5 SEO Trends to Keep in Mind This Year

Did you know that Google updates its algorithm somewhere between 500 to 600 times each year? That is a lot of changes to how your website can rank. Luckily, identifying major modifications that emerge from ever-changing SEO qualifiers is not too difficult to find. And they will keep you from falling behind.

Read on for the top 5 SEO trends for this year.

1. Mobile Indexing

Man with a mobileOne of the top SEO trends is the change in the way Google puts mobile indexing first. The algorithm only scanned new mobile sites and used desktop versions as the prime ranking factor.

Now, since most users are on their phones, mobile sites (new and old) are the first to be indexed. And if the mobile version is missing, the site might not rank at all.

2. Range of Content Formats

Content has always been a top priority for organic SEO results, but the newest trend has a little twist. Google now looks for various content formats, from video, graphs, and images, to rank your page.

So, instead of showing an article on a SERP (search engine results page), it may suggest a video. Adding these various forms of media will make your site appear in more organic searches.

3. Voice Search Optimization

Instead of typing a phrase or question into a search engine, more people use voice command devices and features on their phones.

How does this make search engine optimization different? Written and verbal communication appear different as users may speak in full sentences but type shorthand. This makes a big difference in keyword searches.

4. Intent of Keywords

Another huge change in keywords for 2022 SEO trends is the use of intent rather than just the wording. This practice avoids the spamming practice of keyword stuffing.

So what is keyword research like when you have to satisfy the user intent? It is not as hard as it sounds and creates better content. You will need to focus on creating relevancy to your article by answering the user’s question.

5. Page and Section Ranking

Woman with a laptopGoogle has also ranked each page, but now they will also focus on the page’s experience and the content of each section of the page.

This helps with local SEO where content is specific to a region or industry. It will also improve the user experience to make it easier to find important information and ensure that proper security features are in place.

Keeping Up With SEO Trends

SEO trends can be difficult to follow when they change so often. However, content and quality will always be the top priority. As long as you keep your site relevant and modern, you can fill in the gaps with specific SEO requirements with ease.

Keep visiting our blog for more updates on SEO strategies as they are announced.