4 Signs It’s Time For A Solar Panel Quote

Did you know solar panel installations will increase by 21% in 2021? That may make you feel like you are behind the times if you don’t have a single solar panel on your house. But maybe now is the time!

Here are four signs that it is time for a solar panel quote.

1. Your Roof Is in the Sun Constantly

Solar panels on the roofDo you live in a sunny area? Is your roof constantly in the sun – morning until evening?

Then it may be time to look for solar installation near you. Because the solar panels operate off of the sun shining, and the more direct, the better, having this direct sunlight makes your house the perfect candidate for solar panels.

2. Your Energy Bill Is Through the Roof

If you’re wondering whether ‘is solar worth it? You may want to look at your energy bill again.

Yup, just glance down at it. If that number is more than $75 per month, you would be an excellent candidate to get solar panels on your home! The average threshold for savings is $75.

It may not be worth installing the panels if you don’t usually have a high bill or one that goes over $75 through the year. You may want to average the monthly energy bill prices over the past year to see if this is what your bill normally is or if this month is an outlier.

3. You Have a Metal Roof

If you have a metal roof, your house practically calls your name to install solar panels on it. Metal is a great material for the roof because it is perfect for drilling the panels. It makes the installation as easy as it can be.

If your roof is tilted, that’s even better! Then, the solar panels can tilt toward the sun depending on where you place them on the roof.

4. You Qualify for Government Incentives

If you qualify for government incentives, what are you waiting for!?

Government incentives can lower the cost of installing a solar system by up to 30%. The government offers a tax credit of up to 22% of the cost of systems installed in 2021. That means you are only paying for less than 80% of the entire system and won’t have to worry about high energy bills anymore.

The system is paying for itself at that point. There are other incentives available from state and local governments, so depending on where you live, you may be eligible for even more savings!

It’s Time for a Solar Panel Quote

If you have the perfect roof, are living in a sunny location, qualify for the government incentives, and have a metal roof, your home is calling your name. It’s saying, “go get a solar panel quote today!”

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