Reels Hashtag Strategy for 2023: 5 Tips for Better Engagement

You may be on the same page with Kylie Jenner, sign petitions on, and chant “Make Instagram Instagram again”, but it is best to face the reality and finally recognize Reels. While the old school is in denial, the most tuned-in hit the top with a new-brand format and grow organically hassle free.

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Instagram doesn’t skimp on promoting new features and the creators who use them. Do not miss the opportunity to attract subscribers and leverage your account on the house. And if you know how to put hashtags for reels into effect to double your returns, who knows, maybe one day you will outdo someone in the Kardashians’ family.

What hashtags do we need?

Being in high spirits, you are about to flood captions with hashtags. Please, stop! Hashtags for Reels are as competitive as hashtags for posts. A wrong click and you plummet from the top of the search ranking with your dreams of being the next digital media star shattered.

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So, it is high time to learn how to make your hashtags work for social media.

  1. Make them Relevant

Among the pre-posting features there is an option to add three topics as it helps to match your Reel with viewers. Therefore, the best hashtags for IG Reels are general post-related hashtags. It is smart to bet on conformity between the hashtag and the post or caption as well as max out on its regional support. It often scares us that the platform imposes sanctions, up to blocking the page, for those who tend to use inappropriate hashtags. It is pretty much a myth. This approach can provide you with good traffic for a while. But if you mislead daily, even the best content is likely to be flagged as spam by users and automatically moved down the search results.

  1. Make them Diverse

Instagram algorithms are struggling with content overlapping, so they may well count a recurrent “tagwall” of this kind and shadowban for this. This is a situation where Instagram does not show users a post based on your hashtags, pushing you to the bottom of the feed.

A balance of high-frequency, mid-frequency and low-frequency options should be the strategy. Popular Reels hashtags are effective in increasing reach, but the video will quickly drop below and be replaced by new ones with the same tags. The rest of the groups give little coverage, however boast less congruence. This makes it easier for you to convert a random user’s scroll into a like or a comment. Therefore, when choosing hashtags, it’s a good idea to follow the 20/50/30 rule so that to help your future or current subscribers find you among a bunch of others.

  1. Make them Trending

Being a rookie with a new–born account takes general hashtags for maturity. Such hashtags are a safe bet for promotion. But if your account has already come off age, trending Reels hashtags are a must. When you dedicate time and effort to content creation, it is natural to long for an expanded target audience. Since trends are formed by mass approval, it is logical to assume that related hashtags drive the engagement right off.

However, keep in mind that trends are volatile, so detecting them is a never ending process. You get the most out of it when its popularity is in a full swing. But there is nothing worse than missing the moment when it gets to be cringy.

  1. Make them Sufficient

How many hashtags can you use on Reels is a reasonable question. Instagram allows up to 30. But how many you should actually use is even more controversial. Many experts advise not to overkill and limit yourself to an average of 10-15 hashtags. As you know sometimes hashtags can experience a delayed effect. If the post gets into the top by hashtag, the audience can notice you not only on the day the post is published, but some time after!

  1. Make them Armed

Top Reels hashtags are great. Still, it is a tough battle against the algorithm with only one tool in the arsenal.  As you might remember, music and visuals are also a part of the promotion. For sure, hashtags take the cake.  Thus, how about bringing all three together? Even the brightest pieces need boost, as it was true for Lady Gaga’s Bloody Mary lyrics. The song went viral after 11! years it was released. All due to Wednesday’s fiery and quaint dance in the same-named Netflix series. If mass obsession moved more than a ten-year-old material up, just fancy what it will do for your account.  Definitely you should not discount the opportunity.

How to Find the Best Hashtags for Reels?

If you’re new to Instagram or hashtags, finding the right tags is a heavy going. Still, there is an effective strategy that ensures advancement.

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Analyze the competitors! Not the most pleasant thing to do, yet, it is the easiest way to find both relevant and popular tags that urge the target audience.

What is the Plan? 

  1. Tap a hashtag with high reach.
  2. Open a Reel that hits the top and view the tags that accounts use under the same content. Check all top publications.
  3. Store those that may be relevant for your account and pass-by the rest.
  4. Find out engagement rates among the already stored hashtags.
  5. Tap those with large numbers of likes and work with the top search results. Save the next lot that work best for you, add them to the original group, sort out the tags, and discard the inappropriate.
  6. Keep up until you have formed a listing of at least more than a hundred. Choose the 1-5 most relevant for your content and put it in the caption

You can get the same in one click through a hashtag finder for Instagram. It saves the time and the effort and introduces some scientific reasoning to the strategy you stick to, as you benefit from accurate data and stats. 

A Hashtag Generator by Inflact is considered as one of the most popular online services that generates best hashtags for Insta Reels. It is super user-friendly and doesn’t require any extra tech expertise. Just enter keywords in the search bar and the system will automatically select the appropriate options. Moreover, it sorts them by frequency and can come up with related variants.  So, you can easily form the set and copy and paste it under the caption.

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It is like a dream come true, isn’t it? 


Should I prioritize Reels over other formats?

Actually, you can, but it would get you nowhere. Even though the platform is now playing favorites with video content, the feed sticks to the established religion. And it is OK. The account that goes too far with Reels or IGTVs looks awkward and more TikTok-like. Not the thing an average person is used to. So, Reels are tried and true to get through the algorithm if reaching a new audience is the prime focus. To engage with the already existing community, you’d better turn to old dear posts.

Should I use special hashtags for Reels?

For some people #reels or its variations are a must. The idea is simple. As the management now is into a brand-new format, the tagged content is likely to be promoted. Still, the trick makes no sense. The search results for Reels are stored in a separate tab or ALWAYS take the first position for top search results. Thus, the hashtag selection remains the same as for posts. And you already know how to find the best options.

Can my personal data be compromised when using hashtag generators?

Let’s face it there may be issues every time you log in to any service or platform. Before you share personal data take some time to validate them. For example, with the Hashtag Generator from Inflact, your account will always stay protected. The AI-web tool uses your data for authorization. Then the algorithm removes the password from the server. It means any phishing is technically impossible.

The Takeaway

An effective hashtag strategy for Reels on Instagram requires an integral approach. You can benefit from both the general niche hashtags and trending wordings of 2023. In order to ensure your account reach and engagement, use all the available features. By doing so you expand views and thus enjoy total followers boost.  Max out on the number of hashtags in the caption and don’t overlook audio and video contribution. Build up your own lists with the most relevant ones and rotate them as you post. For this purpose you can do it manually or turn to automation tools.

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