Kailh Pro Purple Review – {Mechanical Keyswitch}

The Key switches are an ultimate part of a mechanical keyboard and we are already aware of a huge number of manufacturers who have been focussing on providing you access to a host of different key switch combinations. The Kailh range of key switches has been one of the prime options and has been a popular key switch alternative after Cherry MX. 

Kailh has been known to be a truly innovative company and has been creating a good range of key switches without being just a clone of the Cherry MX switches. One of the promising Key switch profiles that Kailh has brought about is the Kailh Pro Purple Switches. 


Kailh Mechanical Switches – An Overview

Kailh Switches have been the brainchild of Kaihua Electronics. The company has been around with over 27 years of service for mechanical keyboard fans. The company boasts of specialization in terms of R & D, manufacturing, and marketing. 

Kailh as a brand is in the manufacturing of mechanical switches since 1995. The brand rose to fame because of the huge number of manufacturers that came into the keyboard development and Cherry MX could not supply the key switches to all of them. Kailh made no error in capturing this opportunity and dived into the field of its own range of key switches. 

Different Types of Kailh Switches You Can Check Out

Kailh manufacturers four different types of switches that cater to different realms of keyboard manufacturers. 

  • Default Switches: These are basically designed to clone or mimic the Cherry MX switches 
  • Speed Switches: These switches have lower travel and actuation distances. That would make them faster and can be a great option for gamers. 
  • Box Switches: These switches have a reinforced stem that provides the switches an extra strength and power. This will make the switches dust and water-resistant and thus more durable. 
  • Pro Switches: The Pro switches provide you access to an enhanced experience and bring you the best of both worlds through innovative manufacturing. They combine the best features of both Box and Speed switches.

The Kailh Pro Switches – How Do They Fare?

Kailh Pro Switches are designed to provide you access to a far more advanced feature than those found in the default switches. These advanced switches from Kailh combine the best features of its Box switches and Speed switches. 


The Kailh Pro switches do offer you a cushioned stroke and a springy return for all your typing needs. The faster and earlier activation offered by the key switches should be what makes it one of the most reliable options ever. 

Of course, the Pro switches from Kailh are a little heavier when you compare them to the Cherry M switches. In essence, the Kailh Pro range of switches does provide the gamers and typists with a responsive keystroke and offers excellent performance to a keyboard that does not introduce any sort of fatigue. 

The Kailh Pro Switches are available in three different options or variants. All the Pro switches from Kailh come with a travel of 3.6 mm and an actuation distance of 1.7 mm. You can pick from among the Kailh Pro Burgundy, Kailh Pro Purple, and Kailh Pro Light green switches. Each of them caters to the Linear, Tactile and clicky switch varieties respectively. 

Kailh Pro Purple Review – A Concise Introduction

The Kailh Pro Purple Switches may not be as smooth as the Speed switches from the brand, but do offer you an exceptional service with quick and efficient typing. With the Purple Pro switch, you can get access to stronger bump and a decent smoothness for typing for prolonged hours without the fatigue of any nature. 

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The Kailh Purple Switch provides you access to a medium spring resistance and has been one of the exciting choices for your requirements in terms of ergonomic tactile response. If you are someone who loves the functionality offered by Cherry MX Brown switches, the Kailh Pro Purple switches should be the best option you would ever want to go with. The advantages offered by the Kailh Pro Purple switches can be a great degree of responsiveness for the gamers and a great bottom out efficiency for the daily typists. 

The Specs sheet for Kailh Pro Purple:

  • Type of the key switch: Tactile switches
  • Actuation force: 50 grams 
  • Actuation point: 1.7 mm 
  • Total travel distance: 3.6 mm
  • Cherry MX keycap compatibility

Other features and functionalities offered by the Kailh Pro Purple switches would include: 

  • Compatible with traditional key switch stem keycaps and SMD LEDs
  • Plate mount design 
  • A transparent top with the white bottom

The Plate mount design of Kailh Pro Purple switches further makes it one of the prime options for your expectations and needs in terms of using them on a hot-swappable keyboard. 

You may also refer to the best features offered by the keyboard through this video: 

If you are a die-hard gamer or even a typist who is expected to type in quite consistently, the Kailh Pro Purple should be a great choice for practically each of your choices. If you want to get the best of both worlds with high-end durability, a slightly audible bump and smoothness of a linear key switch – and all those features in a  single keyboard, the Kailh Pro Purple should definitely be what you would find one of the exciting choices for every one of your requirements. 

FAQs Kailh Pro Purple Keyswitch

Are Kailh switches as reliable as Cherry ones?

Kailh switches have created a name for themselves and have been extremely reliable options for most of your needs in an enhanced typing or gaming experience. The new models such as Speed, Box, and Pro switches that the brand has been marketing have been receiving a lot of appreciation from the keyboard enthusiasts. 

What are Kailh Pro switches?

The Kailh Pro switches strike the right balance between the Speed and Box switches from the brand. You can get the best durability with the reinforced stem and water-dust proof capability, while a smoothness of the Speed switches is also assured to your needs. 

How many types of Kailh Pro Switches? 

Kailh offers Pro series of switches with three different types – Kailh Pro Burgundy, Kailh Pro Light Green, and Kailh Pro Purple.

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