How to Set up Digital Infrastructure for Your Business

Office desk with laptopsDo you know companies that focus on digital operations are 3x more likely to reach operational goals? Or that moving to digital infrastructure can save your company significantly on costs? Emerging technologies are changing the business landscape daily.

Cloud computing services have changed the way businesses operate while saving companies thousands of dollars. So, what steps do you need to move to digital infrastructure? Keep reading to learn how to build the foundation for an improved business.

Source Talented Team Members

The first step in having a digital infrastructure is to have the right team members in place. Recruiting talent that specializes in technology and data science is key to your business’s success. Technologies can only go so far. Your company must have the right team in place to manage those technologies if it wants to bridge gaps and increase capabilities.

Choose Current Technology to Replace Legacy Systems

Another key component of digital infrastructure is to replace legacy systems with new technology. This could be management software, networks, or cloud services. The technology used for digital infrastructure must support growth and scale for future expansion.

Select Digital Platform Software

To have a solid foundation, you must have a digital platform to hold the tools and applications your company uses. Investing in a digital platform that will support your company’s growth strategies and current needs is vital. It should enable:

  • Data collection
  • Data analysis
  • Data distribution
  • Data storage

Before moving to digital infrastructure, you should have a solid plan in place. It should outline the resources, people, processes, software, and hardware needed to create the best infrastructure for your operations.

Do you have limited resources? Or need assistance with this? Have you considered a managed services provider to help with your transformation?

Craft Policies and Processes to Meet Regulatory Requirements

Data security is more important than it’s ever been. There are regulations in place that companies must follow when handling someone’s information. Your business’s policies must reflect those requirements.

It’s also important to create policies and procedures to define how data moves throughout your organization. Most companies collect billions of data points daily, so there have to be effective policies in place so people know what to do with it.

Consider Outsourcing Your Digital Infrastructure

TeamworkIf you have a startup or small business, it may be more cost-effective to outsource your IT needs. This gives your business access to a team of experts for a fraction of the cost it would take to build it internally. A cloud service provider will have the tools and capabilities to help your business create the foundation it needs to grow.

You’ll also save on the cost of hiring and retaining an entire IT team if you take this route.


We hope you enjoyed this article on digital infrastructure. And hope you learned how to improve your business’s IT operations.