Top 3 Free NTFS for Mac Users in 2023

If you’re a Mac user who frequently interacts with external hard drives or USB flash drives formatted in NTFS (New Technology File System), you might have encountered compatibility issues. NTFS is the default file system for Windows, and while macOS can read NTFS drives, it doesn’t offer native write support. This limitation can be frustrating, as it prevents you from copying, editing, or deleting files on NTFS-formatted drives directly from your Mac.

Thankfully, there are third-party software solutions that bridge this gap and provide NTFS write support for Mac users. In this article, we’ll explore the top three free NTFS for Mac tools available in 2023, allowing you to effortlessly manage your NTFS drives on macOS.

NTFS-3G for Mac

1. NTFS-3G for Mac

NTFS-3G for Mac is a reliable and open-source solution that grants full read and write access to NTFS-formatted drives on macOS. It’s a popular choice among Mac users seeking a free and efficient NTFS driver. NTFS-3G is built on FUSE (Filesystem in Userspace), a framework that allows users to implement their file systems without modifying the kernel.

Features of NTFS-3G for Mac

– Full NTFS Read and Write Access: NTFS-3G provides seamless read and write access to NTFS drives, enabling you to copy, edit, and delete files without any limitations.

– Easy Installation: NTFS-3G is relatively easy to install on your Mac. It’s available as a downloadable package, and the installation process is straightforward.

– Compatible with External Drives: NTFS-3G works with both external hard drives and USB flash drives formatted in NTFS. Once installed, it automatically enables NTFS support for all connected NTFS-formatted devices.

– Stable Performance: The driver is known for its stability and reliability, ensuring smooth file operations on NTFS drives without data loss or corruption risks.

While NTFS-3G is a robust solution, it’s worth noting that it operates in userspace, which might result in slightly slower performance compared to native kernel extensions.

2. FUSE for macOS

FUSE for macOS is another open-source platform that enables developers to create custom file systems for macOS. It’s an essential component for NTFS-3G, as it facilitates the implementation of the NTFS driver. FUSE for macOS provides a framework for user space file systems, allowing developers to create file systems without modifying the operating system’s kernel.

Features of FUSE for macOS:

– Flexibility: FUSE for macOS offers versatility by supporting various file systems. It serves as the foundation for NTFS-3G, making it an integral part of the NTFS write support on macOS.

– Active Community: FUSE for macOS benefits from a vibrant and active community of developers. This ensures continuous updates and improvements to enhance its performance and compatibility.

– Seamless Integration: Once installed, FUSE for macOS works in the background, seamlessly integrating NTFS support into your macOS environment. You can manage NTFS-formatted drives just like any other Mac-native file system.

– User-Friendly Interface: FUSE for macOS presents a user-friendly interface, making it accessible to both tech-savvy users and those less familiar with file system intricacies.


Mounty for NTFS

3. Mounty for NTFS


Mounty for NTFS is a lightweight and user-friendly NTFS driver specifically designed for macOS. While it doesn’t provide the extensive features of NTFS-3G, Mounty for NTFS is an excellent choice for users seeking a simple and efficient solution to enable NTFS to write support on their Mac.

Features of Mounty for NTFS:

– One-Click Mounting: Mounty for NTFS allows you to mount NTFS drives with a single click, effortlessly enabling write access without complicated configurations.

– Quick Eject: The software includes a quick eject feature that ensures data is safely flushed to the drive before unmounting, preventing data loss or corruption risks.

– Status Bar Integration: Mounty for NTFS integrates into your macOS status bar, providing easy access and real-time status updates of connected NTFS drives.

– Automatic Remount: Mounty for NTFS automatically remounts NTFS drives with write support enabled after each restart, ensuring a seamless user experience.


As a Mac user, having NTFS write support is crucial for managing external drives formatted in NTFS effectively. The top three free NTFS for Mac tools in 2023, including NTFS-3G, FUSE for macOS, and Mounty for NTFS, offer practical solutions to this common compatibility challenge. Choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences, and enjoy the convenience of seamless NTFS write support on your Mac. With these tools, you can now effortlessly handle your NTFS-formatted drives and experience a more streamlined workflow on macOS.

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