The Surprising Benefits of Supermarket Advertising for SMEs

SupermarketSupermarket advertising is a very beneficial marketing tactic, especially for small and medium enterprises. This article will outline some of the more surprising benefits of supermarket advertising for these SMEs. 

Guaranteed exposure 

The supermarket is one of the best places to advertise because there will always be people visiting. As they move around the store, they’re likely to see the advertisement, even if they’re not necessarily looking for it. 

Naturally, adverts are most effective when potential customers see them and come to align them with places they regularly visit. There is no ‘opt-out’ option unless the customer leaves the supermarket, so the first step to getting your company noticed effectively is to begin supermarket advertising.

The local community is targeted. 

Supermarkets are way more likely to have a regular and frequent audience base, especially when compared with mass advertising that is unlikely to be able to effectively target local communities, whether that’s the intention or not. This tactic can address locals with relevant content in a language they can most relate to. 

If you find that you’re advertising continuously and not getting any sales, it’s likely that you’re showing your ads to the wrong audience and need to be more specific in your target audience approach. 

Low economic cost

Supermarket advertising is one of the most cost-effective and effective general advertising types. Compared with other traditional advertising methods, it’s clear that this type is cheap and well worth the cost. 

The potential for impulse buys 

Research shows that supermarkets are rife with impulse purchasing. This is thought to be because of the variety and volume of products they carry. Even the people you shop with can affect your tendency to give into impulse purchases

Think about the number of times you have bought more than you had planned before entering the store – it’s more common than you think. 

An efficient way of using this knowledge could be to imitate the offers they’ve already put in their basket, giving the illusion that they’re getting a good deal instead of spending more than they had intended. 

Repeated ad exposure

Similarly to the way that guaranteed exposure guarantees sales, repeated ad exposure also cements a marketing message or product into a potential customer’s head over time. A classic example is McDonald’s and their ‘I’m lovin’ it’ tagline. The more familiar an audience member becomes with your product and the more they recognize it, the more you’ll find that sales increase – hence, brand recognition. 

It’s a lot harder to ignore or not take notice of an advert when you’ve only seen it once or twice, but if you’re repeatedly seeing it, it becomes a lot harder not to give it at least some thought. 

Audience targeting capabilities 

One of the biggest benefits of supermarket advertising is that you choose the store your advert is shown; whichever store makes the most sense for your brand. You will be able to target shoppers from a specific area, social class, and several other demographics, upping your advertising game for good. 

As you can see, there is more to supermarket advertising than first meets the eye. With these surprising benefits in mind, it is clear that it can even suit SMEs or larger enterprises alike.