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How to Reduce Keyboard Noise When Streaming?

Reducing Keyboard Noise when streaming is easy and can be done in various ways such as:

  • Position your microphone properly
  • Choose a silent keyboard {Quiet Keyboard List}
  • Adjust your keyboard settings
  • Appropriate changes in your software settings

Using these fixes, you can surely reduce keyboard noise while you are streaming. Moreover, there are many things you should know related to this topic, and a few keyboard lists I have to share with you as well that are good for streamers. So, continue reading.

If you are a streamer or a YouTuber, you might possibly have faced one of the unique issues when streaming your content. Your microphone may be picking up the keyboard noise and create a little annoyance for your audience. This can ideally be the case with YouTube, Discord, and Zoom. When you hear the background noise, it can prove to be one of the excellent options. 

Have you ever felt quite annoyed when you listen to the unwanted background noise through the mic when you are watching a streaming session? Then you can imagine the situation that your audience may have to come across if you are one of the culprits who may be giving rise to such a situation. 

So, how can you reduce keyboard noise when streaming? Let us explore a few of the options from this perspective and check out a few best keyboards for streaming. 


How to Reduce Keyboard Noise When Streaming? 

You can put to use several ways if you are looking to reduce keyboard noise when streaming. You can employ the right options according to your preferences and the exact resolution you are looking forward to. 

Fix 1: Position your microphone properly 

Repositioning your microphone should be the best option to help you reduce keyboard noise when streaming. It may be a good idea to make use of the unidirectional and cardboard-based microphone to get the best positioning.

The modern day microphones come with a switch that assists you in changing the positioning rather easily. 

Fix 2: Choose a silent keyboard

You can choose a silent keyboard that can get the work done and assist you in how to reduce keyboard noise when streaming. Mechanical keyboards are designed with a switch that provides you with a unique feel of typing on the keys. But, that can create a lot of noise. It may be a good idea to check out the options for a few good quietest mechanical keyboards that can help you achieve more positive results. 

We will check out a few good keyboards for streaming in the later sections of this post. 

Fix 3: Adjust your Mechanical keyboard settings 

Suppose you are not willing to spend money unnecessarily on a new silent mechanical keyboard. In that case, you can perhaps apply a few other options to adjust your keyboard to have less ambient noise. A few DIY options can get the task done, and you can apply a few good options to make the keyboard quieter. 

One of the best ideas you may opt for would be to install O rings or silicone rings on the switches, thereby reducing the unwanted sound. The o rings are specially designed to provide you with one of the excellent options in controlling the ambient or background noise. Make sure that you choose the right side of the O rings as per your keyboard model. 

Fix 4: Make the appropriate changes in your software settings

The next best option is to use a software solution or setting to make the appropriate changes to your keyboard noise. Editing the settings should never be a huge concern on Windows or even on a few software such as Discord. You can apply the relevant changes in software settings and reduce the background noise from the microphone. 

Using a pop filter can also be helpful in effectively reducing the keyboard noise when streaming. This can be an efficient solution to reduce the microphone noise to an extreme level possible. 

5 Best Keyboards for Streaming – A Reliable List of Options

 Well, like we already stated above, one of the best means of reducing keyboard noise when streaming is to use a silent mechanical keyboard. Let us now check out a few great options that can be helpful in getting access to one of the premium experiences ever. 

  1. Corsair K70

This one has been one of the primary keyboards for streaming and has been used by several streamers around the globe. A high quality mechanical keyboard with an outstanding durability is what would ideally make it a great choice to go with. Equipped with the silent Cherry MX Red Switches, the keyboard provides you a superior and outstanding experience ever. 

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One of the most preferred keyboards for gaming, it is also designed to provide you access to one of the strongest constructions ever. The strong and sturdy aluminum base construction makes up for most of its build quality. Having said that, what makes it the best keyboard for streaming is the use of Cherry MX Red switches. The linear switches are the ideal ones for the streamers out there. The other functionalities that should make it a reliable option can include an anodized aluminium frame and a full RGB backlighting. The perfect media control option can also be a great option for the streamers. 

The Corsair K70 keyboard comes with a media wheel and USB Passthrough feature with which you would be able to connect the peripherals quite easily. 


  • Full-sized mechanical keyboard 
  • The best quality Cherry MX red switches
  • An effective storage profile for gamers out there 
  • Customizable RGB backlighting 


  • The stabilizer design may not be up to the mark

  1.  Razer Ornata Chroma

The Razer Ornata Chroma is equipped with the Quiet keys for effective streaming. The hybrid keyboard should be one of the rewarding experiences ever for most of your ideal experiences. The reasonable pricing of the keyboard should further make it one of the most reliable keyboards for streaming. 

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The keyboard does not belong to the Mechanical keyboard genre. It is a keyboard with a membrane but provides you access to a mechanical feel. That is exactly what makes it a hybrid keyboard of a sort. You can experience tactile feedback that may be observed on a mechanical keyboard in addition to the soft touch and quiet performance of a membrane keyboard. The keyboard also features a thick cushioned wrist rest that can be detached rather easily. That can make it a great choice for your longer sessions at gaming, and the quieter performance makes it best suited for streaming your games. 

