A Quick Guide to Local Keyword Tracking

Woman with a laptopFor millions, the American dream isn’t just about a big house in a nice neighborhood with a fancy car in the driveway. It’s about entrepreneurship.

It’s about starting your own company, being your boss, and shaping your destiny. In 2022, more people are stepping into entrepreneurship than ever, with more than 5 million new business applicants nationwide in recent months.

For most of these new entrepreneurs, it’s a local business they are starting. And the best thing you can do for your local business is to focus on local SEO.

Local keyword tracking is the process of identifying your ideal keywords in your area, tracking them daily, weekly, and monthly, and taking steps to ensure your business rises to the top of these local search results.

Keep reading below to learn how to track local keywords today.

Benefits of Local SEO

You just started a local business. You have a million things to do. So why should you start a local SEO campaign?

Because SEO takes time, it takes time to get your website and your local Google business listing to rank higher. But with intentional effort, you can ensure your business shows up before your competitors. And with local SEO, users are looking to spend money now. They aren’t doing research; they are trying to make a purchase.

Local Keyword Tracking and Research

Entrepreneur with a laptopSo what are local keywords, what is keyword research, and why do you need to track them to be successful?

Keywords are what your potential customers are searching for on Google. Customers who are typing “coffee shop near me” are looking for a coffee shop they can visit now.

Google will show nearby results to that user. But those that appear at the top of the list are optimized for those keywords. And the ones showing up at the top of the list will gain the most customers.

So you need to know the keywords your customers are typing, and you need to optimize your business profile with those keywords.

After performing local keyword research, you can use a keyword tracker to track them. When you follow these keywords, you can see which websites are ranking highest for those keywords and how your position in the search results is changing over time.

It’s essentially your automatic progress meter for your SEO efforts. You need to know if your website moves up in the search rankings. If you fall back in the rankings, you must also know that.

Launch Your SEO Efforts Today

Now, when you understand the importance of local SEO, especially early on in the life of your company. And you know why local keyword tracking is essential as well.

Take some time to launch your SEO efforts today so you can enjoy a steady stream of web traffic and new customers over time.

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