Spilled Water on Mechanical keyboard? Here are What to Do and Not to Do!


One of the worst things that can happen to your Keyboard is that you have spilled water or any other liquid on the Keyboard. How you would be able to recover it would be dependent on the type of the Keyboard. If you spilled water on the mechanical Keyboard and are looking to find how to fix it, we are your “Gina Corena & Associates” that will help you resolve the accident preventing any serious consequences.

What to Do After You Spilled Water on the Mechanical Keyboard?

The first thing you need to do after you have spilled water on mechanical Keyboard is to detach it from your computer. In case you are using a USB keyboard, you can simply unplug it from the connector. In the case of an older PS/2 connector keyboard, you should ideally turn off your computer before you can disconnect the Keyboard. In any case, the latter case may not be something you need to bother about when dealing with a mechanical keyboard. 

  1. Remove the Water by Water Immersion Method

If you suspect any other liquid along with water, the water immersion method can be one of the best methods to work with. In fact, Mechanical keyboards appear to work great with the water immersion method. 

Next, give it a complete bath. Fill a bathtub with cold water mixed with soap. The soapy water can be a great option to fix the water damage from a mechanical keyboard. Sounds strange, right? But, it can prove to be handy in many ways. Immerse your Keyboard into the tub and give it a few good shakes. Then let your Keyboard drain itself on a towel. 

You should leave it to get dry until the water has completely been removed. Preferably, you should leave it that way overnight. This can be helpful in cleaning up the Keyboard of any of the particles left behind. 

  1. Reconnect the Keyboard

Once you are sure that the Keyboard has dried up properly, reconnect it and check if it begins to work properly. If it works fine, it is good. If not, you may need to change a few malfunctioning keys and key switches on your mechanical keyboards.

Changing the keyboard switches on your Keyboard should rather be easy and simple. If you have the necessary tools and a compatible replacement key switch, you can replace the switch yourself. 

  1. Clean up the internals

Replacing the mechanical keyboard key switches can be a little difficult task if you are new to the task. You would want to refer the service to a qualified professional if you are unaware of how to handle a mechanical keyboard and work with the proper switching process. 

Most of the time, you may not need to replace the keyboard switches. Removing the moisture from the Keyboard can get things done. Remove the keycaps using a keycap puller and then use a cotton wipe to clear out the moisture that may be left. If you have spilled juice or coffee, you may need to use alcohol swabs to clean up the sticky mess. 

If you have already opened the Keyboard, it is advisable to keep it in the disassembled condition for around 12 to 24 hours. This can be helpful in removing any moisture that may be hidden. The water and moisture that have been left out can be evaporated without the need to worry about future issues if any. 

Spilled Water on Mechanical Keyboard – What to do?

If you have spilled water on mechanical Keyboard, there are a few Do’s and Don’ts that you are expected to follow. Let us check out a few Do’s on what to do after you have spilled water on mechanical Keyboard. 

  1. Unplug it Right Away!

As soon as you have realized that you have spilled water on the mechanical Keyboard, unplug your Keyboard immediately. If you spilled water on the wireless keyboard, you can simply remove the batteries of the Keyboard. Make sure that you unplug the keyboard even when you spilled a drop of water on keyboard. 

  1. Flip it Over

Flipping over the Keyboard can be helpful enough in preventing the water from seeping into the insides of the Keyboard. The liquid will drain out of the Keyboard efficiently. Under ideal conditions, you can let it flipped down for over 24 hours. The extent of the time will be dependent on the extent of water inside the Keyboard. 

You can pace the Keyboard on a towel so that the water will be soaked by the towel. Replace the towel if it gets wet. 

  1. Make Use of Lint-Free Cloth

If you have chosen to open up the Keyboard to clean it up, do use a lint-free cloth to remove or wipe off the moisture inside the Keyboard. This will ensure that you are not depositing any debris or dust in the form of lint inside the Keyboard. 

  1. Remove the Keycap Carefully

If you find that the keys are still sticky or keyboard acting weird after water spill, you may need to fix the sticky keys by gently removing the keycaps and cleaning the switches and stabilizers beneath. You can use a good keycap puller if you need to in removing the keycaps. 

