Semiconductor Companies Near Me: The Benefits of Semiconductors

Did you know that the semiconductor industry is worth a shocking $555 billion?

Semiconductor uses are almost infinite. These are the basis of almost all devices.

There’s one downside. Here in the USA, there are few semiconductor companies near me. This is because most complexes operate out of East Asia.

The US recognizes semiconductor benefits. It’s preparing to build its own mega facilities soon. But many do not realize just how important this step will be.

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What Is a Semiconductor?

Conductors are elements capable of carrying an electrical charge. Insulators resist a charge and don’t carry it. Both are essential components in the average electrical device.

Semiconductors are a mixture of both. They carry a charge under certain conditions. This makes them the ideal candidate for an electrical circuit.

Transistors are what a semi conductor is best for. These are microscopic switches made from silicon. Semiconductor companies near me construct these transistors on top of wafers.

Doing so requires sophisticated machinery. Some transistors exist at the nanoscale. A single chip may contain billions of transistors alone.

This may seem like a lot, but most computers have billions of transistors. In fact, your phone likely has 5-10 billion transistors alone. This enables it to perform trillions of calculations every second.

Transistor growth will only continue with each year. This is thanks to Moore’s law. The law states that transistor growth doubles every two years.

Types of Semiconductors That Semiconductor Companies Near Me Make

We’ve already discussed the value of semiconductors for computing needs. We can build CPUs, GPUs, and other high-performance computing equipment. But semiconductor uses extend beyond consumer electronics.

Other devices that need semiconductors include:

  • Appliances: air conditioners, microwaves, and fridges
  • Banking infrastructure: ATMs and other financial devices require sophisticated silicon
  • CCTV and security: semiconductors enable cameras and other security devices
  • Healthcare: enables vital machines such as EKGs
  • Transportation: all vehicle computers need semiconductor chips
  • Manufacturing: factories machines use semiconductors

Why the Semiconductor Shortage Is So Difficult

The pandemic’s semiconductor shortage had several causes.

First were the supply chain issues. Shipments stalled at ports. This did huge damage to the supply line.

Second, semiconductor orders must happen in advance. Each order requires months to complete. Several big companies canceled their orders due to decreased demand.

When demand increased, they had to deal with delayed orders. Semiconductor facilities had already pivoted to new clients.

Finally, semiconductor manufacturing happens in only a few critical locations. China, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan are the main contenders. They all have the most sophisticated semiconductor facilities.

To combat this, the US is building its own facilities.

Appreciate What Semiconductors Can Do

Semiconductor companies near me provide a valuable service to our society. Semiconductors are the basis of almost all electrical devices. Without them, we our modern society would not function.

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