How Much Does It Cost To Hire a Security Guard? A Quick Guide

Security guardAre you worried about providing secure protection for your parties, events, or company?

The world feels like a dangerous place with the rising crime rates. Businesses all over discovered that they need to increase security measures. As people become fearful and unsure, they look towards security to make them feel safe.

But what is the price of protecting someone who feels unsafe? And how much does it cost to hire a security guard?

If you think you need extra security and wonder how much it will cost, we’ve got all the information you need right here. Keep reading to learn more!

Benefits of Hiring A Security Guard

Hiring a security guard includes deterring crime, protecting property, and providing a sense of security for employees and customers. No price tag can be placed on peace of mind regarding your safety.

Types of Security Guards

The different types of security guards can be an essential factor in determining the cost of security services. There are three primary types of security guards: armed guards, unarmed guards, and off-duty police officers.

Armed guards are the most expensive type of security guard but provide the most protection. Unarmed guards are less expensive, but they can still offer significant protection.

Off-duty police officers can also provide security services, but the cost will vary depending on the officer’s department and individual hourly rate.

Business or Event

The cost of hiring a security guard can vary depending on the type of business or event. For example, a small business may only need one security guard for a few hours, while a significant event may need several security guards for extended periods.

When you’re looking to hire a security guard, take the time to determine what you need. Once you know the type of security guard you need, you can start to compare prices and find the best option for your business or event.

You can begin with, a well-grounded company that offers the best professional services.


The price of security guards depends on the location. In a major city, the price of a security guard will be higher than in a small town. The number of security guards required will also affect the cost.

Over 267,000 robberies were recorded in the US in 2019 and are continuously increasing as years go by. The number of crimes as such in an area can also affect how the security guard hire costs. If you live in a high-crime area, the price will be higher than in a low-crime area.

Number of Hours

The cost of hiring a security guard can vary depending on the required hours. Typically, eight hours is the minimum number of hours required for most security companies. There are also usually discounts for hiring security guards for extended periods, such as 12 or 24 hours.

Knowing How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Security Guard

How much does it cost to hire a security guard? It doesn’t have to be expensive! You can find guards that fit your budget and needs.

Remember that the cost of a security guard depends on the service you need, the number of hours you need them, and the number of guards you need.

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