You can rinse the keycaps that are sticky by rinsing them off using warm water or making use of an alcohol swab. Remove only those keycaps that you assume to be creating issues such as sticky keys. Before you have removed any of the keycaps, make sure you have taken a photograph of the Keyboard so that you can fix it up properly. 

  1. Dismantle the Keyboard Further if the Issues are Not Yet Solved

If you find the keys are not working properly, you may need to disassemble the Keyboard further. Analyze the exact issue by removing the key components further. If you cannot find the issues even after those steps, you seem to have no further options than getting the keyboards replaced entirely. Take it to a professional service center if you want to check out the last resort you may have. 

Spilled Water on Mechanical Keyboard – What Not to Do?

A few Don’ts that can help you out in resolving the issues of the water spilled on mechanical Keyboard can include the following tips. 

  1. Never Put it in Rice

Most of the tips that deal with water seepage or water damage on electronic components suggest opting for putting the components in rice. It may work with the feature phones, but you will find it extremely inappropriate with the keyboards. 

You should never put the Keyboard after you have spilled water on the mechanical Keyboard. When you do it, it can further introduce the moist starch particles into the Keyboard and thus can further create severe issues with your Keyboard. 

  1. Do Not Use a Paper Towel

Just like rice, it is advisable not to use a paper towel when dealing with water damage on a mechanical keyboard. The paper towels, tissues, and similar other options to handling your Keyboard. This can further introduce the dust and other debris inside the Keyboard. 

Use a Waterproof Mechanical Keyboard – the Best Way Out to Avoid Water Seepage

One of the best options to handle the water seepage on a keyboard would be to use a waterproof mechanical keyboard. If you find that all your attempts in reviving the Keyboard after the issues with spilled water on mechanical Keyboard, you can simply replace the Keyboard. 

When you want to replace the Keyboard, you do not wish to repeat the mistake ever again. The best option in this connection would be to use a waterproof mechanical keyboard. A mechanical keyboard with at least IP32 water and dust resistant properties can be one of the excellent options. 

A few good waterproof mechanical keyboard options you can check out would include:

A Few Things You Should Never Do With Your Mechanical Keyboard

Having understood the ways on how to handle a proper cleaning after you have spilled water on mechanical Keyboard, let us check out a few things you should be careful of when handling your mechanical keyboards. 

  1. Never Spill Anything on Your Keyboard

Water or, for that matter, any liquid does not go well with any type of electronic component. An accidentally spilled liquid or water can prove to be detrimental to the health of your mechanical Keyboard and result in the replacement of your pricey Keyboard. 

You can follow a few key factors in helping you take care of the Keyboard after you have spilled water on mechanical Keyboard. Unplug it, use the water immersion method and let the Keyboard dry for over 12 to 24 hours. You may also need to replace the key switches. Spilled soda on mechanical keyboard can make the keys go extremely sticky. 

  1. Never Forget Cleaning it Frequently

Providing a proper maintenance to your Keyboard is of prime importance to enhance the life of your Keyboard. If you are not careful about the proper cleaning and maintenance of the Keyboard, you may end up facing issues such as sticky keys or even reduce its lifespan. If you take an optimum care of the Keyboard, you can definitely expect your Keyboard to last more than 10 to 12 years. 

Indulge in regular cleaning of your Keyboard. You can opt for frequent cleaning or deferred cleaning as per your preferences. Make it a routine to clean up your Keyboard quite frequently. 

  1. Follow the Proper Cleaning Procedure

Of course, you should clean your Keyboard quite often. But it is equally important to follow the proper cleaning procedure. Take care when using chemicals such as isopropyl alcohol or other similar cleaners with your Keyboard. You should also take due care when cleaning the larger keys. 

  1. Use Proper Transportation

An improper transportation of your Keyboard can be yet another factor that would decide the proper functioning of your Keyboard. A careless transportation can result in broken key switches and keycaps. Use a snug case and other protective gear to take care of the proper handling of your Keyboard. Using a keyboard sling can be yet another practical option that can prove to be handy enough. 


Well, spilled water on mechanical Keyboard can be something quite risky affair. Cleaning up the Keyboard and removing the moisture should help you get your Keyboard back in action. However, if you find that the Keyboard continues to work erratically, you are in to believe that the Keyboard has gone out of order, and you have no other option than replacing it completely!