Outemu Blue Switches – Are They Worthy of Investing?

When you buy a keyboard, every aspect of the keyboard would ideally assume a lot of essence and importance. The key switches used on the keyboard should be one of the primary aspects that you would want to consider seriously. If you are on a budget keyboard, most possibly, you will get a keyboard with the cheaper switches such as Outemu Switches. 

So, among the Outemu switches, the Outemu Blue switches have been one of the prominent options in the long run. So, are Outemu Blue switches are any good? We will undertake a review and will also examine the other variants from Outemu switches. 

Are Outemu Blue switches good? If you are buying a budget keyboard, the Outemu Blue switches should be the best option and can be a great alternative to Cherry MX Switches. They may not last as long as the Cherry MX switches, but do pay off well enough, given their price.

What are Outemu Switches?

To begin with, Outemu switches are the clone switches that copy the design of Cherry MX switches and are manufactured in China. Cherry, as you may be aware, is a German switch manufacturer and has been a powerful name in the realm of the key switches on a mechanical keyboard. In essence, they held the sway and complete patent over the mechanical key switches. 

When the duration of the patent expired, there was a slew of clone switches, a few of them being Outemu. Gateron and Kailh. The clone switches such as Outemu added a degree of affordability to the mechanical keyboards industry. Since the original Cherry MX switches were expensive, the budget buyers had practically no option of buying one. The clone switches solved the issue as manufacturers could now come up with cheaper mechanical keyboards

Are Outemu Switches Any Good?

The Outer switches are primarily observed on the budget keyboards. They have been rated to be the cheapest mechanical key switches. However, despite the price, you would find them offering decent performance and experience. 

The build quality and other specifications of the Outemu switches are much impressive. The only issue you are likely to come across when opting for an Outemu key switch is that they may be a little rattly and shaky operation. You will not find that the components of the switches are not precisely tolerant, and that can be one of the reasons why Outemu switches feel pretty shaky. 

Yet another issue that you are likely to face with the Outemu switches would be that they do not offer you the kind of durability found on the Cherry MX or other high-end switches. For example, they are not tested for 100 million key presses, as in the case of the Cherry MX switches. 

The best Outemu switch that you can go with is the Outemu Blue switch, while the other variants may not be at par with the industry standard. 

Outemu Blue Switch – An Overview

The Outemu Blue Switches have been one of the highly-rated switches from the brand. The Blue switches have been used on most inexpensive keyboards and have proved their essence with a huge degree of performance improvement. 

The Switch Type 

Outemu Blue switches belong to the clicky variety of key switches. That would make their actuation force to be around 60 cN. The key switch will make an audible noise. This can be a great option as it would help you avoid typos and other errors. The key switch is also a little heavier, and that actuation point may be a little lower. The total travel distance would also be much higher. 

May not be good for the office use 

The Outemu Blue switch makes a lot of noise, and may not be the right choice for bringing it in an office environment. The loud noise may distract other staff in an office environment. However, it can be a good choice for home-based usage. 

Typing or Gaming? 

The Outemu Blue switch may be an excellent choice for your needs in typing. The clicky nature of the key switches makes it much easier to type and avoid typos. However, if you are a gamer and looking to use the Outemu Blue switches for your gaming needs, it may not be a worthy option. You may not be able to press the keys faster, and that may be something that you would not be comfortable within a gaming scenario. 

Hand size suitability 

The Outemu Blue switches do come with decent spring resistance. That can make it a good option for those of you with lead fingers. If you are someone with large hands, the key switch would be better suited for heavy key presses. The Outemu Blues may not be a great option for those with small hands.

Other Outemu Switches that you would want to know about?

Apart from Outemu Blue, the brand also manufactures a wide range of other switches. 

The list here should provide you with a bird’s eye view of the keyboards manufactured by Outemu: 

Switch Type  Switch Type  Actuation Force Travel Distance
Blue Clicky 60g 4mm
Brown Tactile 55g 4mm
Red Linear 50g 4mm
Black Linear 65g 4mm

Let us explore the other Outemu switches in a little more detail. 

Outemu Brown Switches 

After the Outemu Blue, the Outemu Brown switch is yet another great option for getting access to an enhanced degree of experience and has been a favorite with the consumers. The Outemu Brown switch is best suited for both typing and gaming. 

The Outemu Brown switch belongs to the tactile type of switches and provides you access to a decent key registration. The type can be a good option as it will let the user know when a key has actually been pressed. The Outemu Brown switch can be pretty noisy. That would perhaps make the switch not suitable for an office environment. However, it can be a good option for home usage alone. 

As for the hand size, the Outemu Brown switches would be suitable for anyone with any hand type.  The operation may be a little high or heavy. Once again, the Outemu Brown switches are great for typing and gaming alike. The keys won’t be mistyped in most situations.

Outemu Red Switches

If you are someone who has a lighter touch and looking for the faster movement. The Outemu Red switches are light and easy to work with. The Outemu red switches belong to the linear category and do not produce a huge sound. That would make them an excellent option for the quieter environments.  

Being a linear switch, it does produce no sound and no heavy movement. If you are looking at the speed and accuracy, you will find that the Outemu red switch is at par with Chery MX switches. The quiet performance would make these switches a great choice for use in an office environment. However, if you are someone who looks for an effective bottoming out, the switch may not be the right one for you. 

As for the hand size, the Outemu red switches are a good one to go with those who tend to type lightly. That would perhaps make them a great choice for those with small hands. However, even those with big hands, but tend to type lightly can get adjusted to the Outemu Red switches.

Outemu Black Switches 

In case you searching for a budget linear switch with a heavy press, the Outemu Black should be the switch to go with. Akin to Outemu Red switches, the Outemu Black switches would be what would make it one of the excellent options. 

The switch does not make any huge noise and thus should be a great option for a quieter environment. Operating at an actuating force of 65 cN, the switch would need you to press a little more challenging. The switch type is linear and does not produce any heavy noise as such. That would ideally make it one of the best choices for the office environment. 

If you are into heavy-handed typing, the Outemu Black switches should be an ideal option. However, it may not be a good option for those of you who have small hands. The Outemu Black switches can be a good option for both typing and gaming alike. The linear design should definitely make it a great option for efficient gaming and other typing needs.

Outemu Blue Switches v Cherry MX Blue Switches – A comparison

Outemu Blue switches can be a great option as an alternative to Cherry MX Blue switches. It can be a great option for a budget mechanical keyboard. The Cherry MX Blue switches are considered to be a great option when you compare it to the Outemu Blue switches. 

Cherry MX Blue Switches

  • Clicky and tactile switch
  • Actuation force 0.50N
  • Tactile force 0.60N
  • 2.2 mm actuation distance
  • 4 mm travel distance

Outemu Blue Switches 

  • Clicky and tactile switch
  • Actuation force 0.60N
  • 4 mm travel distance

The Final Words 

Albeit a Cherry MX clone, the Outemu switches have been rated an excellent option for most typing and gaming needs. The Outemu Blue switches have been rated to be a great option in terms of durability, price and performance. Of course, they may not be a great option compared to the Cherry MX switches, but they offer a very decent performance.