7 Best Mailchimp Alternatives of 2022 – Be The Customer’s First Choice

When you see the written word Mailchimp with an interesting monkey brand logo, we are sure you already know what it represents. Mailchimp is probably the first solution that comes to everyone’s mind when they think about email marketing. Its great success in recent years has made it very popular among marketers, but also among all of us in general. However, Mailchimp is an all-inclusive marketing platform that allows users to communicate with clients, customers, and anyone interested in user’s business.

So, to reach your goals including powerful data analysis and successful campaigns you need healthy contact management. Don’t forget to check Felix Health as well as VU Master of Nursing Online.

The truth is that Mailchimp, in some way, provides users with these features. The users have the opportunity to choose from different versions of platforms of Mailchimp in the range from $0 to $199 per month, but the majority recognized many shortcomings.

Nonetheless, the notable feature of this email marketing tool, though, is combined with the CRM (Customer relationship management definition) and marketing automation platform. We will present you with the best Mailchimp alternatives that are becoming more and more popular in the email marketing field. Most of those alternative options provide a more comprehensive email marketing. After increasing the price to a staggering 11%, many customers have decided to take the step of looking for other options. Hoping you find something for yourself, we single out our 7 best Mailchimp substitutes.


1. SendInBlue

SendInBlue landing page

SendInBlue is an easy-to-use and current number #1 email marketing tool. However, it is very similar to Mailchimp, meaning that it can provide many different elements of marketing.

This service offers a series of feature fields such as communication, personalized field, or convert options. Not only that SendInBlue has options for those who need the platform for their email marketing, but also provides SMS marketing and live chat to be there for your customers instantly.

Of course, it offers free and paid programs. Even though pricing is slightly over Mailchimp programs, for sure it offers more.

2. HubSpot

HubSpot landing pageIf you are looking for a service to support your business growth with a combination of marketing automation, email, and other marketing tools, HubSpot is for you. With high reviews, this platform offers a clear insight into your marketing strategy and how it affects customers’ purchasing journey.

Nonetheless, the notable feature of this email marketing tool, though, is combined with the CRM (Customer relationship management) and marketing automation platform. With HubSpot, you create customizable email campaigns that give each customer a personalized experience based on information previously collected within the CRM.

Additionally, you can schedule emails in advance and still be 100% sure they will be delivered, still staying ahead of regulation by protecting the data of customers and prospects who interact with emails.

3. ActiveTrail

ActiveTrail landing pageAre you looking for a low-cost yet decent solution? We have the right choice for you – an Active Trail solution. It has many good reviews and a bunch of satisfied users, just because it offers a lot of what it requires. Within minutes, users create professional newsletters and email campaigns. This feature helps them to reach a wide population using the time in the right way.

ActiveTrail, however, offers dozens of amazing ready-made templates. Also, with moderate ease of use, this service allows users to create the feeling among customers that every email or newsletter is sent just for them. This feature, indeed, makes this solution an even more appealing choice.

4. Benchmark

Benchmark landing pageIt should come as no surprise that this tool is also on our list. Benchmark can be found in the top five email marketing tools, offering a free plan with an unlimited number of contacts and 250 emails per month for $0. Comparing it to Mailchimp it is way more suitable for multilingual teams and it has a really good support system.

Anyhow, containing features such as code editor, engagement automation and photo editing make it worthwhile giving it a chance if you are looking for a middle-to-high level of service.

5. GetResponse

GetResponse landing pageThis is the one very easy-to-use tool with free versions and paid plans starting at $13 per month. However, it has powerful email marketing software, where you can find professional email templates and user-friendly designed tools.

Of course, it is an all-in-one marketing platform that, email marketing, offers a CRM and advanced automation, together with landing pages. Unfortunately, GetResponse is not recommended tool when you need solid deliverability rates. It still has room for improvement, so be sure to put a focus on other benefits of this service.

6. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor landing pageCampaign Monitor offers advanced marketing automation and drag/drop email builder with interesting designs. It has an extremely user-friendly interface, so it is simple to create a personalized customer experience. Just feel free to use your imagination to create eye-catching emails to keep your audience engaged.

In addition, this tool can be used for free or more expensive programs like $149 per month. This range allows everyone to find something suitable.

7. Constant Contact

Constant Contact landing pageThis is another popular alternative for Mailchimp, so naturally, it deserves to be mentioned in this article. Constant Contact is a very economical option with affordable pricing. It provides predefined templates with the possibility of landing pages, sign-up forms, reporting, and list building. Additionally, this platform, with its features, makes event marketing easy with expert guidance and live support.


Make contact with clients using the marketing tools mentioned in the article, and we are sure you will not regret it. In addition to the above described tools, if you are a real estate investor, Adwords Nerds will help you reach your target audience. Furthermore, if you extend your customer support to 24 hours a day with CMS, success is guaranteed. Put your needs on paper and choose the one that will give the best results. Create, build and improve. Give your business marketing you will be proud of.