The Best Linear Switches For Mechanical Keyboard

The Mechanical keyboards have come a long way. Irrespective of whether you are a gamer or any other professional, you would find the mechanical keyboards to be a great option by almost every count. The mechanical keyboards come with excellent responsiveness, durability, and versatility. In case you are a professional typist, you would find that it offers you access to a greater degree of performance with a smoother and seamless typing experience ever. If you are looking for the best linear switches, the list here should prove to be extremely handy enough. 


What are Linear Switches?

The Linear switches are the quieter switch varieties and have been rated to be the smoothest switches ever. The switches provide you with a smooth actuation without any kind of tactile feedback. You are expected to push them really down for actuating the switch and registering your keypress. 

In case you are not comfortable with the sound produced by the clicky switches or the tactile bump offered by the tactile switches, the Linear switches are one of the excellent options that you would find quite impressive. 

How Can You Identify a Linear Switch?

There are several options that can be helpful in letting you identify a linear switch. The prime factors that would differentiate a linear switch from the other switches can be sound and tactility. 

The Sound 

Linear switches tend to be smoother and silent. They do not produce any sort of louder sound. Clicky switches can be loud and bumpy, while the tactile switches can be quite bumpy and can be quite quiet. 

The Tactility 

The linear switch does not come with any sort of tactile bump. If you do not get any sort of tactile bump on pressing the key switch, it should be the linear switch. The linear switches bottom out when you tap on them. There is never a bump experienced on them. 

The Best Linear Switches for Mechanical Keyboards

Having understood what makes the linear switches a great option, it may be a worthy option to check a few best linear switches for your mechanical keyboard

  1. Cherry MX Speed Silver

The Cherry MX Speed Silver is what would make them the best linear switches for gaming. The Speed Silver switch offers you a  consistent and smoother actuation. This should invariably make it a highly formidable key switch that you would want to go with. 

The switch comes with a short actuation distance, and this can be useful in a faster actuation. Since the fast-paced games need you to be faster with your keypresses, the Cherry MX Speed Silver switches should be what would provide you more positive results ever. 

However, if you are into a lot of typing, the Cherry MX Speed Silver Switches may not be the right ones to go with. The shorter travel distance can result in an uncomfortable typing for longer periods of time. 

  1. Cherry MX Red

The Cherry MX red Switches do not need any introduction. They have been rated to be the most popular linear switches that you would ever find. In fact, these switches are known for providing you with the best value for money proposition. The 45 grams of force required for the actuation should ideally make it a great option for a good linear switch options. 

The switches are tested at 100 million key presses. They also have a silver variant that offers you even quieter performance. The modest pricing and a high-quality check should be a few of the features that you would find quite exemplary in most of the scenarios. If you are looking forward to a fast-paced typing and clicking, the Cherry MX reds should be the ultimate option that you should opt for. 

  1. Gateron Yellow

If you are checking out the options for the best budget linear switches, the Gateron range of switches can come in quite handy. Among the Gateron linear switches, the Gateron Yellow should be the perfect budget switch that you would want to opt for. 

Despite being best budget keyboard switches options, they do maintain quality and have been observed to be made available in a high quality workmanship. The medium level of resistance and the ease of use should ideally make it a great option for those among you who have not yet used linear switches. The switches have a slightly smaller stem size and thus offer you a very smoother typing experience. In fact, Gateron does provide you access to a series of linear switches that include Red, Yellow, and Black linear switches. You can pick from among the best budget keyboard switches options available from Gateron

  1. NovelKeys Cream

The key switches are lesser-known, but they do offer you a great sound performance. In fact, the switches have become popular only recently. The bassy sound when bottoming out has been considered to be quite unique in its own right. In fact, they have been rated to be the best sounding keyboard switch options ever by most of the users. You would find them to be the best switches for a custom keyboard.


One of the stronger points in favour of the NovelKeys Cream switches lies in the fact that they have a POM plastic design which makes them aesthetically unique and great in their own right. That should be one of the prime features that would make every keyboard enthusiast go excited. Do note that these key switches do not come pre-installed on any keyboard, but you need to install them separately. The key switches have been known to be a great option for custom keyboards. 

  1. Cherry MX Black

The Cherry MX Black switches have been known for the best possible durability that they offer you. The black switches from Cherry MX are known for outstanding performance in terms of extremely durable, consistent, and all-around great switches. 

The switches do offer you a great feeling but can feel a little scratchy at times. That can perhaps reduce the feeling of using a linear switch. The Cherry MX Black switches have been known to be vintage switches because of the original tooling that was used in manufacturing them. 

  1. Gateron Ink Black

The Gateron Ink Black switches have been known well enough for the best smoother feel offered by them. In fact, they are known to have the smoothest feel ever. These have been the widely popular switches and that should perhaps explain why it makes them the most popular choice ever. You would find them being manufactured with different varieties of plastics making them all the more powerful and unique. 

The increased smoothness levels on the Gateron Ink Black switches should be what makes them a perfect choice for those who value extra ease of typing. That apart, you would also find the switch offering you a very decent and simple look and aesthetics. It should be noticed that the key switches need to be installed by yourself and they do not come with a pre-installed keyboard option. 

Why Should You Go With a Linear Switch?

There can be several reasons why you would want to go with the linear switches. The primary reason that you would want to opt for a linear switch would be that they offer you a very smooth and comfortable feeling when using them. However, it may be necessary to pay attention to a few prime factors before you can switch to a linear switch. 

If you have been using the tactile switches, changing over to the linear switches can prove to be a slightly tougher choice It would come with a slightly steeper learning curve and may feel a little uncomfortable. Once you get used to the feeling, they can become extremely comfortable. 

Using linear switches for gaming can be a good idea. They can provide you a slightly better edge over the opponents in competitive gameplay. 

What is the difference between a Linear switch and a Tactile Switch?

The linear switches are best designed for providing you with a smoother and even movement when typing or gaming. They can be a great option for those of you who do not like the bumpy ride on the tactile switches or the audible sound on the clicky switches. 

Ideally, linear switches are smoother, quieter, and comfortable. Tactile switches, on the other hand, can be enjoyable for those of you who love feedback when typing. They can be a great option for those off you who are new to mechanical keyboards

The Final Words 

The Linear switches are definitely something that you would not want to miss out on if you are really in favour of a smoother typing or gaming experience. In case you are checking out the options available for the non-clicky and smoother keyboard experience, the linear switches are definitely the ay to go. 

Linear switches for typing or gaming can be picked based on individual preferences. You can simply choose the right ones to go with and check how they meet your requirements.