Types of eCommerce Videos Your Website Needs to Increase Sales – Hold the Position of the Winner of Advertising and Sales

Just a few years ago, we certainly could not have imagined that our lives would be largely digitalized. Step by step – today, we are where we are. Sometimes we wonder if there is a segment of our lives that we cannot control with a mobile phone or a computer. Various companies, enterprises, private individuals with numerous types of business have switched to online business development, including the development of IT policy. In such a process, scorecard templates are very handy since they help the leaders make the entire development process a whole lot smoother, faster, and easier. People today spend a lot of time online. The growth of online business seems to be a key factor for further growth and development of business.

Online business today is growing at such a rate. Sometimes we can not even keep up with the changes. What is certain is that profit is measured in millions which immediately increases the number of clients of Pherrus Financial and similar companies. E-commerce refers to all online activities that involve buying and selling products and services. That is, e-commerce is used to conduct transactions online. Some useful plugins that work with eCommerce like WooCommerce Order Export and WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping are often used by businesses to promote higher productivity and higher sales. 10 years ago, e-commerce was still in its infancy. We could not have guessed that the development of technology would lead to a sharp jump in the growth of e-commerce. So today, we have examples where large chain stores are flooded by online stores. The simplest example is Black Friday every year.

The importance of video in e-commerce

Content, promotions, advertisements, and whatnot, if they are in the form of videos, attract more attention. Especially if we spot some colorful content or some good slogan, we instantly become the biggest fans, right? We just need something to be aesthetically beautiful or even catchy. That is why video is one of the most popular ways of promotion today, and it is often used in combination with trusted ecommerce SEO services.. All you need is a good idea and creativity. Creativity in this direction certainly destroys all bridges and what you thought was impossible.

Video marketing is very effective today. Namely, research shows that this type of marketing increases turnover by 51%, sales by 31%, and brand awareness by an incredible 71%. Are you astonished by these numbers? We truly are. Using video as part of marketing is getting a lot of attention in businesses of all sizes. This type of marketing is available to everyone. It is used by large companies, small private companies, and people for personal promotion – such as influencers. The expected growth of the online business will increase the competition because everyone will want to take a piece of the pie. If you decide to do business online, you need to invest in better video marketing. Let’s see together the best types of videos to increase sales.

Product close-up

Facebook is one of the most popular and mostly-used platform for entertainment but also for ads. When presenting a particular product, you need to get as close to the audience as possible. To achieve that, you can utilize Facebook ad creator by Adobe Express, and promote it like the customer feels as if he already has that product, or you awake in him an indescribable need for that product. One way is a close-up video. A close-up will enhance your product and better show its key features. It also offers the ability to view the product from all angles. A close-up will direct and keep your attention on a particular part. While the close-up video is playing, you can pay attention to tell all the features of that product in your voiceover.

To bring you closer to the meaning of the close-up video, take a look at NASA‘s remarkable close-up of the Moon. Another good example of a product close-up video, but this time on the home page is on Stryker T-Tops website.

How-to videos

This type of video is very popular today, both among buyers and sellers. In the incredible range of things we have at our disposal, we cannot know how each product is used. That’s when this type of video comes into play. It will show us how to use the product step by step. This type is focused on the voiceover or the person who explains and demonstrates the use of the product.

On the example of the exceptional NASA’s space telescope James Webb, we showed you what a how-to video should look like. Although this telescope is impressive in itself, when you have a video like this, the viewer’s attention increases greatly, but also the curiosity. Take advantage of this type of promotion and use it for your products and services.

The unboxing video

You know that feeling when you get a gift? And you cannot wait to open it? Or buy yourself something you have wanted for a long time and cannot wait to open the box? Such beautiful feelings are created by the unboxing videos. They take us by the hand and lead us back to childhood. There we are carefree, joyful, and burning with excitement. To bring you closer to the meaning of this video and to describe it even better, here is an example.

We continue in the same vein and present to you what excites us (and we hope you find it interesting as well) – the outstanding achievements in astronomy and their unboxing video Spacecraft. Following the example of this video, make a masterpiece and intrigue the viewers.

Video testimonials

Usually, when you want to buy a product of great importance to you, ask for reviews from people who have used it before. That is of great importance. So if you are into e-commerce, it is crucial to put a particular focus on this part. That is, include it in your marketing strategy. If your customer gives a great review, be it a written review that Blumenshine Law Group has gathered or a video review, about the product, he will attract even more customers. Do not be guided by the fact that negative marketing is also marketing. Trust us, you do not want that.

An example of NASA’s first virtual internship shows what exactly this type of video represents. Ideally, you should be able to gather customers or participants, with the help of client intake form templates who will give their view of your product and merge it into a video.


If you want to describe something and get closer to potential customers, there is certainly no better way than video. First of all, it is essential to determine what type of video you will record. Throughout this article, we have described four types of videos in detail but there are a few more that we will mention at the very end of this article. If you want to say something about yourself or the creator, then it is ideal to create the CEO or a founder message video. In the explainer video, tell the story of your product or service from start to finish and conclude with why it is the best choice. Also, the option of interactive video is one of the great ways to connect your customers with the product, and that way you will avoid a situation where you will need services provided by Bankruptcy Canada and similar companies.

If you intend to market your products or services to a global audience, then you should translate your videos accordingly. Depending on the market you want to target, you can translate your videos into German, Italian, French, etc. By using an online video translator, you can do this easily and quickly.

Indeed, a lot of options are available, but combining them might not be a bad idea either. The choice is yours. Focus. Creativity. Add a little sparkle. Create magic. Track the success of each video and listen to customer needs. Because in the end, customer loyalty is the most important thing.