Top 5 Account-Based Marketing Examples to Get Inspired – Make Your Marketing Vision Appealing

Personalized advertising is a guaranteed way to get noticed. For instance, imagine passing a billboard targeted at you. Or they are receiving a customized comic book depicting you as the superhero. These are the creative ways that account-based marketing yields impressive results.

So let’s look at some account-based marketing examples that can help inspire your next customized marketing campaign.

1. Creative Stories

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One way to make account based marketing work is to do a little intensive research on your target customer. Then, you can develop interactive storytelling campaigns to stand out from the competition.

The possibilities are endless: personalized mail campaigns are one example, where you can send merchandise that’s related to a client’s favorite movie, let’s say, or tailored to some hobby they enjoy. For instance, when GumGum tried to woo T-Mobile as a client, they found that the CEO was a huge Batman fan.

So what did they do? They created a comic book that incorporated T-Mobile’s CEO in the story. They got the account. This is the kind of creative marketing strategy that works.

2. Customized Experiences

Next up in our list of account-based marketing examples is one that follows from the previous item. As we saw with the GumGum model, a customized content experience is one of those marketing tips that can’t go wrong.

With the rise of artificial intelligence and more powerful computing, clients expect customized content—and there’s no reason they shouldn’t. Among the many marketing examples of this type of account-based strategy, the data-warehousing company Snowflake shows how it’s done. They managed to develop a library of quality content they can use to target 500 individual accounts. Pretty impressive, don’t you agree?.

3. Lunch Webinars

So-called “lunch and learns” are a fantastic way to boost webinar attendance and get attendees to pay attention.

This tactic has been used with increasing success by account-based marketing teams. Whether it’s pizza, coffee, simple sandwiches, or any other food or beverage, “lunch and learns” are proving very useful at attracting attendees. But remember—the webinar’s content must be compelling. Otherwise, it will lead to nothing.

4. Interactive Experience

The best account-based marketing examples involve interactivity. People want to be a part of the action.

This can include interactive digital experiences, which are increasingly popular as most commercial activity migrates to the online world. Something like customized websites, videos, or landing pages are ideal. They can target audiences with exciting visuals and let them have fun exploring the digital content.

5. Bold Marketing

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Finally, it would help if you weren’t afraid to adopt the boldest marketing strategy you can think of.

Sometimes, it’s simple tricks like this, that make account-based marketing work. Among many such marketing examples, there was the case of the web services company Intridea. By purchasing a billboard to target their prospective client, they attracted attention and stood out from the crowd.

Learn From These Account-Based Marketing Examples

Through this article, we have presented just some of the useful and interesting examples of account-based marketing, but there are indeed many more. The critical thing is to get creative and do your research. Find unique ways to target your client or audience, and always try to create custom, interactive experiences.

And remember: the bolder, the better.

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