Romer G Switches vs Cherry {Which one you should go for?}

A mechanical keyboard is definitely something you would find extremely rewarding in every gaming or typing scenario. Right from the tactile feedback and other benefits associated with the mechanical keyboards, you would definitely want to get the best possible experience in this context. 

When choosing the best mechanical keyboard, the prime factor you need to pay special attention would be to check the switches in your mechanical keyboard. There are several types of switches available in the market and picking the best among them can prove to be a tough task. From that perspective, we thought of checking out a Romer G vs Cherry MX switches comparison. 


Cherry MX Switches – An Overview

Cherry has been involved in creating key switches since 1967. They are the oldest keyboard manufacturers in the world. While the keyboards were one of the major areas that Cherry MX has been involved in. The Cherry MX switches have started in 1985. 

The Cherry MX switches come in different colors and that is exactly the way they are referenced through the name of the color they are in. Cherry MX switches are manufactured in varieties such as Red, Brown, Blue, Silver, and Black. 

Cherry MX switches have become the gold standard for mechanical keyboard switches. There have been several benefits associated with the Cherry MX switches that include responsiveness, durability, and versatility. They do offer you an exceptional service quality than most of the switches that 

The Different Cherry MX Switches You Can Check Out

Cherry MX Red: The Cherry MX Red is one of the most popular options for the Cherry MX switches. This is a light switch that does not need you to exert much pressure. It comes with a travel distance of just around 2 mm. This can be one of the excellent options for gaming. 

Cherry MX Speed: The Cherry MX Speed is one of the excellent options for gaming after Red switches. It does share most of the specifications for the Red switches. This will need you to exert the 45 grams actuation force. The best performance offered by the product can be what makes it a great choice for the eSports gamer. 

Cherry MX Black: The Cherry MX Black is one of the excellent options for linear switches. The switches have been in existence since 1984 and have been one of the excellent options. The switch offers you access to 60 grams of actuation force. 

Cherry MX Brown: The Cherry MX Brown is one of the most popular keys ever and comes with the tactile switch functionality. This can be one of the excellent switches for everyday use. The switch can be a great option for gaming due to the 45 grams of actuation force.

Cherry MX Blue: The MX Blue switch can be one of the excellent options for your keyboard requirements. They are quite heavy and will require 60 grams of actuation force. They can be an excellent option for the best tactile bump. 

Features  Red  Speed Black  Brown  Blue 
Type of the keyboard  Linear  Linear  Linear  Tactile  Clicky 
Actuation force  45 grams  45 grams  60 grams  45 grams  60 grams 
Actuation Point  2 mm  1.2 mm  2 mm  2 mm  2 mm 
Travel distance  4 mm  4 mm  4 mm  4 mm  4 mm
Sound Level  Quiet  Quiet  Quiet  Quiet  Loud 

Romer G Switches

Romer G Switches are developed by Logitech. There is only one type of switch developed by Logitech in the form of Romer G switches. You should ideally find two types of switches among the Romer G switches – Romer G Tactile and Romer G Linear. 

Photo: Kitguru

Romer G linear: Romer G Linear offers you access to a faster response and a lighter feedback. However, you would find other factors almost similar to the tactile switches. The actuation point and fore are similar to the tactile switches from the brand. The key switch dos provide you a very smoother travel. 

Romer G Tactile: The Romer G Tactile switches came into the being with the partnership of Omron with Logitech. The key switches are specifically designed for the G series of the keyboards from Logitech. You should get a discernible audio feedback. However, you can get access to a lower travel a compared to the Cherry MX switches. The switch is quite faster and responsive and this is one of the reasons why this is preferred. 

Romer G Switches vs Cherry MX– Which One is the Best?

 Overall, our preferences would go for the Cherry MX switches. The plenty of options available in terms of the versatility can be a great option that should further enhance your experience. Right from linear to tactile, there is a wide range of variety offered by the keyboard manufacturers which further makes it one of the excellent options in the long run. 

On the other hand, the responsiveness and unique feel offered by the Romer G services is quite a great option in everything. Ideally, we would focus on the user preferences when it comes to the right choices for an excellent option for almost all your requirements. 

FAQs on Romer G Switches vs Cherry

Romer G  Tactile vs Linear – How Do They work? 

The Romer G tactile and linear switches work in a similar way as the linear and tactile switches from other brands. In essence, the linear switches offer you a smoother feel without much noise. The Romer G tactile switches on the other hand offer you a tactile feedback and an audible noise for working with the best gaming experience. 

Are Romer G  Switches Cherry Equivalent?

The Romer G switches do come with a bump and Cherry MX switches ca a great option for a click. If you are checking for the best Romer G witches equivalent to Cherry MX switches, you would find the Cherry MX switches offering you a better performance. 

Can You Replace Romer G Keycaps?

Yes. Logitech understands the need for replacing the keycaps – either for the cleaning purposes or replacing the key switches. That is exactly why they provide you access to the option to replace Romer G keycaps. 

What are Romer G Switches Like?

Romer G switches do not feel like anything. They are unique in their own right. They do not ideally feel like Cherry switches, but can perhaps be compared to the Topre switches in more than one case.