What Is Customer Support as a Service?

How do BPO and customer support relate?

Man with a headphonesThe presence of a customer support service is a sign of a serious company that cares about its customers and, therefore, about its own reputation. Despite a seeming simplicity, providing customer support is a complex and time-consuming process. This is why customer support as a service is gaining more popularity. 

Business process outsourcing (BPO) of customer support is not a new idea. Most companies that provide customer support as a service are true professionals in what they do. Startups and small businesses cannot typically provide this level of customer support, so they choose to outsource. For large businesses, this is an easy way to scale their business and focus on key business processes. 

How to transfer customer support to professionals?

On the one hand, the presence of a support service improves reputation and user loyalty. On the other hand, the maintenance of full-time specialists eats a considerable chunk of the budget. BPOs can provide 24/7 Customer Support and enable companies to save time and money, make customers feel valued, and, most importantly, convert visitors into leads.

These agencies are highly experienced in customer service because they only focus on one goal, which is keeping the customers happy. All their resources are focused on developing and delivering the most effective solutions. Their communication strategies are based on extensive experience. These are just some of the factors that allow BPOs to deliver a high level of service while keeping the costs low. Transferring customer support to a BPO agency usually takes minimum effort and time. 

How much does the cheapest customer support cost?

Customer support cost is not just the salary of an employee. The cost of hiring specialists, providing them with office space and all the necessary equipment, training, and paying taxes can be quite costly. Outsourced customer support allows a company to have a 24/7 contact center capable of serving customers in multiple languages for just $1 per hour. 

Yes, you read that right. Such a low cost can be a reality if hire agent. This is a BPO company that focuses on providing exceptional customer support to other businesses. This means that once your customers or potential customers visit your website, they will be greeted by a real person and not a robot. Their questions will be answered by a real human. Besides getting customer support for just $1, you will get all the benefits discussed earlier.