Colorado Solar Companies: How to Choose One

The amount of US electricity from solar energy is 80 times higher today than it was just a decade ago, highlighting the popularity of solar panels in the country. Over the coming decade, 300 gigawatts of solar capacity are expected to be installed, and 13% of US homes will have a solar panels system installed.

With the continued availability of the federal solar tax credit (amounting to 26% by the end of the current year), now is the time to consider and transition to solar energy. This blog post will share helpful information to help you choose Colorado solar companies that you can trust. If you’re planning to go solar this year, read on.

Choose a Local Installer

Solar panelsThere are several reasons why you should opt for a local solar installation company, including cost. One study has found that local firms are 10% cheaper than national solar installers, which is essential given that the upfront cost of solar installation can be high.

Choosing a local company is also good for the local community and local jobs. A local installer will have the necessary knowledge of local laws, policies, and regulations. They are also more client-facing than national installers and can be trusted to provide an affordable service about timelines.

Read Online Reviews

It has never been so facile to find reviews of companies on the Internet as it is today. You should be able to read unbiased reviews on websites, social media, and search engines. Here, you can get an understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.

Reputable solar companies will also have references that you can contact to talk to. This will allow you to ask any questions you have about a company’s level of service. If a past customer says that they would work with a particular company again in the future, you can take that as a perfect sign.

Licensing and Certifications

Always choose a solar installation with the necessary insurance and licensing to operate, which may vary depending on your state. While licensing information is typically available online, you can always ask a solar company to provide relevant information before agreeing to work with them.

We also recommend choosing an experienced solar installer in Colorado, one you can count on for quality and expertise. For the best solar company in Colorado, check out Blue Raven Solar.

How to Choose Colorado Solar Companies

The above information will help you switch to solar energy in Colorado and not look back. The long-term benefits of installing solar panels on your property include savings on energy bills and protecting the environment. Solar panels also help to increase the value of a property.

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