How to Grow Your Company’s Online Presence

Man with a laptopDid you know that nearly 20% of small businesses in the United States fail to gain new followers online?

Increasing brand awareness online can fuel your business and help keep sales on an upward trend. If you want to improve your digital marketing efforts, there are a few places to start.

Continue reading to discover some of the most effective ways to increase your online presence!

Improve Your Site

Your website says a lot about your online presence and success with digital marketing.

If your company website is old and outdated, you need to temporarily shut it down. A modern website is more accessible to users and can get viewed from a phone or tablet.

Try to combine pages and increase scrolling on your site. This is a common trend to keep users on your page since they can keep discovering more information. The menu should be user-friendly and neat so customers can find what they want.

Use the Right Keywords

One of the best ways to improve online marketing is your choice of words.

SEO marketing focuses on specific keywords that people are likely to search for. When you use these words and phrases within your content, you increase your ranking on search engines. You can incorporate keywords through social media posts, blog articles, and site pages.

You can discover the best keywords online or by doing searches to see what content comes up.

Post on Social Media

Social media has become the most powerful tool to include in a marketing plan.

Whether your customers are younger or older, there’s a platform that you can connect with them on. Social media helps you market by posting photos and videos of your products or services. People who post interesting content want to learn more about your company and are likely to increase sales.

Try using hashtags and connecting with other businesses in your industry. These tactics can help you increase followers.

Send Emails

Having an email marketing strategy can increase sales and traffic to your website.

Not all businesses have a target audience that searches for information on social media. Sending emails can help you reach a part of your target audience that you’ve been struggling to connect with.

The great thing about emails is that they capture the viewer’s attention, and you can direct them where you want. For example, if you are hosting an upcoming sale, you can add a link and direct viewers to your shopping page.

By choosing lead generation services, you can learn what attempts in your emails are working. There is plenty of opportunity with emails that can help drive people to your pages.

Is Your Online Presence Suffering?

You likely have some work to complete if you haven’t audited your online presence in a few years.

Technology is a great way to connect with your audience, increase website traffic, and grow sales. You can grow your brand by engaging with your followers and encouraging people to your shopping page.

If you want to learn more about digital marketing and improving your business, check out our blog for more info!