Best Lead Management And Tracking Software You Didn’t Know About

LaptopsEvery business requires to grow as a company. Lead management or customer acquisition management is a set of methods and practices that help companies acquire new clients. 

Whether a small or big businessman, you can not survive without leads. There are simplified business tools that help acquire and maintain customer databases.

You could download these tools from thenewpiratebay for free. Let’s discuss these tools that help you in serving the requirement. 

The Common Features

Some common features you get with tracking or lead-generating management software. These features help serve your purpose. Therefore let’s discuss the main features you are getting here with these software systems.

Lead Storage And Distribution Lead tracking software helps companies manage the flow of leads captured through various channels. They store the leads in the database. After that, they distribute it to the right employee to understand the business scenario.

Lead Nurturing 

Companies can use the lead and automate the very process. This helps in maintaining a good network with the customer. Remember, the business world is highly competitive, and you need to use these technologies to keep a good rapport with your customer. Don’t let them go. 

Lead Segmentation 

Merely collecting the leads and securing them isn’t enough. You need to segment the leads according to the various categories. This segmentation is based on profession, geography, demography, and others. Further planning is based quite significantly on these.

Lead Analytics And Reporting

Creating and analyzing the report provides companies with an overview of marketing and sales results. If you don’t analyze the leads, you are not able to understand what’s the position in the market. You may also not understand what is going into the head of the consumers. 

Pipeline Management 

This allows us to understand the potential customer. Pipeline management helps you to understand the sales records and analyze the sales process. Remember that serving the customer in the best possible manner is a company’s ultimate objective, and the company needs a dedicated process to thoroughly understand lead management. 

The Best Lead Management Software   

In this section, we will analyze the best lead management software you can use best to serve your ends. 


Whenever you talk regarding lead management software, Hubspot is right there. It has several benefits so far as tracking the leads is concerned. Whatever you consider – lead capture, analytics, conversion tools, and contact database, you get them all here. It is software that is meant mainly for small and medium business owners. Over the years, it has become an unbeatable solution for companies. 


When it comes to lead management, Pipedrive easily sets itself on any list of tracking software. With this, you will get different services under an integrated program. This means it helps sales teams to have a much better study of the different outputs that are collected via the tools. The software is so effective that the users have raised their thumbs. Whatever nitty-gritty is associated with tracking, you could get all of them right here. 

Freshsales Suit 

This is another software that is meant mainly for small businesses. This software is designed mainly to serve the needs of small businesses. This is easy to use and is customizable according to the needs of the companies. As far as performance is concerned, the entire development considers all the metrics and ensures that your tracking meets the standards.

Less Annoying CRM

The tracking software is highly simple and helps consumers with fast onboarding processes. The software comes with one plan but offers different supporting tasks to the team involved in tracking. Another benefit you have with this is that you have a phone support system. The only negative point with this tracking software is the low level of customization.


In conclusion, it can be said that the lead generation and tracking software you are getting comes with superb features. They are effective in understanding your needs and provide you with a better plan for networking with your customers.