The keyboard is fully programmable, and this is what should provide you with one of the outstanding experiences ever. You can comfortably set up macros, spells, and actions as comfortably as you would want to. 


  • An attractive pricing 
  • The best in-game performance
  • A great RGB backlighting 


  • The features are a little limited 

  1. SteelSeries Apex Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

One of the best options for the fastest keyboard experience, the keyboard comes with adjustable actuation switches. That can be a great way to gain a high degree of excellent performance. The OLED Smart Display on the keyboard is one of the strongest factors in its favor. The easy customization of the operations further makes it a reliable keyboard for streaming. 

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You can get access to the clickable metal roller and the media keys, which can go a long way in assisting you in properly adjusting the keyboard settings and media control. The high end durability offered by the aircraft-grade aluminium alloy construction can be the right choice for a higher durability and stability. The magnetic wrist rest is yet another thoughtful addition on the keyboard. A great feeling provided by the best feedback is yet another great factor that you would find likable on the keyboard. 

The programmable macros and several other features would make it a great choice for both streaming and gaming. The adaptable backlighting will further sum up the best features offered by the keyboard. 


  • High end mechanical switches 
  • A durable construction
  • Dedicated multimedia keys 
  • Programmable macros 


  • A little clunky to use 

  1. Corsair K95 Keyboard 

The  Corsair K95 RGB Platinum keyboard should be one of the primary options for your streaming requirements. Once again, this is a keyboard specifically designed for the gamers out there, but should be a good one for the streamers as well. The Corsair K95 is known for the best RGB backlighting functionality making it one of the most preferred keyboards ever. 

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The keyboard does impress lookswise and offers you a huge degree of aesthetics. You would almost feel that the keyboard is made for streaming activities. The easy-to-use media keys and programmability are a couple of other features that should make it one of the highly reliable keyboards for the programmers as well. The seamless transition between productivity and gaming should be what would further make it an extremely reliable option ever. 

The powerful and beautiful aluminium frame provides you a huge degree of durability. The storage for macros can be yet another productivity centric feature that can make it one of the best keyboards for streaming. 


  • The handy and powerful media keys 
  • A great build with aluminium
  • The Cherry MX switches quality 
  • Reversible wrist rest 


  • No option for audio passthrough 

  1. Razer Huntsman Elite

The Razer Huntsman is a great series when it comes to outstanding keyboards, and the Razer Huntsman Elite definitely lives up to the expectations with an outstanding experience ever. This is one of the best gaming keyboards currently available and should suit the streamers as well quite efficiently. 

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The keyboard is both quieter and faster, and that should be one of the prominent options for providing you access to one of the best experiences in your streaming requirements. The adaptable and accurate actuation of the keys ensures that you have a high degree of accuracy in your streaming, typing, and gaming. That should perhaps make it one of the excellent choices as an all rounder keyboard. 

The keyboard is known for good feedback, which should ideally make it a stronger contender for an efficient streaming. The comfortable wrist rest should further sum up the outstanding features offered by the keyboard. 


  • A fastest key actuation experience 
  • The perfect hybrid switches 
  • The easy to understand media controls 
  • Per key RGB backlighting 


  • No dedicated Macro keys 
  • Software is inconsistent 

Why is a Keyboard Important for a Streamer?

 The keyboard is quite important for a streamer as it lets them make use of the best streaming and gaming. If you are a gamer who prefers streaming your gaming to the world to see, this one can be one of the excellent options that should provide you an enhanced streaming experience. Streamers need to type away frequently on the keyboard, and choosing the right keyboard helps them get access to a better degree of experience. 

Here are a few factors that would make a good keyboard for streaming:

  • A good look: The keyboard used by a streamer needs to have a good aesthetic and looks. However, it should not be too flashy to invite criticism. The keyboard should also fit within your décor or set up 
  • Availability of custom and macro keys: The availability of custom and macro keys should be yet another factor that you may need to look for in your choice of a good keyboard for streaming. The programmable functions on a keyboard are extremely important for a streamer and a gamer. 
  • Quieter switches: The quieter or silent switches on the keyboard should be yet another basic feature you may need to pay enough attention to. A loud typing when streaming is not something that you would prefer under ideal conditions. A louder keyboard can be quite distracting both for you and your audience alike.

The Final Words 

If you are into streaming, it is extremely important to pay enough attention to make sure that your keyboard is not much louder. Making sure that you have learned how to reduce keyboard noise when streaming can be helpful in providing you a wholehearted experience in achieving more positive results. While you have several options that can be helpful in reducing the keyboard noise, it may equally be important to pay good attention to find the best keyboards for streaming, 

We assume the best choice of the right keyboards for streaming featured in this compilation should prove to be much handy for your needs and expectations. Check out the top-end keyboards outlined here and get access to one of the most rewarding experiences ever.