5 Military Gift Ideas for You to Consider

The call to serve and protect is one of the main reasons people join the military. They are driven by a desire to protect their loved ones and country. And even though no gift can measure up to the daily sacrifice, buying them a military gift is one of the best ways to show your appreciation for their dedication.


If you know a veteran or someone active in duty, we have a few gift ideas for you. Below we have listed five military gift ideas to help you celebrate your loved ones who have pledged to serve their country.

  1. Challenge Coin

A challenge coin is a small metal coin given to individuals as a symbol of their affiliation with that particular organization. Challenge coins differ according to organizations. Even different military branches and units have their unique coins.

For people in service, these coins are used to commemorate their sacrifices.

So if you want to make your serviceman or woman feel special, this is the gift you buy. With a few customizations, you will have a truly heartfelt gift. However, before embarking on a custom challenge coin design, ensure you know the custom challenge coin cost.

  1. Coffee

If you have a loved one in active duty, then coffee is one of the best gifts you can get them. The early mornings and late nights make caffeine a necessity. Though for service members, not every cup of mud will do. We recommend buying a blend from people who know what it takes to serve. Because chances are, they also know what it takes to make a good cup.

If you need a little help, here is a list of veteran-owned coffee brands you can try:

Military Wooden Sign

Give your loved one a piece of home with a military wooden sign. There are several ways you can use these wooden canvases to make unique gifts. One is by turning it into a little map showcasing all the places where they have been deployed. They can hang it in their quarters or wherever next they lay their head. This way, they will always have a piece of you to take with them wherever they are deployed.

Durable Water Bottle

Hydration is key to optimal service. A dehydrated body cannot operate at its best. Gifting your serviceman or woman a durable Water Bottle will not only be practical, but also thoughtful. Here are a couple of good water bottle brands for you to pick from:

  • Klean Kantee
  • LifeStraw Go
  • Takeya Pickleball

Combat boots and a Pair of Socks

Most service officials will wear one pair of combat boots until they give in. We mean there is no time for shopping in the military. This makes getting your loved one a pair to alternate with a great gift-giving idea. If you want to complete the gift bundle, throw in a pair of socks. A good pair of tactical socks will help protect your loved one’s feet from blisters.

Purchasing a Military Gift


Before purchasing the perfect military gift, ensure you know what your loved one will want. We don’t mean blurt it out that you will be gift giving. But do certify that what you are getting is something they will love and use.

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