What Is CRM in Business? A Guide

The standing desk and woman with the laptopIt’s harder than ever to reach prospects. They’re bombarded with emails, social media messages, and advertising.

You and your sales team need to develop a way to break through the noise, but it requires a constant connection. It takes at least eight touches to engage a prospect. It takes many more to convince them to buy from you.

CRM can help you manage your customers and prospects. What is CRM in business?

It’s easy to let those touches fall through the cracks because of everything else you need to do during the day. You can’t keep up with who to reach out to and when you need to contact them.

CRM is an essential business software to ensure you’re building relationships with customers and prospects. Read on to learn what it is and why you need it.

What Is CRM in Business?

CRM stands for customer relationship management. It’s a business software that contains a database of your leads, prospects, and customers.

You can keep notes on when you last spoke to customers and what you discussed. CRM lets you schedule reminders and see where prospects are in the buying process.

Businesses use the reporting tools in a CRM system to forecast sales, observe customer buying behaviors, and manage sales reps.

Common CRM Business Tools

Salesforce CRM is the most widely used CRM system. Businesses of all sizes rely on Salesforce because you can customize it for any situation.

Small businesses and solopreneurs use HubSpot CRM because it’s free. It has limited functionality but enough to get a business off the ground.

Another type of business tool is Pipedrive. This targets small businesses that want more flexibility to track deals and project sales outcomes.

How to Find the Best CRM System

There are dozens of other CRM systems on the market. How do you know what’s right for you? Look at your business needs.

See how many users need access to the software and where they’ll need access. A business that does a lot of sales work outside of the office needs a cloud-based CRM.

A CRM system needs to integrate with your current software. You can connect your VoIP phone system with some CRM business tools. This article on Salesforce softphones shows you how to integrate VoIP with Salesforce.

You can integrate CRM with accounting, email, calendar, and social media. This gives you the information you need in one suite instead of switching back and forth between business tools.

Use the Best CRM Business Software

The standing desk and man and womanWhat is CRM in business? Customer relationship management business tools help you and your team keeps track of leads and customers. You’re able to nurture them and value their contribution to your business.

You’ll be able to manage the business and get more sales because you can follow up with customers.

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