is actually going on.  This is one of those Geeky prank links that you can use to prank your friends to piss them off completely.

​​Add Funny Words to Autocomplete

You must know about MS Word’s Dictionary and Autocomplete features. Right? Generally, it autocompletes when we type anything wrong. It is taken from the general dictionary of MS Word. 

But, you can just change something to something else in the autocorrect feature, and then whenever that particular word is typed, MS word will autocorrect it to that word/phrase that you set.

For example, if you change “Lowell” to “Lowell is a jerk” then whenever you type Lowell, it will autocorrect it to Lowel is a jerk.

Isn’t it amazing?

You can try to add such funny and hilarious yet nasty words/phrases for general words and let your friends type. He will surely be pissed off.

To set this, go to the Office button >> Options >> Proofing >> AutoCorrect Options, and do the needful as shown in the screenshot above.

Hacker Typer

Hacker Typer is a website on which when you start typing it will automatically type codes in a way that it looks like you are typing codes faster like a hacker of Hollywood movies. It will make you look cool, and anyone can be fooled by this.

Geek Typer

Geek Typer is m pretty much like Hacker Typer with some different features. You can enjoy fooling your friends or colleagues around by typing on it, which will make you look like a geeky hacker.

These 5 are the best keyboard-based pranks that you can play with your friends. Now, let me share a few Prank links to send to friends.

  • Cat Facts: Cat facts is a service where you can subscribe to your friend’s phone number, and he will get cat facts everyday. It is paid service though.
  • Fart Attack: Fart Attack is a chrome extension that if you install on your friend’s Google Chrome, it will turn his clicks on buttons/links into a fart. That means, whenever he clicks on a button/link, there will be a fart sound.
  • ShitExpress: This is an amazing prank link to send to friends to help them play prank with anyone as this website offers to order any animal’s poop and get that delivered to someone you want to play prank with.
  • Shady URL: This is a link shortener service but it makes the shortened link look shady and spammy. So this way you can play pranks with anyone.
  • GreatBigStuff: This is a prank website link that you can use to order something in an unusual size and deliver it to your friends to troll them.

Final Words

I hope you like the prank ideas I have shared in this article. Although you can play pranks with your friends directly or you can send these prank links to friends to help them play pranks with others.