What Size O-Rings for Keyboard?

Bottoming out in a keyboard can be an issue and this causes the clacking sound. O ring sound dampeners can be one of the excellent options that can prove to be one of the excellent options to help you get access to a far more degree of performance enhancement in terms of reducing the unwanted noise. 

What is O-ring on a Mechanical Keyboard?

The name itself should let you understand it. The o rings used on a mechanical keyboard are a O-shaped rings that are made of rubber. These O rings are placed or inserted on the stem of your keycaps. Thus, they will change the feel of the keypresses to a considerable extent. 

Depending on the size and hardness of the O-ring you use, there will be a considerable extent of experience in terms of the feel. There are several levels of hardness options and you can get access to a good degree of sound reduction The ideal hardness levels used are 40A, 45A, and 70A, and are made available in different sizes as well. 

What Do O-Rings Do Keyboard?

O rings on a keyboard are essentially used for reducing the audible “clackiness” of your keyboard. The O rings on a keyboard will significantly improve the feel when typing or clicking on the keyboard. When you type, the mechanical keyboard does make a certain sort of noise. The rubber O-rings reduce this noise so that you will get access to a good degree of a comfortable typing experience. 

The sound on a mechanical keyboard may be generated due to several reasons. A clicky switch can generate an audible and unpleasant noise. In any case, the use of O rings will invariably be dependent on your personal perceptions. The O rings effectively reduce the travel distance of the keys. This can consistently change the way a full keypress will feel and how does the keyboard emits the sound. The keycap plastic will now NOT hit the plastic of the key switch plastic. With the O rings, you will get access to softer sound than the sound produced when plastic hits plastic. 

The major benefits observed with the use of the O rings on a keyboard would be that it will improve and enhance your typing experience to a considerable extent. 

What Size O-Rings for the Keyboard Should You Opt For?

The size of the O ring you would use on the keyboard will be dependent on a wide range of factors and experiences. Before you make use of the O rings on a keyboard, do notice that the O rings will assist you in terms of bottoming out, but it will not make your keyboard silent. If you are looking for the truly quietest keyboard, you would need to go specifically with the specific keyboards. 

A few of the o rings used on a mechanical keyboard can include:

  • 40A rated O rings and 1.5 mm thickness: These are made of softer materials. They will provide you a longer keypress and a softer feeling. 
  • 40A rated O rings and 2.5 mm thickness: These will come with a softer feel and a short keypress. These are made from a softer material 
  • 70A rated O rings and 1.5 mm thickness: These O rings are made from harder materials. They can provide a harder feel and  a longer keypress 
  • 70A rated and 2.5 mm thickness: They are made from the harder material. They will also offer you a harder feel and a shorter keypress.

The O rings with 1.5 to 2 mm thickness can be one of the excellent options for reducing the impact resulting from bottoming out. This will also help you minimize the reduction in travel distance. 

The O rings above 3 mm thickness can be yet another prime option for those of you who are extreme typists ever. 

Best Keyboard O-Rings You Can Choose

Equipped with the knowledge of the best O rings and how effective that can be one of the excellent options for improving the performance of your keyboards, let us check out the best keyboards rings you can opt for. 

Cherry MX Rubber O-Ring Switch Dampeners

The keyboard rings can be one of the excellent options for the best keyboard O rings. The Blue colored O ring can be one of the quick options for dampening the sound. It comes with a 40A rating and a 0.4 mm reduction.


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The  O ring provides access to a softer landing and a greater degree of shock absorption. The shock reduction of finger fatigue. The O rings are made of EPDM rubber which is one of the exciting options for cracking and tearing. 

Captain O-Ring

The Captain O ring can be one of the excellent options providing you access to an enhanced and extremely wonderful option for keyboard rings and switch dampeners. The O rings come with a 40A rating and 0.4 mm reduction. 

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It offers you a minimized finger fatigue and also improves the keyboard sound level to a considerable extent. High-quality EPDM rubber resists the cracking and tearing issues if any. The package comes with the 135 O rings. 

How to Install O-ring Dampeners on the Keyboard?

If you are looking to install o rings on your mechanical keyboard, you need to have a few specific tools with you. Installing a keyboard ring should rather be much easier with the right kind of tools. 

The tools required for Installing O rings :

  • A keycap puller. 
  • Your preferred O rings.

Here are the steps involved in installing O-ring dampeners on your keyboard: 

Step 1: 

Use a Keycap puller and remove the keycap. Make sure that you have taken enough care in removing the keycap and switch carefully. 

Photo: Geekhack

If you are looking to apply O  rings on all your keys, it would be advisable to take a photo so that you will be able to replace the keycaps in the right sequence. 

Step 2: 

Remove the dust and other particles from the keyboard. If you have a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment, you can easily clean it carefully and wisely. 

Step 3: 

Turn the keycap around and place the O ring onto the round stem in the middle of the keycap. You need not push it to the base. The O ring should be getting back to the position when you push the keycap into its place. 

Photo: JP – clipping Path

Step 4: 

Replace the keycaps back into place. Make sure that you have followed the same layout when refitting the keycaps. You can check the image you might have taken before removing the keycaps. 

That does it and you have successfully added up the keyboard ring. 

Pros and Cons of O-Ring Dampeners on a Keyboard

Now that you have understood how effective an O ring can be in improving the performance of your keyboard, here are a few of the Pros and Cons you need to give serious thought to. 

  • O rings can be an excellent option to silence your keyboard. 
  • They are offered in bulk and you would not face any issue with respect to losing any of them 
  • It will reduce the typing fatigue consistently 
  • A consistent typing experience. 
  • The O rings can make the keys feel a little mushy.
  • O rings may not fit based on your keyboard profile. 

The Bottom Line

Using O rings on a keyboard can prove to be a great option to help you reduce the unwanted sound on your keyboard. When compared to the other silencing methods, using an O ring or keyboard ring should be a wiser decision in more ways than one. To begin with, it is the cheapest option for the purpose and should provide you with an easier and better option for the purpose. 

In case you are checking out the best options for dampening the sound produced by the keyboard without the need to break your bank, the use of O rings should be one of the exceptional choices ever. 

FAQs on O-Rings

Do O rings make the keyboard quieter?

Yes, O rings can be the best option to quiet your mechanical keyboard. They can act as shock absorbers and help you reduce the sound of the keys and key presses. Do not, however, that that can only reduce the bottom out the sound of the keyboard. 

Do O rings Make a Difference?

O rings can make a difference and can be one of the excellent options for reducing the sound of the keys and key presses. Based on the type of the keyboard used, it should help you reduce the vibration caused by the keyboard as well. They have also been found to be effective in reducing the hollow sound produced by the whole keyboard. 

Do O Rings Affect Performance?

Ideally speaking, the O rings should not cause any severe effect on the performance of the keyboard. Under most of the normal situations, you will find that using an o ring can definitely help you improve the performance of the keys and key presses. 

How do I use O rings on my keyboard?

Using O rings on a keyboard includes several steps and tools. You should ideally remove the keycaps with the help of a keycap puller, clean the keycaps and switches beneath them, and insert the o rings to the stem of the keycaps. Make sure that you have picked the O rings depending on the exact requirements you may have in terms of dampening the keyboard noise. 

Are O-rings good for gaming?

The use of O rings can be a great asset for improved gaming efficiency. But, it would solely be dependent on the exact type of keyboard rings you have opted for. The thinnest and softest O rings can be a good option for lighter or linear switches. Low profile keyboards will work best with the thinnest o Rings of 1.5 mm thickness.