What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Professional Translator?

TabletDid you know there are over 7,100 languages spoken around the world?

This spells trouble for businesses looking to expand into international markets. Why? Because they sometimes have to translate their messages several times in one market.

You can lose your business message if you’re not careful with language translation. Just look at KFC’s translation mistake in China. Rather than “its finger-licking good,” KFC translated its slogan to “eat your fingers off.” Not what you want to hear when buying food, right?

You can avoid making the same mistake by hiring a professional translator. Here are the reasons you need one today.


You can use words that change your message’s meaning during translation. This much is clear from KFC’s experience in the Chinese market.

Avoid going through the same by hiring the best translator in your field. A translator will ensure your message reads the same regardless of your market. This will save you from embarrassment and instill confidence in your audience.

Translate Ideas

Like KFC, president Jimmy Carter had a translation mishap in Poland. His translator translated “desire for the future” to “lusts for the future,” much to his audience’s amusement. The mistake occurred because the translator translated individual words.

Translating words from one language to another doesn’t always work. Individual word translation sometimes makes your message lose meaning. That’s why companies need to avoid leaving this task to novice translators.

A professional translator will look beyond individual words and translate your idea. This can be the difference between succeeding or failing in a new market.

They’re Cultural Ambassadors

Despite being one of the world’s largest companies, Walmart didn’t succeed in Japan. Why? Because the company didn’t take the time to understand Japanese culture.

Their strategy didn’t work because the Japanese associate low prices with low quality. This is a common problem among brands that don’t understand cultural differences.

A professional translator offers different types of translations. Among them is cultural translation, which can protect you from making costly mistakes. They’ll let you know when your message may be unsuitable for a particular market.

They Understand Technical Jargon

Laptop on the tableHaving someone who can speak a second language on your staff doesn’t always help. Most second-language learning classes focus on teaching basic communication. So, finding an employee who can translate technical terminology is rare.

That’s where a professional translator will come into play. Many specialize in various fields, allowing them to gain proficiency. So, they’re a better choice for translating complex terms.

They Make Marketing Effective

Most professional translators work with or for marketing companies. Hiring one helps you maintain a consistent message throughout your marketing campaigns.

Sites like connect you with professionals to help with your marketing strategies. Hire a translator who can translate everything from your website to your tagline.

Gain an Edge by Hiring a Professional Translator

Expert translators help maintain message consistency across different languages. They do more than translate words – they translate ideas. Hiring a professional translator can save your business time, money, and reputation. These professionals can also help you navigate cultural differences. And they can help you execute a successful marketing campaign.

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