Best Switches for OSU {Gamers’ Choice}


If you have been a perfect and die-hard gamer, you would find OSU to be one of the excellent and prime games you would want to enjoy for hours together. OSU is a rhythms based game that works in a very faster manner. You would definitely want to experience a perfect gaming with one of the best keyboards for OSU. OSU as a game does need you to use faster switches and light springs. 

What Factors You Need to Consider When Picking Good Keyboard Switches for OSU!

There are a few prime factors you need to consider when you decide to pick the best switches for gaming in general and OSU! Let us check out a few key parameters for the good keyboard switches for OSU. 


Which are the best switches for OSU? Ideally, you can opt for the reds. Gateron Reds have been one of the excellent options, while Cherry MX Reds have also been ensured to be good enough. If you have a good experience with the mechanical keyboard switches, you would definitely understand that Reds have been the lightest switches ever. That should explain why Pro gamers tend to use them quite often. The most avoidable switches when it comes to OSU are Blues. They are heavier and can be quite distracting. 

Build Quality 

The build quality of the switches and other key components of the keyboard assumes a lot of importance in deciding the best parameters for the perfect experience. A budget keyboard can have a limited durability and build quality and are expected to have inconsistent actuators. This can distract and result in a bad degree of accuracy. 

Low Spring Weight 

The spring weight determines the light or heaviness of the key switch. Most of the OSU players focus on the light linear switches. There are several good options that include the Clear, Red, or Yellow type switch. Under ideal conditions, most of the OSU players begin their training on the Black switches and then switch to the other light linear switches. 

Travel Distance 

The travel distance and actuation distance are a few of the factors that can determine the comfortable and experience of the OSU player. The lower travel distance may be quite desirable for ensuring that you have access to a better gaming and accuracy. The best switches for gaming need to have a low travel distance.

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Best switches for OSU!

The Rhythm games such as OSU and Stepmania provide you a fast-paced performance, a great speed, and an accuracy that you assures you a great degree of performance. There are a few specific mechanical switches that you would want to focus on if you want to experience a high-end gaming experience with OSU!

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Linear Switches 

When it comes to the best mechanical switches for OSU, picking the linear switches can prove to be a great option. When picking the best linear switches for OSU, it is advisable to opt for a light linear switch. 

You can choose between the light to medium weightage. The choice would be dependent on how hard you would want to bottom out. A gaming switch would ideally need a smoother and easy to press compatibility. A predictable actuation and timing are what would provide you access to a better performance. 

A light linear switch can be your best option for that comes with a standard travel distance. You may also use the MX Style linear switches. 

A few good options for this type of switches can include:

Gateron Red / Clear Switches 

Gateron switches have been known for a higher degree of durability, affordability and offer a wide range of different spring varieties. The Gateron Clear switches come with 35  grams actuation, while the Gateron Red switches come with a 45 grams actuation. A Gateron Black switch is a strict No-No and that should be one of the prime considerations you need to make when picking the best switches for OSU!

You can even make use of the proper lubrication for a smoother gaming experience. You can even add the add-ons for a better bottoming out. You can perhaps opt for a Gateron Yellow switch for your expectations. You can even check out the silent variants of the Gateron switches. 

Kailh Silent Box Pink

The Kailh Silent Box Pink is yet another light linear switch and provides you access to a 35  grams actuation force. You can be assured of an extremely consistent feel for any of your requirements. The silent stem on the switches further improves your experience. 

The switches come with a dampening pad that further enhances your experience. It will help you soften the experience of both bottom out and top out functionality. You can experience improvements in both feeling and sound. This can be a great option for listening to the music of the game instead of having to listen to the keystrokes. 

Optical Linear Switches

Yet another excellent option you would find impressive for the best switches for OSU! can include the optical linear switches. Optical keyboards these days have been achieving a huge popularity. You would perhaps find the optical linear switches both on the gaming keyboards and budget keyboards. 

Optical switches belong to the category of contactless switches and thus they do provide you access to a better reliability than the traditional mechanical switches. They will also provide you a longer hot-swappable life expectancy. Since the optical switches do not have the bounce or debounce, you can expect a faster, consistent, and accurate experience. You can also expect a better speed performance. 

LK Lightstrike Optical – Red/Libra Brown Switches 

These have been a few of the special switch brands and provide you with an option of longevity. They have a low travel distance further making them one of the practical choices. The switches have been tested for a longer distance of 100 million keypresses. 

The strength and functionality offered by the LK Lightstrike Optical switches are in tune with the Cherry MX switches. You can choose between Red and Libra Brown. You will get a traditional actuation distance on the former, while the latter provides you with a shorter travel distance. 

Gateron Optical Green/Red

Gateron Switches do appear to have been designed specifically for the OSU fans. You can opt for the Optical Green or Optical Red switches from the brand for the best possible experience for the best switches for OSU!

The Gateron Optical Green is similar to the linear Clear switch and the Optical Red is almost equivalent to the Gateron Reds. The only difference between the linear switches and optical switches lies in the fact that the optical switches provide you access to a contactless appearance option. The optical switches should be one of the exciting choices ever for almost all your expectations. 

Speed Switches

Speed switches are another variety of the best switches for the best Cherry MX style of switches. The speed switches come with a reduced travel distance and thus provide you access to the fastest actuation possible.

The reduced travel will provide you access to a better performance and make the switches appear more responsive and help you work with more accurately with the consecutive keypresses

Kailh Speed Silver

The Speed Silver switch from Kailh can be a great option for the best medium weight linear switches. In fact, they offer a decent performance with the 50g actuation and 70g bottom out performance. The switches do provide you with a decent performance standard.  

