A Quick and Easy Guide to Setting Up 123 Reg Webmail

123 Reg is a well-known domain registration and web hosting service provider that offers a user-friendly and efficient webmail platform for managing your email accounts associated with your domain. Setting up 123 Reg webmail is a straightforward process that allows you to send and receive emails using your domain-specific email addresses. In this quick and easy guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to set up and access 123 Reg webmail, enabling you to efficiently manage your email communications.

Purchase a Domain and Web Hosting Plan

Step 1: Purchase a Domain and Web Hosting Plan

Before setting up 123 Reg webmail, you’ll need to have a registered domain name and a web hosting plan with 123 Reg. If you haven’t already done so, visit the 123 Reg website and search for available domain names. Once you’ve chosen a domain, proceed to select a suitable web hosting plan that fits your needs.

Step 2: Create an Email Account

Once you have a registered domain and web hosting plan, log in to your 123 Reg account. Navigate to the “Email” section in your account dashboard and click on “Create Mailbox.” Here, you can create a new email account associated with your domain. Enter the desired username and password for the email account, and choose the mailbox size that suits your requirements.

Step 3: Configure Email Settings

After creating your email account, you can configure additional settings to customize your email experience. Access the “Email Settings” section in your 123 Reg account dashboard, where you can set up email forwarding, autoresponders, spam filters, and other preferences.

Step 4: Access 123 Reg Webmail

To access your newly created email account via webmail, go to the 123 Reg website and click on “Login” at the top right corner. Enter your email address and password associated with the account you just created, and click “Login.” This will take you to the 123 Reg webmail interface, where you can manage your emails, organize folders, and perform other email-related tasks.

Set Up Email Client

Step 5: Set Up Email Client (Optional)

In addition to webmail access, you can also set up your email account on various email clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, or Mozilla Thunderbird. This allows you to manage your emails more efficiently using the interface you’re most comfortable with.

To set up your email account on an email client, you’ll need to configure the incoming and outgoing server settings. These settings can be found in the “Email Settings” section of your 123 Reg account dashboard. Follow the instructions provided by 123 Reg to set up your email client correctly.

Step 6: Secure Your Email Account

Ensuring the security of your email account is crucial to protect sensitive information and prevent unauthorized access. Be sure to use a strong and unique password for your email account, and enable two-factor authentication if available. Regularly update your password and be cautious of phishing attempts to maintain the security of your email communications.

Step 7: Stay Organized

As you start using your 123 Reg webmail, it’s essential to stay organized to efficiently manage your emails. Create folders to categorize different types of emails, such as work-related, personal, and promotional emails. Regularly clean up your inbox by archiving or deleting emails you no longer need.

Step 8: Monitor Email Usage

Keep track of your email usage, especially if your web hosting plan has a limited number of email accounts or storage space. Regularly monitor your mailbox size to ensure it doesn’t exceed the limit set by your hosting plan. If needed, consider upgrading your hosting plan to accommodate increased email usage.


Setting up 123 Reg webmail is a simple and quick process that allows you to manage your domain-specific email accounts efficiently. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can create an email account associated with your domain, configure settings to suit your preferences and access your emails through webmail or an email client. Remember to prioritize the security of your email account, stay organized, and monitor your email usage to make the most out of your 123 Reg webmail experience. With a reliable email solution in place, you can effectively communicate with clients, customers, and colleagues, contributing to the success of your online presence.

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