Top 5 Reasons Businesses Choose Proxy Over VPN

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When everything happens online, cybersecurity is a significant concern for users. Hackers can steal your personal and financial data and use it for shady activities. Also, the risk extends far to only just that. Your boss or even the government might lurk into your online privacy.

Whether you want to protect your online privacy as an individual or a business, there are many ways to do that. If you have taken a step towards cybersecurity, you are familiar with VPNs and proxies. Both methods work fine for preserving your privacy online. But, what is the main difference between proxy and VPN? Let’s find out which one is best suited for your needs.

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A proxy is a system that scans the information that enters your computer. Just like security scans you before entering a building, so does the proxy with the information that comes to your computer. The proxy will review the information and prevent harmful content from entering your system.

When using a proxy, it is essential to note that your IP address will also be altered. You might get a new one, or your existing one might be changed. With so many options available, you can find the best fit for your needs in the proxy store.


A VPN is responsible for establishing a secure connection between your device and the internet. Therefore, it will provide a secure connection when you connect to public WiFi.

However, the proxy has far more advantages than a VPN. In addition, we share the benefits so that you can decide which one is the right fit for you!

Ideal for businesses

If you want to enhance your business’s cybersecurity, then it is better to look for a SOCKS5 proxy list or similar proxy service that will provide security to your systems. A VPN is favored for individual applications and might not handle significant traffic. With lots of people using the internet simultaneously, the exposure to online risks is high. Therefore, the proxy offers coverage for a waste user base for companies.

Web scraping

Analyzing online data is crucial for businesses. Therefore they rely on web scraping to get information about the trends, competitors, market, etc. The point of web scraping is extracting the correct information relevant to your company and brand. However, gathering any data requires you to keep privacy. Websites might get your large volume of requests as spam and ban you. A proxy will provide you with anonymous status for web scraping.

Bypass rate limits

When doing online research, you might need to visit many websites. However, keep in mind that your provider can limit the amount of traffic. The proxy uses many different IP addresses, so you can bypass the provider’s limits and collect the data you need.

Also, a proxy will protect your system from any online threats. You might have no control over the websites your employees visit so a proxy will filter out the content.

Improved UX

In some moments, your website will receive increased traffic. This happens when for example, eCommerce sites make online promotions and there is a surge of traffic. The proxy controls the traffic and balances the user requests to avoid crashing. In addition, the proxy system will compress the traffic and increase the site’s speed. Altogether, these factors contribute to a better user experience.

Marketing purposes

The proxy will aid the marketing process with its benefits. It will provide high-quality traffic and better traffic monitoring for SEO purposes. In addition, proxies can help with targeting your desired audience. Also, a proxy will make managing various social media accounts easily possible. It will hide your IP address and allow you to manage multiple accounts without resulting in a ban.


In the incredible range of terms found in the IT world, it is sometimes difficult to keep track of them all and know them all. In this regard, we were dedicated to explaining VPN and proxy. In case you have not been acquainted with them before, through this article we have tried to bring them closer to you and explain the basic differences between them.