The prime advantages offered by the Kailh Speed silver switches lies in the fact that they are more affordable than the Cherry MX key switches. They do offer you access to a very reduced actuation point and slightly higher travel distance. 

MX Speed Silver

The Cherry MX Silver does provide you a faster performance as in the case of Kailh switches. The Cherry MX Speed Silver key switches do provide you with the same degree of quality and performance as in the case of the traditional Cherry MX switches and provide a 100 million keystroke functionality. 

Topre Switch

Topre switches are not the standard switches. Under standard conditions, the Topre switches are not much recommended for the gamers, and that would ideally be not the right choice for the best switches for OSU! However, the strength of Topre switches lies in the fact that they offer you a huge degree of construction strength. 

In sharp contrast to the mechanical switches, the Topre switches do come with their own “electro-capacitive” rubber dome construction. They can be a combination of a wide range of options – They may not have only mechanical and electrical components, but can also have silicone membranes. 

There are several options for the best Topre keyboards that you can opt for. There are several varieties of Topre Switches and you can opt for the best options for the right type of Topre switches. 

Our Top Keyboard Picks For OSU

Switches are quite important and ensure that you have access to a high degree of efficiency. Under ideal conditions, for OSU, you will need to use only two keys. In fact, for most of Rhythm gams, you may need to use not more than 4 keys. 

That is exactly what would explain why you need to go with the hot-swappable keyboards. That way, you would be in a better position to change the keys if needed. 


The keyboard is one of the excellent options for OSU. The size and the performance offered by the keyboard will definitely impress you to the core. This keyboard can be availed in two variants – Gateron Optical Switch and Hot-swappable design. 

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The keyboard does provide you a better option to customize your keyboard. You will also get access to a three layers programmable mode. You can customize the drive and macro mode. The 16.8 million RGB backlight can be yet another excellent option for playing your OSU game. The IPX6 Dustproof & Waterproof are the two other factors that can prove to be one of the exciting options. The USB C to USB 3.0 port will make it one of the excellent options. 

  1. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

This is yet another excellent keyboard that should be an excellent option for playing OSU. The keyboard does offer you a wide range of benefits and features that make it a great option in almost every respect. Some of the prime features offered by the keyboard can include Cherry MX switches, USB pass-through, dedicated media controls, and customizable USB lighting.

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The Cherry MX Speed RGB Silver key switches further to make it one of the enhanced options for the best keyboard for OSU. The ultra-fast actuation is what would provide you access to an accurate and reliable functionality. It can help provide you access to a very quiet operation. A calm wrist rest further provides you access to a great degree of experience. 

  1. Hyperx Alloy Elite 2

The Hyperx Alloy Elite 2 is one of the prime options for the perfect experience in terms of dedicated media and volume keys. The keyboard provides you access to an enhanced experience for almost all your gaming requirements making it a great choice for your gaming. In fact, these switches have proved themselves to be one of the excellent options. 

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The keyboard does provide you access to a greater degree of responsiveness and accuracy. You can get access to a great degree of performance through a Software-Controlled Light and Macro Customization. A few of the advanced features offered by the keyboard include ABS Pudding Keycaps, Media Controls, and Linear Switch. High-end durability is what would provide you access to a great degree of performance enhancement. 

  1. Keychron K6 Bluetooth Wireless/Wired USB Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

The Keychron K6 is one of the excellent options for achieving the best standards in the best keyboards for OSU. It s a 65% layout keyboard with a 1000 Hz polling rate. The keyboard comes with the LK Lightstrike Optical switches which should further enhance your experience for the best OSU gaming. Of course, the keyboard also offers you a hot-swappable compatibility which should be one of the huge advantages. 

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The keyboard comes with Gateron Blue switches. In fact, Gateron Blues are not the best switches for gaming, but the other factors and features on the keyboard make it one of the best options for the best keyboard for OSU! The dual-mode construction that offers you access to the best wireless and wired modes. It does provide you access to the connectivity with three devices via Bluetooth. The connectivity and suitability with a lot of devices make it a perfect choice for almost all your expectations and requirements. 

Are Cherry MX Blue Switches Good for OSU?

Cherry MX Switches can be used for OSU. However, these switches may not be the best for OSU. The Cherry MX switches come with a higher reset point. In fact, the reset point of the Blue switches is considerably higher than the actuation point. It may not be comfortable. 

Any of the die-hard OSU gamers you come across will claim, Reds will be a great option for the best OSU gaming experience. In any case, using any switch other than the Tope switches would be a good idea for providing you access to an improved and enhanced experience. If you are looking to get the best experience for the perfect OSU gaming, it would be advisable to go with the non-clicky tactile switches or light linear switches a better option than the Cherry MX switches.

That should ideally help you answer the question – are Blue switches good for OSU?

The Bottom Line 

OSU, or any other game for that matter, you will find that the accuracy and precision. The prime factor for those requirements would be to check out the switch type. You can make use of the mechanical and speed switches or even opt for the best experience. The Mechanical Keyboard guide for OSU outlined here should ideally help you get the best possible experience. 


Which is the World’s Fastest Mechanical Switch?

The OmniPoint mechanical switch is regarded as the world’s fastest mechanical switch. It provides you access to the record-breaking actuation and response time. They offer you 5x faster performance. 

Are Blue switches good OSU?

OSU and such Rhythm games require 1000+ combo maps with high BPM. In such a situation, reds and blues are one of the most preferred options for an enhanced experience in providing you access to an enhanced experience. 

Are Ducky keyboards good for OSU?

It is not advisable to go with the full keyboard when playing OSU. It is quite advisable to go with the 2-key/4-key/Numpad setup. Of course, Ducky keyboards good for OSU gaming.