Phone Problems: How to Prevent a Cracked Screen

In 2021, two smartphone screens were cracked per second in the U.S. It’s hard to imagine, but it’s a reality – phones are dropped, and cracks occur regularly.

But how do you prevent a cracked phone screen? There are several steps you can take, which we’ll look at in this guide. That way, you can ensure your phone is safe and secure and works just fine!

Read on for tips on how to avoid a cracked screen.

Avoid Dropping It


Likely the best way to prevent damaging your phone is to ensure you don’t drop it in the first place. In today’s world of technology, practically everyone owns a mobile or smartphone. So, it’s not a surprise when so many falls occur due to the:

  • High usage
  • Phone addiction
  • Endless texts, calls, and use of the internet and apps

But none of us are perfect – it’s probably going to happen on occasion! So, the less we drop it, the lower the likelihood of a broken smartphone and technology issues that might easily follow.

The advice is to keep it in your pocket, zipped away, and only use it when needed. If you can hold to that, you’ll do well to prevent a broken phone or a screen crack.

However, if you break your phone, you’ll need to have it fixed. At Fruit Fixed, you can get your phone repaired.

Buy Strong Casing

You can do your phone much justice by purchasing a sturdy, protective case. That’s especially true since we’ve seen how many breaks occur above.

A phone cover or case can help save your phone from damage by taking the hit rather than the phone itself. Most are made from:

  • Plastic
  • Leather
  • Carbon fiber

It’s no big deal if the phone case breaks itself – it’s much easier and cheaper to fix than a cracked screen. So, do yourself good and invest in a reliable phone case.

Use a Screen Protector

A screen protector is a fantastic tool and one that can do the job. If your phone falls out of your pocket or hand, it can be a valuable investment. That’s especially true if your phone falls face up.

The benefits are that’s they’re:

  • Cheap
  • Effective coverings
  • Easy to apply

Choose one that’s more attractive, and it might cost more. But once again, the pros outweigh the cons – it will save you the cost of fixing a broken phone screen. Not good, indeed!

We all need our phones to keep in touch with friends and family and for some to work. In addition, it helps us keep up to date with the latest news and is needed for browsing the web, whatever that means for each of us. Therefore, buy a trusty screen protector, and keep your phone in good condition for all your needs.

Try Packing Tape

Packing tape is another viable option. It might not work as well as the rest, but with casing and a good screen protector, it can help all the rest!

Add it to the areas of your phone most likely to suffer damage. Otherwise, you can cover the entire phone with it. It’s not necessarily always about how your phone looks but keeping it working.

If you need help, someone can handle the phone while you apply the tape. That way, it can be a simple fix without much hassle. Surely, they’ll be happy to help.

Cut the tape edges off with scissors, and that’s it done!

Wipe Away Dirt and Debris

Try cleaning your phone of any dust or debris. Ensure the screen is in proper working order afterward, which it should still be. It’s crazy how much a little bit of dirt can affect the condition.

The filth could collect and do more damage than you might expect if the phone does drop. But a simple DIY trick like this can make all the difference!

Polish the phone after to make sure it’s completely clean. Fewer scores could occur then if it does fall onto the ground. If it does, however, the screen crack will likely not be major and will probably not cause many technical problems.

Apply Car Polish

Adding a little bit of car polish might not be the first prevention technique you had in mind. But it could be helpful nonetheless.

Car creams, polishes, or waxes might do the trick and protect your screen from destruction. It adds a layer that may act to protect it. If all else fails, why not try it?

The damage incurred might be less severe if your phone tumbles onto the floor. There might even be none at all. It’s a tip not many know about, but now you do, so give it a go and see how it works.

Prevent a Cracked Screen and Learn More About Technology Here Today

Woman with a phone

In an age of technology, we’re all walking around with phones. Smartphones are trending amongst the rest, and everyone’s looking for the latest to stay in with the times. But as we’ve seen, the screens are easily damaged if preventative measures aren’t taken.

You can protect your screen by ensuring you don’t drop your phone – this is the best method! But there are others, too, which we’ve discussed here in detail. Screen protectors and phone covers do well to keep the screen from breaking should you happen to drop your phone.

Applying packing tape and, less commonly, car polish can also provide the works to keep the screen from damage or at least lessen it. A cracked screen is never a good idea – it’s timely and costly to replace.

For more on the latest technology news, check out our blog posts! You’ll get extra tips on how to keep up with the newest ideas, advances, and gadgets in the tech world.